if i bite into a wing and taste vegetable everyone in the room catching these hands...
Made cauliflower wings.. or should I say "bites" so y'all don't get angry. 🤔 pic.twitter.com/oDkbelelku

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Y’all ever had fried cauliflower? Sounds disgusting but it tastes fucking amazing
Bro they’re actually fire
Imagine Being Dense Enough To Pick Up A Piece Of Cauliflower & Think It’s Chicken. 🤦🏽‍♂️
As a wing person I can feel that but honestly buffalo cauliflower is pretty lit man
They’re actually really good
God forbid you accidentally eat something that ISN’T an animal
If I taste a vegetable period everybody’s catching these hands
The gag is it doesnt taste like vegetables. Y’all so damn annoying. Open your mind and try something new for once.
We stealin tweets again my brotha?
It's like actually good af tho
Pay attention to what you put on your plate and who’s house you at and you won’t have to worry about actin an ass at a vegan sub for meat (that SLAPS by the way)
die hard meat fans are so scary and weird
Have you guys ever HAD cauliflower wings? Just say you’re immature & don’t eat vegetables & keep it movin
U... cant see thats cauliflower... U blind
Cauliflower wings are the superior wing don’t fucking @ me
Stop stealing tweets. Stop finding a vegans posts from 2017 to get clout. You’re pathetic.
You went all the way back to 2017 for this clout? pic.twitter.com/6RgRGL6Zmy
shut the fuck up fatass
Bitch cauliflower wings are bomb people just hate trying new foods lol okay basic whores enjoy
First of all it don’t taste like VEgItAbLeS it taste like the sauce
omg we get it. y’all say this every time
Every month I see some random dude make this same joke and get 20k retweets anyways cauliflower wings don't taste like cauliflower
I've said this before and I'll say it again......vegans aren't trying to trick you. We're trying to incorporate Buffalo sauce into our diets because it's fuckin delicious
Why y’all does hate on something you never try ffs.
Wow you guys really don’t get tired of recycled tweets do you
No one's tricking you people into eating vegetables. Don't worry.
damn do y’all hate vegetables that much? It’s just cauliflower dawg it won’t kill you if you try it
Say what you want, buffalo cauliflower is bomb
These shits fucking smack and you can barely tell it’s cauliflower....grow up lmao
if you bite into a cauliflower wing thinking it’s chicken that’s your fault
They’re actually shmack don’t sleep
Idk if it’s just me, but i hate seeing the same quote tweet on Twitter that I’ve seen 3 yeas ago
Tbh these lil bitches taste so good
This tweet is from 2017 how long did you have to scroll to find it?
why is carnivore twitter so afraid of vegetables i just-
Y’all dumb these the best
Cauliflower wings are good and if you don’t think so it’s because you haven’t tried them
y’all tripping these are f*cking BOMB
What evil person makes a vegetable wing pic.twitter.com/73V8IAzNuH
bruh cauliflower bites were my favourite food as a vegetarian and honestly have a better texture than wings
they slap so suck my dick
berg serves these
They literally taste like chicken and I’m not vegan
The way this showed up on my tl 😂😂😂 @JayBibbs pic.twitter.com/dHMFcI6I4c
Don’t let @_gracie_01 get a bite of these
Cauliflower wings are fucking amazing.
ok cauliflower wings SLAP
yall dumb. They taste good
Y'all still scared of vegetables?
oh id throw them at everyone
They are actually pretty damn good
Cauliflower wings are so tasty. Lifes too short to be so mad about a vegetable
doooon’t sleep
stop sleeping on meatless food it tastes like the same thinggggggg 🤗
yawn when will men stop being so sensitive
They’re actually bomb lol
when will hating vegetables stop being a characteristic y’all boost. like...grow up lol
Wowwww! 😂 I love buffalo cauliflower.💀
You guys are so fucking annoying. Develop a palate, please.
This looks so good
Ya probably wouldn’t notice the taste as much as the texture. Chicken wings are delicious but cauliflower “bites” are an awesome substitute. Can’t imagine someone making these and not informing everyone they’re not chicken wings. But go off!
Fuck anyone who doesn’t love these. They’re amazing
Honestly though give them a try they are delicious it’s not a cute trend to hate on veggies.
They’re actually really good so
cauliflower “wings” are bomb af!!!!!! 😋don’t knock it if you ain’t tried it yet
meanwhile there’s tens of thousands of non heterosexual men in her mentions sharing there version of it being healthy and living their best life pic.twitter.com/ixwLSKUsfa
y'all say veganism is restrictive but only want to eat the same 6 things gtfo
Then don’t eat them?? Lmao
Yo lowkey tho fried cauliflower SMACKS
Unpopular opinion: CAULIFLOWER WINGS GO HARD 😍
These are actually dope tho 🤤🤤🤤
meat eaters are so boring and uncultured lol imagine being older than 5 years old and still preferring chicken nuggets to vegetables while deliberately not acknowledging that the animal agriculture industry is cruel, inhumane, and one of the leading causes of climate change. yawn
I swear you guys tweet this every 6 months with the very same picture.
the both of us will fight anyone if we bite into cauliflower wings su
Simmy would do this to me 🤧😂
These would be bomb you trippin lol
Some of you only ate like 3 different things in ur life and it shows
Im airin out the facility
These slap harder than actual wings, don’t me or @dogbread63 otherwise
Bruh, my mom actually made this and didn’t tell us it was cauliflower. @cmakayla30
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