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.@KapilSharmaK9's comments on Navjot Singh Sidhu's apparent ouster from his show have irked thousands of social media users. #PulwamaAttack #BoycottKapilSharma


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It is small thing ? @KapilSharmaK9 are u in ur senses? Do you also want to hug Bajwa and have no regret? See the anger of people of India, #boycottkapilsharmashow is the reflection of the same anger.
#नवजोतसिंह_सिद्धू के साथ साथ @KapilSharmaK9 का दिमाग़ भी हिल गया है।
V hv given long robe to these dirty celebrities who want to justify their acts, Except thurst to earn money, they hv no virtues of even a common ordinary man. These ppl shud be condemned. A man who has not learnt how 2 respect&love his nation,army shud hv no place in public life.
We were really sorry to expect some sensible words from you Kapil, where your loved show already have a person who is not standing with truth of his own country in hard times. Will he ever support you in your bad times?? Wake Up!!
All these small small things matters Kapilji, if you don't take care at right time this becomes big. It's a matter of sentiment of all Indian.if you check the comments these people love your show but they don't want a person who support country who sponsor terror.
सिद्धू के साथ साथ कपिल का भी बिरोध करते है #boycottkapilsharma @AnupamPKher @anjanaomkashyap @bjym4jharkhand @BJYM4koderma
पर यह हर उस हरामखोर के लिए सबक होगा जो यह सोचता है कि वो सेलिब्रेटी बन गया तो उसकी समझदानी दूसरे देशवासियों से बेहतर हो गयी। #BycottSiddhu #BycottSonyTV #PulwamaAttack #BycottKapilSharma
These people are so engrossed in their fame and money, that they forget their basic morals, they find issues as such minimal. None of them is capable or has the audacity to take a stand. And that’s why the nation calls for #boycottsidhu #BoycottKapilSharma
Ye Jo choti choti chiz bol k bol rhe ho kapil.hamare desh k 46 saheed huye hai ye apko choti chiz hai.siddhu matter Kar rh hai aur propaganda hai bol Rh hai.aur ye choti choti chiz Jo boo Rh hai ab dekho show kese boycott hota hai.
Lagta hai enco fir se stardom ka nasha chad gaya hai.abhi jyada wakt nahi hua hai gumnami se nikle hue
I think giving highest possible sacrifice to our nation is just a small thing 40 brave hearts getting killed in a terrorist attack is a small thing. C'mon Kapil Sharma wake up. pic.twitter.com/QajvWYFeJf
Is he a cartoon??? show @KapilSharmaK9 the bodies of our soldier's and then let him say these are 'choti-choti' baatein. #BoycottKapilSharmaShow #boycottkapilsharma
remove this show ASAP . If these jokers are so fond of pakistan, let them run the show there..Not in india #BoycottKapilSharma @ShivSena
No, that's the correct decision. Sidhu is the home minister, he is the defence minister and he is the prime minister. So, he has to be sacked for the massive intelligence failure.
Joker! Advising others😂
Yes you are right, banning someone or sacking #NavjotSinghSidhu is not the solution. The show itself should be banned. #bycottkapilsharmashow #bycottkapilsharma @CNNnews18
Almost 50 Jawans martyred in past few days & it appears a small thing or propaganda to this joker Kapil Sharma. I feel pity fr this joker who insults people, make fun of them in the name of comedy. I also pity the ppl who watch his stupid show. #BoycottKapilSharma
Banning/ sacking isn't a solution .
Have a little shame @KapilSharmaK9
When Government cut ties with Pakistan and withdrawn special status is also a mistake then .
Oh ! Wait they should have come to u for advice .
Only thing you care about is Money
In the zeal of opposing @narendramodi The so called actor are crossing the border line. Success reaches on their head so high that Movie Serial actor are behaving irrational.
Look KAR** IS B**.. One sud not forget their Past in STARDOM. Wat is d meaning of Fame & Money, wich mks U so much Arro**t while Speaking & Spk Against Soldiers. Shameful...
