The best scene is cinematic history... don’t @ me
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@Freakin_Dani You’re tweeting that as if THIS scene doesn’t exist
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Fun fact: Dave Franco ACTUALLY learned the card tricks he did for the movies
129 2,754
@Freakin_Dani @_mmontee *The most logically unsound scene in cinematic history...
32 1,427
unpopular opinion: both of the Now You See Me movies are underrated
321 922
There’s a lot of people asking what movie this is! It’s Now You See Me 2!!
60 1,081
@Freakin_Dani Did y’all not see heath ledger’s pencil scene????
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57 1,003
@Freakin_Dani You’re telling me I’m supposed to believe they didn’t see it?
16 723
@Freakin_Dani So you’re just going to insult our king like that.
14 291
@Freakin_Dani @SydneyHamilton0 why did they keep passing it to the person about to be searched i'm-
1 184
@Freakin_Dani Almost 100k likes. Did y’all accidentally slip and fall on this tweet or something
6 116
@Freakin_Dani by far the goofiest shit i've ever seen.
5 108
@Freakin_Dani I see your Now You See Me 2’s card trick scene and raise you The Dark Knight’s Joker interrogation scene
3 90
LMAO only on twitter will u see somebody claim that fucking Now You See Me has “the best scene in cinematic history”
11 74
✰ 𝐡𝐚𝐢𝐥𝐞𝐲 ✰
y’all sleeping on the now you see me movies
17 67
@Freakin_Dani @halleighpaige Uh excuse me
- joker and the mafia (dark knight)
- the rohiram charge (LOTR)
- Andy breaking out of Shawshank
- Michael becomes The Godfather
- 12 angry men come to a decision
- inception ending
- all of Dunkirk, Fight Club, Interstellar, Wolf of Wall Street, The Revenant...
3 65
I don't know what I expected the scene to be but it definitely wasn't anything from Now You See Me 2
11 55
You guys have absolutely no taste
5 60
you clearly haven’t seen Spiderverse then
3 61
please watch more movies....
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14 49
@Freakin_Dani that was the most unnecessary thing I've seen all day
1 62
serena watched PHANTOM THREAD x12
@Freakin_Dani get this movie off my timeline i didn’t ask for it
0 54
Not to sound pretentious but yall need to watch more movies
3 49
Epa... vocês não vêem muitos filmes pois não?
10 41
someone obviously hasn’t watched cars 1 yet
5 46
@Freakin_Dani Still can’t understand twitter and it’s group mentality. There’s probably about 1000 better scenes than this one but this tweet has thousands of favorites and retweets
4 40
You’re tellin me this is a better scene than when Kuzco and Pacha, despite their differences, link arms to climb out of a alligator infested pit only to solidify a brand new understanding and friendship they have for one another?
6 35
@Freakin_Dani Fun fact this was but whatever
0 41
Raw. Af. One of my favorite movies.
10 30
@Freakin_Dani we acting like this scene from Kingman doesnt exist???
3 31
@Freakin_Dani Why would it stop there, I was so invested
0 34
8 25
The amount of gas is unbearable, I’m definitely gonna @ you. This scene was stupid, easily could’ve been avoided if Dave just kept the card the whole time. This entire movie was subpar
7 26
@Freakin_Dani @bautista_eli96 Nah that scene where Austin Powers is pissing behind the statue.
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1 32
Shit corny yall should see how me and my boys do this with the blunt when the cops pullup
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3 26
the now you see me movies didn’t get the love they deserved and that’s that
7 21
clearly u didn’t see the scene in the spongebob movie where David hasselhof took spongebob and Patrick back to bikini bottom
4 24
it’s neat at best lol
4 24
@Freakin_Dani Nah, any one of these scenes top it
3 24
As a Videographer, Media Student and straight up nerd, the seamless nature of this whole scene turns me on.
3 23
How many times am I gonna see this same tweet on my tl???
1 25
Not even close🤦🏽‍♂️
1 24
no it isnt
0 24
This shit is fire but woahhhhh best scene in history?💀
5 18
if u think this the best scene in cinematic history u don’t deserve to be alive little girl
3 20
Now You See Me was slept on. Such a great movie
4 18
Now You See Me (1 & 2) is my shit
10 11
Cinematic history huh... maybe if you’ve only seen this movie and cars 2
0 21
these kids are absolutely washed, can find a more thrilling scene from finding nemo
3 17
Now you see me is definitely one of the best movies I’ve watched
2 16
@Freakin_Dani To say this is an insult to the entire history of cinema
1 17
you must not have watched that many movies
4 13
this movie wasn’t as bad as everybody made it seem to me
6 10
You should feel bad about yourself if you think this is good
3 13
0 16
as if the tavern scene from inglorious basterds doesnt exist...nice try tho
4 11
They need to make another movie
4 11
Quand c'est les indiens ça les vannes fort pour ce genre d'effet speciaux .
5 9
i love this movie so much
3 11
I’ll say it..the now you see me movies are cinematic experiences like no other
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1 13
Apparently this girl and 179,000 other people have never seen literally any other movie before
1 13
Bruh my anxiety was through the roof watching this shit, you would’ve thought i was the one tryna hide the card.
4 9
its cool or wateva but i just dont understand why he didnt keep the card after he was done being searched lmao.
3 10
every time this pops up on my feed I have to watch the ENTIRE THING
3 10
what movies have u actually watched
2 11
lmaooooooooooooooo. kubrick is rolling over in his grave
2 11
Y’all really don’t watch good movies lmaooooo 😂
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1 12
ngl this is one of my favorite movies. definitely need a movie date night to watch this.
5 7
They did trick they ass in the smoothest way
3 9
Y’all must not watch movies... this is trash
2 10
Fake Film Enthusiasts Be Like:
7 4
1 of the guys could’ve just ballsed it to save everyone the hassle 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️
6 5
these movies are so good
4 7
Both of these movies were so slept on
2 9
I will never stop retweeting this
2 9
I was so anxious during this whole scene
1 10
Now you see me 1 and 2 are global movie treasures.
0 11
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