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Today more than 50 countries around the world now recognize the rightful government of Venezuela. The Venezuelan people have spoken and the world has heard their voice. They are turning the page on Socialism and Dictatorship; and there will be NO GOING BACK!

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We have always known that heedless self interest was bad morals, we now know that it is bad economics. - Franklin Delano Roosevelt
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So when there’s a humanitarian crisis in Venezuela and they come to our southern border to seek asylum, Trump and his administration would strip Venezuelan children from their mothers and throw them into internment camps.
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In reply to @realDonaldTrump
You seem to be making a lot of "anti-dictator" statements. But all the people you admire are dictators: Putin, Kim Jong-Un, Duterte. And you are a wannabe dictator yourself. I don't think you know what the word Dictator means. You DICK.
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oh look, Venezuela is Flavor Of The Day. tomorrow our Short Attention Span President will be on to some new shiny object; Brexit, or the Grand Duchy of Bosnia or the way Angela Merkel parts her hair. but that's life in America when your national security team is Hannity and Putin
#BIN Interesante este extracto y esta frase sobre la intervención de Trump: "Los venezolanos hablaron y el MUNDO los escuchó. Ahora, (los venezolanos) pasan la página del socialismo y la dictadura y NO HABRÁ MARCHA ATRÁS". Con ella he meditado algo y haré hoy un pequeño análisis
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Happy #PresidentsDay to President Barrack Obama. I miss having a #POTUS with reading and writing skills, bravery, honesty, integrity and respectability. ❤️
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Oscar Perez: The future is now in your hands, I pray in the name of Jesus that we can have a free Venezuela. To his kids he says he hoped to see them again. These were the dying words of a hero ! Today he was honored by President Trump ! pic.twitter.com/XvU6HBBfOh
¡Gracias @realDonaldTrump por todo lo que has hecho por Venezuela y por lo que continuarás hacer!

Thank you for all you’ve done and what you will continue to do for Venezuela!
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HAPPY PRESIDENTS DAY TO THE BEST PRESIDENT OF OUR LIFETIME! Thank you for protecting America, keeping America First President Trump!
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One day, you’re going to be removed. Either by indictment, Impeachment or we’ll vote your ass out & then throw you in prison. Either way, when that day comes, THEY’LL BE NO GOING BACK!
今天,全世界有50多个国家承认委内瑞拉的合法政府。 委内瑞拉人民已经发声,全世界都听到了他们的声音。 他们正在翻过社会主义和独裁统治的一页;并且永远不会回头!
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In reply to @realDonaldTrump
President Trump making the World GREAT one Country at a time! WTG @realDonaldTrump This is what being "Presidential" all about! Not a talking parrot like the previous admin! True leaders, lead by example! Bravo! #RoseDC11 pic.twitter.com/co0ye6qXOO
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Durante 20 años jugaron con "El Coco" de #USA y "El Coco" les llegó...
Propongo que el lema de la unión de partidos de derecha que estamos creando sea el que utilizó Donald Trump hoy "NO HAY VUELTA ATRÁS" @AnaMercedesDiaz @EnioDaza @DrWilfredoBello @gnayzw @Rumbo_Libertad @EDUARDO_BITTAR @RoderickNavarro @DisobeyVen
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I wonder if we would be so benevolent in offering a helping hand if Venezuela didn’t have the worlds largest oil reserves? 🤔
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Mr. President, Please also take into consideration #Iran's malign role in #Venezuela, especially the vast drug network they have established with Hezbollah. More details:
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They need US 🇺🇸
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In reply to @realDonaldTrump
Now if only we would recognize the rightful President of the US! (Hint: It isn't you)
#NeverASocialismCountry @POTUS thank you for all you do for our great America and it’s people #MAGA
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Yeah, let the Venezuelan people have a free Vote. Whoever wins the most votes, will become the President. NOT what happened in the US.
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Why are you involving us in this?
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Maybe you should worry about our nation. You know, the one you sold out to Putin.
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In reply to @realDonaldTrump
Best President ever! @realDonaldTrump Love the photos!
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This isn't #MAGA. This isn't what you ran on.

@poroshenko has a lower approval rating and Ukraine is suffering massive poverty.

Regime change wars are bad and so is whoever is advising you that this is a good idea.

And the People voted. Not for this guy.
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Mr President @POTUS GOD Bless #MAGA is stopping Socialism/ Comunism Worldwide America Never Will Be a Socialist Country pic.twitter.com/gOW6SzC4yu
今日、50カ国以上が、ベネズエラの正当な政権を認める。ベネズエラの人々は声を上げ、世界は彼らのを声を聞いた。彼らは、社会主義と独裁政治のページを変える。そしてもう戻ることはない!#トランプ大統領 訳
Let’s get rid of all Socialist programs in the U.S. first.

Our country has been bled dry by warfare and welfare.