Show Me Propaganda? See ashamed of Indian Congress pic.twitter.com/vceVgmIIka
#KapilSharma have you lost your senses to support a person like Sidhu...
ever since the tweet to modi @KapilSharmaK9 is in news for wrong reasons So,as @sherryontopp after joining @INCIndia will they survive whom they are batting for ?? #BoycottKapilSharma #IskaImpactAyegaKiNahi Maratha Shiv Sena #TuesdayThoughts #BadalRahiHaiKashi
#BoycottKapilSharma if you don't have respect atleast keep quit
Banning siddhu and kapil is definitely not the solution to end terrorism But a warning to stop ppl from saying Insensitive Comments in support of Pak 😷😡 #boycottkapilsharmashow #BoycottSiddhu
Ok, time to boycott the show itself then. Moron ko mooh kholna hi tha.
A terror attack on Army and killing of 44 army men is a small thing, He making a mockery of Army men and we can not tolerate it. Kapil's arrogance is clearly visible. He is not bigger them Army men's life.
Much of Twitter is just reaction and counter reaction. Nothing meaningful or sensible. hashtags are political parties tool. After their 15 sec of relevance, they just fizzle out.
At a time when our country is pained with the losses of our jawans, this man is worried about commercial success of his show.
Dear kapil inspite of all ur dramas people are loving your show.god grace..so just shut up and move on with show.dont try to act smart..yoi are a nut head who is loved by a nation.so be a nut head and do what u do best...
What is the propaganda here? Mr.@KapilSharmaK9? Indian Army, Indian Intelligence has proof JeM behind the attacks,i.e., Pakistan is Funding Terrorists, Siddhu is backing them? Siddhu wants to be their advocate? Even You Should be Banned Mr.Kapil
do you think #PulwamaTerrorAttack is a very small thing or it's part of propaganda? Have some shame. The things happening to you happens when success goes to your head.
send kapil and siddhu to Pakistan....nd show whi chalaye harami khayenge yha ki...sabse gandu to aise he doglebaj h... desh ko anadr se kha rhe h
Sahi to keh raha hai ye boycott karna matlab muddo se divert karna hi to hai
Dear Kapil Bhai you must understand and appreciate the statement made by siddhu is very irresponsible and favouring a nation who is exporting terror to our country the very people he is defending are responsible for these killings ,hence people outcry is justified.
People like Kapil and siddhu want only money nothing else.. Will teach them a lesson by boycott there show
For a senseless person this is what in his mind? On stage or show he is scripted to talk? Credit for getting success should go to the script writers, dialogue writers. He is immature, under stress, having health issues without control? @SonyTV stop this guy?
Boycott this show, no place for such idiots who have no respect for our brave Japan's.
Then what is the solution in your view?
It's high time Sony TV boycott kapil Sharma show. This idiot is more worried about commercial aspect of his show. This jokers don't deserve any sympathy
Is tht wht u really said Mr Sharma, martardum of 44 jawans is small thing fr u, no its nt ur fault, I guess our love had grown u very tall that u don't realize the pain of thr family, time to say gudby to u, ur show n @SonyTV
Common Kapil, really ??? You had no show for 1 year and still you are not remaining from the media. Listen dude nothing is bigger than india. Many Kapil came and gone. I hope your sense will prevail and you stay away from this @sherryontopp idiot. Don't forget, he is a politician
killing of 50 brave indian soldiers is very small thing for you, whats your next plan with pakistani agent ,siddu
Is this what you said??? If yes, I would better cry than laugh watching your show!!
Dont over exaggerate
Ye v mental ho gya hai sidhhu k tarah
It is solution. like tukra tukra gang member .who not support nationalism .he is gaddar .must be panics normal people they give panic of siddhu.
Tell Sidhu to talk to his Farishta to stop cross border terrorism & then plead for talks. Do not be one sided be with the country.Mr Kapil u are bothered about ur TRP/ ur earning but keeping anti India elements supporting them will harm ur reputation and business
Did u state same words for sidhu if you had lost your someone close in terror attack...
