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The best scene is cinematic history... don’t @ me

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You’re tweeting that as if THIS scene doesn’t exist pic.twitter.com/AoOSnwCrgl
Fun fact: Dave Franco ACTUALLY learned the card tricks he did for the movies
*The most logically unsound scene in cinematic history...
unpopular opinion: both of the Now You See Me movies are underrated
There’s a lot of people asking what movie this is! It’s Now You See Me 2!!
Did y’all not see heath ledger’s pencil scene????
You’re telling me I’m supposed to believe they didn’t see it? pic.twitter.com/NjO7ubuAp0
So you’re just going to insult our king like that. pic.twitter.com/LA1ga3XrDY
Almost 100k likes. Did y’all accidentally slip and fall on this tweet or something pic.twitter.com/tgytahq3Wn
I see your Now You See Me 2’s card trick scene and raise you The Dark Knight’s Joker interrogation scene
y’all sleeping on the now you see me movies
LMAO only on twitter will u see somebody claim that fucking Now You See Me has “the best scene in cinematic history”
Uh excuse me - joker and the mafia (dark knight) - the rohiram charge (LOTR) - Andy breaking out of Shawshank - Michael becomes The Godfather - 12 angry men come to a decision - inception ending - all of Dunkirk, Fight Club, Interstellar, Wolf of Wall Street, The Revenant...
You guys have absolutely no taste
please watch more movies....
I don't know what I expected the scene to be but it definitely wasn't anything from Now You See Me 2
that was the most unnecessary thing I've seen all day
you clearly haven’t seen Spiderverse then
get this movie off my timeline i didn’t ask for it
Epa... vocês não vêem muitos filmes pois não?
Not to sound pretentious but yall need to watch more movies
someone obviously hasn’t watched cars 1 yet
Still can’t understand twitter and it’s group mentality. There’s probably about 1000 better scenes than this one but this tweet has thousands of favorites and retweets
You’re tellin me this is a better scene than when Kuzco and Pacha, despite their differences, link arms to climb out of a alligator infested pit only to solidify a brand new understanding and friendship they have for one another?
Raw. Af. One of my favorite movies.
have even watched any movie
we acting like this scene from Kingman doesnt exist??? pic.twitter.com/9t9lAbcvIp
The amount of gas is unbearable, I’m definitely gonna @ you. This scene was stupid, easily could’ve been avoided if Dave just kept the card the whole time. This entire movie was subpar
Nah that scene where Austin Powers is pissing behind the statue.
Why would it stop there, I was so invested
Now I gotta go watch this
clearly u didn’t see the scene in the spongebob movie where David hasselhof took spongebob and Patrick back to bikini bottom
Shit corny yall should see how me and my boys do this with the blunt when the cops pullup
it’s neat at best lol
Nah, any one of these scenes top it pic.twitter.com/4ApSDmtkQZ
the now you see me movies didn’t get the love they deserved and that’s that
As a Videographer, Media Student and straight up nerd, the seamless nature of this whole scene turns me on.
Not even close🤦🏽‍♂️
if u think this the best scene in cinematic history u don’t deserve to be alive little girl
This shit is fire but woahhhhh best scene in history?💀
How many times am I gonna see this same tweet on my tl???
Now You See Me (1 & 2) is my shit
Now You See Me was slept on. Such a great movie
Cinematic history huh... maybe if you’ve only seen this movie and cars 2
these kids are absolutely washed, can find a more thrilling scene from finding nemo
Now you see me is definitely one of the best movies I’ve watched
To say this is an insult to the entire history of cinema
you must not have watched that many movies
this movie wasn’t as bad as everybody made it seem to me
as if the tavern scene from inglorious basterds doesnt exist...nice try tho
Y’all gotta watch some more movies
i hate this tweet so much
They need to make another movie
i love this movie so much
Apparently this girl and 179,000 other people have never seen literally any other movie before
Bruh my anxiety was through the roof watching this shit, you would’ve thought i was the one tryna hide the card.
its cool or wateva but i just dont understand why he didnt keep the card after he was done being searched lmao.
every time this pops up on my feed I have to watch the ENTIRE THING
what movies have u actually watched
I’ll say it..the now you see me movies are cinematic experiences like no other
Y’all really don’t watch good movies lmaooooo 😂
ngl this is one of my favorite movies. definitely need a movie date night to watch this.
They did trick they ass in the smoothest way
Y’all must not watch movies... this is trash
lmaooooooooooooooo. kubrick is rolling over in his grave
Clutch, every move is clutch
1 of the guys could’ve just ballsed it to save everyone the hassle 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️
these movies are so good
Both of these movies were so slept on
I will never stop retweeting this
Gang n I getting our blunts past security
I was so anxious during this whole scene
Now you see me 1 and 2 are global movie treasures.
Fake Film Enthusiasts Be Like:
la première fois que j’ai vu cette scène, j’ai pété ma tête
Bro this scene was crazy and the whole movie dope
Yous don’t watch many films
This was the coldest part omm
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