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A relationship with their parents is just as important as a relationship with them

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If you tryna cuff me and want me to meet your parents I guarantee they’ll love me 😤
LMFAO my ex would rather die than talk a full sentance with my mother, alone. Thanks for the reminder one why I left her lol
i think it depends on how your s/o relationship is with their parents. i would prefer if a partner of mine didn’t do something like that seeing as i don’t get along well with my immediate family. why would i want my s/o in that toxic environment if i couldn’t handle it?
But some parents are toxic to relationships... this is ideal but so many parents aren’t like this :(
When ya can’t relate cause both your parents are strict af
Im jealous. My monster in law and I don’t get along 🤷🏻‍♀️
when u can’t relate because both y’all parents are in heaven 😒😪
my husband visits my parents when I’m not home! I love the relationship they have ❤️
And he got a plate of food 😂💪🏾 Moms never fail to come through
Add me on IG & snap and I’ll add you back ! pic.twitter.com/vk2wXOiV0p
Literally last week my parents and Trever had a heart to heart for 2 hours.. Literally laughing and getting deep asf. I sat back and was like “is this what happens when a guy truly cares about you and their relationship with your parents”??? A CONCEPT
Yea that’s cool and all but this looks like a scene out the hub
Idc if your family likes me or not, I’m with you not them
my parents actually love justin it’s cute....my dad even went to the filipino store to get justin his favorite sauce
Damn I don’t trust my mom with guys, she waited SIX YEARS to tell me she never liked my ex who I always thought she loved 😂 watched me waste almost five years on him without saying a word, thanks for the heads up 😅😅 Savage af
If my parents don’t like you, I don’t like ya anymore either 🤷🏼‍♂️
it’s all fun and games until u break up and you have to break up with their family too :/
Am I the only who thinks this is.... false like it really ain’t that important lmfao
excuse me this is a foreign concept to brown ppl
When I was in Korea, before we got married , before the Camaro, Paola visited my mom a few times a month 😢 A WIFE 🥰
when ur south asian so this is way outta pocket <<<
He was probably just hungry lol nothing like a moms homemade dish 😂
Catch me being your moms bestie
number one thing i miss most ):
my parent might kill me if my bf visiting them😟
try saying this about LGBT couples from conservative families....which is a lot lmao
Why is this something @benji_zam would do ? 😭🥰
I wish it was this easy in gay relationships . we want to be close to ur parents but sometimes they aren't accepting and it sucks u can't do things like this with them :/
Lmao tb to the time I was in DC and I FT Jasher and he was drunk asf at my parents house playing loteria😂😂💀
cannot stress this enough
Family means everything to me, so if my fam don’t like you or you don’t like my family... YOU GOT TO GO
My parents love my gf more than me.. she walks In the house like she has a key or pays rent. They make her all her favorite Mexican food yet I ask and they delay weeks 😑
this is so important and some bitches don’t get that wow
Honestly yes it is , lmao this be me showing up at my boyfriends house to hangout with my boyfriends little sister and his mom when he’s at work or out ♥️
I love that miggs mom and I are like this, we still talk almost everyday even though he’s not here❤️
the family relationships be lasting longer than the actual relationship 💀
relationships with parents are superior
Come on 💪🏿 @monyana26 moms my shooter🤣🤣😁
istg I be trying 20x harder with the family like fuck if u like me does your FAMILY like me 😭😭
if you aren’t like this with your girlfriends mom... you weird
yall ever heard of ~strict parents~
this the kind of headass shit i’m tryna be on 😩😩😩
this is j with my family. my mom calls him before me, i find him at sis' apartment, sharing memes w b. being bubs best friend, and a tower for moo to climb. j has this relationship w my family and i am so blessed
Anytime I’m at work, Seth goes over to my house to sit next to my dad and watch him play video games. Lol
No. It isn't. You don't date and date the family. U don't marry the family. Stupid shit like that makes me so mad. Cut ur umbilical cords already and stop trying to make the family happy. Or stay single. Period.
the left picture looks like a Mexican American version of you lmfao
I visit Danny’s family alllll the time, being around them makes it feel like he’s there with me 🥰 plus they love me as much as I do them.
Absolutely love my mans parents & family. Such a beautiful family, who are amazing souls! I see where my baby gets his sweetness and kindness from 😻💕
Ive always wanted this but my mom is soooo mean to my baby smh 🤦🏽‍♀️
I’ve always wanted this but 🤷🏻‍♀️
YES I go see & visit with Tristin’s mom all the time. I love that lady 💕💛
i just need someone my dad likes enough to hunt and fish with is that really too much to ask for
If i ain’t got a relationship w your parents we could only fuck n deal w each other
You want their parents to be like your second family. Especially if you’re considering marrying that person. You marry into that family.
no it’s not lmao i’m dating u not ur parents and it’s vice versa
What if you’re really shy 😭🤦🏽‍♀️
I probably text my boyfriends mom more than he text her... I’m her favorite😇
I can see Austin doing this if he lived here 😂 @P94R
Honestly I can’t stress enough how important having a relationship with the parents is.
Wow this is literally something I’d do
If my parents not cool with you , it ain’t gonna work 🤷🏽‍♂️
Maybe if I had parents
Ohhh a boy like that 🥰
It’s a no from me
a man 🙌🏽🙌🏽
some of y’all needa learn about this
I go to vivians house just to see her mom & aunt
My parents like @M_Kozlowski22 more than they like me at this point 🤩❤️
i wish i spoke spanish bc i stg richards parents are the best but i’m white and fucking just suck ass 😪
this is something @stevenllxivmmi would do 🥰🤩
When Diego went to have lunch with my grandma on his lunch breaks from West mesquite and I was in Hillsboro 😂
@hunterariannahh gone rt this shit, but leme pull up at her mom crib with out her. Hunter bouta pop up .8 sec later with a forensics kit tryna find out if me n her mom did the dirty 🙄
me texting brits mam when i’m on a break at work n brit isn’t awake yet
Mr.Baum and I are best buds
they literally like me more than their own daughter 💀☺️
Till he fucks around and fucks ya mom
When you can’t relate cuz you’ll get the electric chair if you meet them sksksksksk
literally does this all the time just to hang out with my fam while i'm at school
This is the best thing besides the relationship itself. I love that I have to see what’s going on in the next room over to see what they’re laughing and joking so much 💗😭
funny cuz my parents like u more than me :)
relationship like this 👏🏼👏🏼
Smash the mom 2 🥵
All I’ve really wanted.
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