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Not sure why people are upset that Malia Obama drinks alcohol. Not everyone who comes from a Muslim family is observant. Your bigotry is showing.

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this is the content I signed up for thank you
i see what you did there
This is why Twitter was invented. Thank you.
Now this is first-class trolling.
Muslim family???????????????????
I kinda wanted to counter argue here but regretfully I'll have to agree seeing my own Muslim families enjoying the "Shehad ki ungli"
Alcohol apart ..
does Islam ANY faith teach this religion war? or creating a controversial religious debate and "enjoy" ???
Wtg people
You鈥檙e about to get into a lot of trouble Jeremy 馃槀
Please sir, as a comedian, please cease comedianing, we must pray unceasingly towards Mecca for the return of the twelve iman Barack al-Madi Obama, and then we may stone Malia. Bless your heart. Deo Gratias...
Wow, with so many stupid Americans saying stupid shit on socmed, when one does attempt to make a joke, can鈥檛 help but think, oh, not another one.

U can blame it on Trump, or work on the material. Either way, all the best.
This is funny. Jeremy, you can become a great comedian if you try.
WHOA! You get high score for today! 馃槀馃ぃ馃檭
There are a lot of very not-so-smart people out therem not exactly surprising that people would take this literally when there are people dumb enough to mean it
I guess they're reform.
I cannot stop laughing about this.
鈥淗e鈥檚 never funny. I don鈥檛 get most of his jokes.鈥 That one killed me. I swear Americans are the 鈥渙ops鈥 of the human species.
Ooops! Did not mean to retweet before asking (1) who is upset (2) and who is saying she comes from a Muslim family. Last time I checked both her parents were believing Christians?
No-one is. Example? Oh another fake outrage like AOC dancing? no-one cares.
If he is half Christian that doesn't means he is Muslim bcz there is nothing like half Muslim and et cetra
No one is upset. It鈥檚 another manufactured outrage cycle by the left.
Family Obama islam ke? cuma dia membesar dekat Indon je, tak bermakna dia Islam. setahu aq dia kristian, sebab mak dia ke pak dia asal hawai. hurm
For real though I actually forgot the Obama daughters existed until this non controversy came up randomly

But this made me laugh
馃槀 cheers to that 馃
Many Muslims drink alcohol although it's prohibited in Islam but it's their choice we shouldn't criticise any one. We are are no one to judge.
Think the "Obama is Muslim" joke is going over people's head man.
You really stirred it up mate 馃槀馃槀馃槀
If she is a Muslim and she is openly committing a major sin and other Muslims are upset by that. Then it's not bigotry that's showing on their part, but ignorance of Islam on yours.
You look like every pedophile Ive ever seen, too. Doesnt mean you are one, though. Or does it?
See? It鈥檚 not only Nigerians on social media that fail in comprehension and are dim-witted 馃槀 #ThatWentRightOverTheirHeads
Haaaaaa I fecking love it 馃ぃ
Somehow I find this thread so much better than the priests who were tweeting, yesterday, about how many billions of women they are attracted to. 馃ぃ馃憤
Specially if they are Pakistani Muslims chances are they are non observant 馃槀馃槀 pic.twitter.com/Oo2A5ffFWB
Ahahhahahahah, oh so you funny funny 馃ぃ
Yeah, come on now! We all know that Islam in Kenya is generally pretty relaxed.
Didn鈥檛 the FOXes and Repugnants claim that Obama was a secret Muslim ? 馃
Are Obamas observant Muslims or is it his grandfather was a Muslim?
Don't quit your day job. Stephen Colbert is the only genuinely funny satirist straight outta the Holy City. Besides, Bishop England High School produced fine students who didn't make disrespectful remarks about any president or his family. Sage advice from a Swamp Poodle.
How clever. You're making jokes about a 20-year-old college student who is just trying to live her life. What a stud you must be.
She's not of legal age to drink....get your facts straight. It's not about religion or race. It's about what is right and wrong. Bush's daughters did the same thing and they didn't get a pass either.
Are the Obama's Muslim? I honestly thought it was his parents only.
Leave her alone. It鈥檚 f-zing stupid to crap on her and makes you small. She is a kid finding herself in the world. If she didn鈥檛 drink at 20 I would be worried. Full disclosure, I love booze
Btw, I made a comment about leaving her alone, but it was rude of me to not acknowledge the comic genius of your tweet.
I thought they were an Amish family!
A drunker cannot he or she who follows islam with perfection can only be a muslims.rest r only for a name sake.
No one actually gives a fuck. @benshapiro actually expressed this quite clearly & succinctly in his tweet on this nontroversy.
Good for you for you to call it out.
You should send some people up a little less.
Majority of the Muslims I know drink more than Irish.
The irony given while president so many in the US called Obama a muslim. Lol
Got me for a second. 馃ぃ
Tell us again how you deduced her family is Muslim. What mosque did her family attend?
Twitter heaven. You have the Twitter anointing. pic.twitter.com/LEFVAZRqxR
You got me. Well played
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