Venezuela is for Venezuelans to worry about, not Americans.
Hey, Donald. The Venezuelan people haven't spoken; it's the voice of Liddle Marco Rubio & his neocon pals trolling for Florida votes.Your job's to bring the Empire home, not meddle in Caracas' mess. Drain the Pentagon Swamp if you want real America First. goo.gl/qmrNA4
Socialism has no place in modern society. It's has been seen time and time again and now poor Venezuela which was one of the richest countries on earth is the bottom of the barrel. Rise up and resist #Socialism #DemocraticSocialism
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In reply to @realDonaldTrump
Thanks my president 💪💪💪💪💪
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@realDonaldTrump :
Hoy en día, más de 50 países de todo el mundo reconocen ahora al gobierno legítimo de Venezuela. El pueblo venezolano ha hablado y el mundo ha escuchado su voz. Vuelven la página sobre socialismo y dictadura; y NO HAY VUELTA ATRÁS
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And all 50 states around the country recognize the Dodge Ram as 2019s motor trend truck of the year and the most fuel efficient truck in America. Consumer & Driver reports have spoken. We are turning the page on garbage trucks like the Tacoma.
President Trump delivers a powerful message of freedom and hope for the people of Venezuela in Miami. You brought tears to my eyes. Thank you Mr. President @realDonaldTrump
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Best President Ever 🇺🇸
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is the greatest defender of human rights
Siempre me gustó la frase "NO GOING BACK".

Representa resolución, determinación, compromiso...

Asociada al probable derribo de la degenerada dictadura chavista es sencillamente excelente. Y si viene del hombre que parece entender que la fuerza es una opción, mejor aún:
Puntualicemos la última frase: "there will be NO GOING BACK!"
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This Socialist dictator responsible for the demise of Venezuela sounds eerily similar to the Democrat party today. pic.twitter.com/iOYdJTrzNe
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Every day I am embarrassed that America chose you to be our president. You are a disgrace to the office. We deserve better. resistmystickers.com
“and there will be NO GOING BACK” Más nada!!!!
اليوم أكثر من 50 دولة حول العالم تعترف الآن بالحكومة الشرعية في فنزويلا. تكلم الشعب الفنزويلي وسمع العالم صوته. إنهم يطوون صفحة الاشتراكية والديكتاتورية. ولن تكون لها عودة!
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It’s time to build a museum for victims of socialism & communism. The small memorial 👇in DC isn’t enough to bring the awareness. pic.twitter.com/cei2jJYQgO
North Korea will be trading in their nukes for "democracy" in no time.

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In reply to @realDonaldTrump
Today was the first time I associated the holiday with a name. Happy Holiday sir, God bless you
Great speech in Miami by @realDonaldTrump in defense of #liberty, property rights & US national interests in the #WesternHemisphere. Essential now Congress/Admin not allow these rogue regimes to continue using immigration as a weapon against America. No CMPP. No TPS. Repeal CAA
Thank you, Mr. President. It is time America once again partnered with Southern neighbors to establish working democracies, not to nation build, but to empower these folks to achieve their dreams.
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On behalf of the Venezuelan people I would like to express our sincere thanks for the support the US government has granted us, our constitution and our interim President Guaido. With your help we are on the path to restore our democratic foundation and freedom.
"Más de 50 países de todo el mundo reconocen ya al gobierno legítimo de Venezuela. El pueblo venezolano ha hablado y el mundo ha escuchado su voz. Vuelven la espalda al socialismo y la dictadura; NO HAY VUELTA ATRÁS!"
Pity New Zealand isn’t one of them...🤔
今天,全世界有50多个国家承认委内瑞拉的合法政府。委内瑞拉人民已经发言,全世界都听到了他们的声音。他们正在翻开社会主义和独裁统治的一页 ; 并且不会回来!
With his comments on Venezuela, @POTUS has shown himself to be as weak-minded & manipulable as Bush & Obama: all 3 elected on a promise of peace, all 3 manoeuvred into the regime change business. Don't flatter Trump by thinking he's the 'cause' - he's just the latest neocon patsy
Never believed his "isolationist" blather or Russiagate lunacy. I knew he'd be as devoted to war & Empire as other US presidents & provoke Russia. I did think that his overt racism & repulsiveness wld inhbit more countries for forming another Coalition of the Willing.
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Thank you President Trump!🙏🙏🙏
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You’re the best president ever.
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Thank you Mr President for your leadership. All is well.
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Trump: Hoy más de 50 países alrededor del mundo reconocen ahora al gobierno legítimo de Venezuela. El pueblo venezolano se ha pronunciado y el mundo ha escuchado su voz. Ellos están pasando la página del socialismo y la dictadura; ¡y no habrá retorno!

#18Feb #Venezuela
Maybe spend a little time practicing "Venezuela." Hint: it's not "Venezayla-zow."
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So when do we get to rid ourselves of dictatorship?
Te lo digo Juan, para que lo entiendas Pedro.
President Trump you’re great 👍! We support you very much and we love you very much! You are the best man👍
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I’d like to express my gratitude to trump for doing a task I’ve been unable to do for nearly 20 years. I have a large immediate and ext. family-99% are republicans. Now-none of them are. The @GOP ceding all power has turned them. Yay! @ggirl44441 @snickypoo49 @TheDemocrats @msnbc
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