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You know what Malia Obama didn’t do????

Lie to Congress.

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At least Malia Obama didn't lie to the Congress sums up everything that matters today. pic.twitter.com/4xP7Md98s7
A 20-year-old drinking rosé is like the most 20-year-old thing ever.
You know what she is? A remarkable human being who gives me hope for the future of this country.
She didn’t conspire with foreign adversaries or profit off of authoritarians who threw their own citizens into prison after show trials and executed journalists either.
Other things she never did: Sell us out to Russia. Support racism. Lie to the American people.
Also, Set up a back chanel to the Russians.
She didnt sell our country to russia either but what do i know
And kegger Kavanaugh is on scotus
I am really surprised to learn that she is absolutely, normal. This is such a non-story.
I love me some Malia Obama.
OR attend an international conference in which she has no expertise or no business being there...
Yeess, also; she is an extremely smart teenager with extremely smart parents!!
I’m pretty sure she is the only college student in America who has had a glass of wine at age 20...
Or used daddy to make more money, the Trump’s family list is long.
She saved it for #PresidentsDay #PresidentsDay2019 when she realized who would be in office...... pic.twitter.com/fYQvevgqUn
"I like beer" says faux SCOTUS nominee who funded massive underage drinking parties at age 16.
Also according to that Brett guy, it’s ok to like beer, or wine or whatever
Must we remind everyone of beer soaked calendars. pic.twitter.com/S0W3otIkFJ
Or grab anyone by the p***y
In college I had my first and last 40 of Olde English 800. #LeaveMaliaAlone
I just (involuntarily) church-shouted “LISTEN!” in my living room.
She didn’t defraud investors in her hotel scams, steal designs from other designers, or lie on her financial/security firms.
Per Kavanaugh, isn't drinking what all college students do in every free waking moment?
Or spend alone time with Putin!!!
Last I checked, Malia Obama also didn't invade Iraq or put babies in cages or having a secret meeting with Russians to sway the election & then compose a statement full of lies about the meeting on Air Force One.

McCabe and Rosenstein should be arrested for perjury.

Pre-dawn FBI raids?
This is the level of petty I strive to be.
She also didn’t make her father’s “I want to bang” list, unlike some other first daughter.
She’s in College, we did that in HS. Wtf.
Or use her daddy's job as President as leverege to acquire trademark protections from the Chinese government.
And I raise you 🍷 one! Or steal from the inauguration committee! pic.twitter.com/VlzPJ3Uvgb
I’ll care about what Ms. Obama did when it impacts democracy.
More shocked that Malia is 20, than anything else. #ImOld
Or sexual assault over a dozen women.
She also didn't: - committed sexual assault - colluded with Russia - colluded with Saudis - put children in cages - cheated on a partner/spouse - committed treason Etc...etc...etc.. The hypocrisy of these people makes me gag. Leave her alone! pic.twitter.com/k9XFwk1rQD
She also didn't run for office or take an appointment in any public office. Let her alone.
#Malia Obama was minding her own business 🌟 She didn't do anything wrong 💜 #America has real problems and she's not one of them
Would everyone please leave Malia alone!
Amen. Leave that child alone
she didn't sexually assault anyone either. #BrettLikesBeer
I Stand with Malia & I’d drink with her, too.
Don't leave out: She didn't collude with Russia. Confuse people about her relationship with her dad. Mock kids in cages. Shoot and kill animals. Steal money from kids with cancer. Run a fake charity. Lie and insult people every time she opens her mouth.
Neither did @HillaryClinton after her 11 hour interrogation! 👍
Tomorrow is a good day for Jenna Bush to say something on the today show
She also didn't conspire with Russians. Just sayin'.
No one else Business!!
Or conspire with our enemies.
Or commit high crimes against America.
Yes, wake me when Malia is pictured in a MAGA hat chugging beers with Tobin and Squee. Otherwise, yawn.
Don't we have more to worry about than Obama's children living their lives?
she also didn’t lie to the FBI
I said this before. Let me say this again. Let’s leave @BarackObama @MichelleObama children out of politics. I’m sure this might fit your narrative but the First Family for a R or D Administration should be best left off limits.
Collude with the Russian government.
You know what else she didn't do? Invite some Russian spies to her house in Chicago pre-election wanting their "dirt" on John McCain and said she'd "love it."
She's a grown, beautiful adult
And another thing — people are being awfully loud about this, but I don’t remember it being a problem when Brett talked about drinking underage over and over and over during his senate testimony.
Who out there didn't drink wine when they were 20?  I'll admit I did............and much worse🤪😊

Don’t give the @GOP any ideas to subpoena her
I didn’t vote for Malia either
What 20 yr old at Harvard doesn't drink wine? Better then a kegger with Kavanaugh raping minors.
You know Malia will never do? Lie to Congress.
BRILLIANT, Zerlina!!!
I really don't care what Malia drinks, do you? 🍷
She also didn’t hire immigrants illegally & break emoluments clauses & gain access to top secret documents w/o proper security & sexually assault & plagiarize speeches & lie about her education & provide White Supremicists cover & get boob enlargements but claim “kidney surgery”.
She's also has never attempted to rape anyone. And has never separated kids from their parents. I'm sick of these people thinking that they have the right to be upset with her for drinking. Even though they voted for a sexual predator.
In Tears!!! You win!!! 😂😂😂😂😂
Malia Obama also didn't sexually assault anyone while drinking wine.
An almost-21 year old college student drank some wine. SCANDAL! You know what else she didn't do? She didn't sell nuclear technology to Saudi Arabia.
So she doesn't like the racist piece of shit scumbag who grabs women by the pussy and lied about her father being born in Kenya? Really?
I’m just impressed it was real wine...I was still sipping MD 20/20 in a frat house somewhere👀
Or shoot defenseless Animals.
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