Malia Obama friends stay snitching on her and everything she does and Sasha’s friends stay solid and I don’t think I’ve ever heard any off the wall things she’s done. Choose your friends wisely

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Tell me what’s different in this picture.
In reply to @heyyitsjanea
I'm see the difference...I just don't qwhite see... how the 2 groups differ.
In reply to @heyyitsjanea
Okay what we not finna do, is keep coming for my girl Malia’s neck, she was stretching gahdamn.
In reply to @heyyitsjanea
Malia BETTER cut her grass, and cut it real soon
In reply to @heyyitsjanea
Only thing I heard about Sasha was that she had a summer job.
i agree she needs black friends cause that’s just essential to her life.. but being a good friend is deeper than race
In reply to @heyyitsjanea
I bet Sasha be wilding tf out but we will never know cause she has real friends
Lmaooo Sasha got black friends that's why
Not that difficult to see whi... I mean why 🙃
In reply to @heyyitsjanea
I see what you did so messy! And, I love it...hehehe!
In reply to @heyyitsjanea
Sis this is a WHOLE message and the shade was necessary. Malia just need some more black friends 🤷🏾‍♀️
Notice the difference lol
This is what happenes when all your friends aren’t white Harvard frat kids
In reply to @heyyitsjanea
She needs @KylieJenner's friends (especially when she was pregnant and no one said or posted anything!!!) 😎👏 #MaliaObama
In reply to @heyyitsjanea
I wonder if they sister fight about this.
In reply to @heyyitsjanea
I really hope Malia figures it out QUICK...
Malia's friends are qwhite different from Sasha's.
In reply to @heyyitsjanea
I been saying Malia hang w/too many WG..Those heifers can never really be trusted b/c that whole WP can be insidious..
In reply to @heyyitsjanea
i really can't qwhite see the difference in their friends.....
In reply to @heyyitsjanea
moral of story : get you some black friends 😂💪🏾
Sasha knew the importance of having Black friends 😂
I’m sure we all know why
Well we can clearly see why eh
ofcourse my classmates are friends with Sasha Obama.
In reply to @heyyitsjanea
Proof that older siblings are there to show you what mistakes not to make
In reply to @heyyitsjanea
Umm look at the difference in their friends then ask yourself why.
In reply to @heyyitsjanea
I volunteer as tribute to adopt her into my friend group. Got her a nickname and everything
In reply to @heyyitsjanea
Tennis players can NOT be trusted.
The difference is qwhite obvious
Well you can clearly see why...... 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️
I see white you mean
The first picture says it ALL
In reply to @heyyitsjanea
Malia’s friend also stay lettin her walk out the house with her hair lookin crazy . But we know what that’s all about 👀
In reply to @heyyitsjanea
All ima say is look at the evidence
Sasha is so pretty yo 😍
It’s qwhite interesting now isn’t it.
it’s because sasha’s friends are from a certain demographic
What do you think she's trying to say.... lol
I know we’re all thinking the same thing
Lol well whats the difference between their friends... 💀i’ll wait
I really keep coming back to this picture lmfaoooooo.

Malia looks looks the token black girl while Sasha looks like freshman year at Spelman
In reply to @heyyitsjanea
Willing for Sacha to attend a top HBCU--where secrets are sacred! Malia will have to learn the hard way. Her music festival+ college tour pics and videos were signs she failed to heed. Regardless, no surprise if FB pics are a setup/staged. Some are desperate for a distraction.
I mean we can spot the difference here
you do see the difference between their circles though? 💀😂 she sets herself up.
qwhite a difference i see
Lmaoo the distinct differences are killing me
Cuz sasha’s friends are black.
I want to say it but I’m not gon be that person
In reply to @heyyitsjanea
Sasha, omg! These girls have grown up and shown OUT!!
It’s dem CRACKAS!
is that...Dr.Bailey?
look at those lil white girls u know damn well they're running to national inquiry and snitching like a lil bitch #freemalia2k19
Black girls need Black friends.
Remember when Kylie was pregnant and not one person in her circle or family said a single world. These are the types of friends Malia needs. I need my sis to cut these loose ends
I don’t wanna be that person but if you look at both pics closely you’ll see why
In reply to @heyyitsjanea
This 100% true tho 😑 ever since I started hanging with all my mans friends and got rid of all the snakes in my life no one knew shit. Idk about y'all but I only been snitched on by white people 🙄
In reply to @heyyitsjanea
In reply to @heyyitsjanea
Because you choose to trust white people. And white people will be her demise. Her younger sister is very smart she got black friends.
I really don’t believe that Malia’s friends are out here snitching.
I think it’s the fact that you have to watch how you behave with people who don’t have as much to lose as you.
Despite being in the same tax bracket, those black girls cannot risk taking L’s like white girls can
In reply to @heyyitsjanea
HBCU culture minds their business.
Mmmm see the difference
The thing is, this tweet was never meant to be about race 😂. Just choose your friends wisely regardless
In reply to @heyyitsjanea
Can we forget them daughters for a sec somebody help a brother out😍
The shade. Lmfaooo
You see the difference though😶
This cuz some white girls are seriously maniacal and evil and will do anything in their power to bring you down. I grew up around these girls and tried so hard to be their friends when they just bashed me for being different. Now I choose my friends wisely cuz I’m not for that 🤷🏼‍♀️
Them white girls selling her out for a bag my nigga
Qwhite an observation. 🎯
Let’s acknowledge the real difference
In reply to @heyyitsjanea
“super rich kids with nothing but fake friends” - Frank Ocean
In reply to @heyyitsjanea
you know nothing about these young women... it’s so creepy how people analyze things off of a couple photos....
Also known as, keep your white friends at arms length. Even if it's not them, you can sure as shit bet that it's their parents.
Cause her friends black girls 🤝
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