See life as usual after the loss of precious lives.Candle march,social media, shouting,blaming Pak recede gradually.Politicians busy campaigning while PM busy inaugurating.Public as usual forgetful.The families of the soldiers suffer for life.That's India.
Isn't Mr Sidhu playing cheap politics by not condemning Pakistan. He is only doing so to drive political mileage as he has been going for last 3-4 yrs. But this time around he will not be able to fool the people.
I think he has lost it again. Jab show band ho jayega for rota firega and daaru ke paise bhi nahi bachenge
Kapil Sharma Pls don’t back up him. He is mental and that’s the reason supporting those pakistaniiii , ban is just a small suggestion. He should be hanged
Nation first, Jai INDIA #BoycottKapilSharma I won’t watch and will not allow people to watch #KapilSharmashow
Sacking Navjot singh not a solution but it could be a good gesture towards your nation. That you really care about your nation and you thinks that sidhu is wrong. Don't just think that only money matters for you. #BoycottKapilSharma #sidhubhagao
Shame on you kapil. Your father was in police, still i see no patriotism in you. These are very small things for you? Really? #BoycottKapilSharma #boycottsidhu #BoycottSonyTV
Hey @KapilSharmaK9 even I m your huge fan of your comedy since u have started your carrier from laughter challenge & u forgot that how people of this country love u & u have supported d man who favours or defend d nation like pak.
I request each and every Indians to #BoycottKapilSharma #BoycottSonyTV ! They are money mongers. Let's unite against every anti-India instances. Our people are dying and this shameless creature is saying.. it's small thing! I hate u @KapilSharmaK9 @SonyTV 🤛🤛🤛
hahaha abki baar kapil k baari lol
Bhosadike ab news 18 jaise news channel walle bhi ye trend karenge ? Wtf is hapoening ? Abey jhandu gawar bhossad pappu log kuch dhang ka dimag lagao. Desh ko gobar mat banao....
Stop these stupid trends.... Chutiye log sale tum logo ke waja se desh aage nai badta... Chutmarike desh oar hamla hua hai aur tum gandu log desh ke logo se hi lad rahe ho. Beakkal aur gawar to ho hi.. Besharam bhi ho gaye ho.
sidhu supported pakistan by not condemning it. ths is nation outrage. Jawans r doing thr bit but it is our duty to protect our land nd teach those who think can play with country. Gaddar sidhu. #BoycottKapilSharma
Chuup Kar Sharabi. Sony just Watch your trp. boycott this idiots show
No need to boycott him because we will NOT watch your show .we boycott you so go and live happily with him moron.
Wake up sharma ji, how 44 CRPF martyrs life became small for you...wat a nonsense thinking!! and what yu r going to achieve frm yur show by keeping someone is traitor....#reprehensible
Listen kapil if your mother or your wife were shot down by the militants then what would you say,"ki koi sthayi hal niklna chaiye iska" shut up the non sense.
These aren't small things. When we look out for people in our country only who are anti-nationalist , openly supporting those who killed our soldiers.. we should realise that firstly we need to do something about them, not just ignoring it simply.
No worries Kapil & Navjot Singh we will support you... From deep heart ♥ ♥ Love from Pakistan 🇵🇰 🇵🇰 🇵🇰 🇵🇰 🇵🇰 🇵🇰 😘😘😘😘😘
What's the point. Morons like this guy (link below) are still spreading anti-national hate messages. Blaming our PM for these attacks. youtube.com/watch?v=ZibxBU… youtube.com/watch?v=lNiTSW…
if next i found sidhu of your show we indian will defenately protest agnaist ur show.don't take it in minor.badi muskil se comeback kiye ho jda bachke😠😠
दोनों को सिर्फ पैसे से मतलब हैं।
It is time to remove Kapil Sharma from show also.both can make grt show called the grt terrorist show in which they can interview how to
Traine terrorism ,how to use bombs etc.
A comedy show should make ppl happy but making fun of dead ppl is not good
kapil sharma is congresi deshdrohi killed him
What a shame ... Kapil Sharma navjot Singh sidhu
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