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When the claws come out 😳 #TheBachelor

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Cassie can’t even string together a proper sentence to defend herself... I have to laugh
Ew she's so annoying lol
Sassy Cassie seemed quite immature tonight
Kirpa is legit the most real person I’ve ever seen on #TheBachelor
This is the problem with people today, just because someone hears something that does not make it true.
Kirpa is a shady girl. And I say girl because no woman talks bad about other females like that. 🐍
So wellsaid!! Its all hearsay! Follow your Dads advice! @colton
I think she's a fake. No tears when she was "crying"
This is one of the most annoying seasons yet
Colton picks Cassie at the end...wrong choice cause the 23 yr old wanted to be the next Bachelorette...he was warned by many...
Sometimes claws have to come out in self-defense!
'Not her claws, she was speaking the truth here. Lol. She is being attacked by the women with very jealous personalities and horrid claws. I'm proud of her. GO Cassie!
when someone disagrees w me
Cassie is lying her way to becoming The Bachelorette and Kirpa is clearly looking out for Colton's best interest at heart. Don't be hating on Kirpa because she's not a fake blonde. #JusticeforKirpa
KIRPA.... so she didn’t actually hear anything she’s just going by hearsay from a pissed off woman who was dumped .....she is an idiot.......ugh...these women are true mean girls. #Bachelor #BachelorNation @Bachelor_Nation pic.twitter.com/cxWxlyi9vY
Kirpa Tonight & Tayshia Next Week! PLEASE! Two Liars & Sh-T Starters! What ever happened to Worry about YOURSELF! Instead of throwing others under the Bus cause of YOUR thoughts?! My two remaining Favs are Caelyn & Cassie! Caelyn from DAY 1 "Hoping I'm RIGHT cause then I'm ✌🏼🙋🏼"
me trying to cuss someone out
Cassie is my new favorite !
Funny how Colton says he’s not making decisions based on heresay but he chose Cassie after that rude interruption pic.twitter.com/Dzp5ueEDWJ
y’all up Cassie’s ass when she legit is not ready to get engaged in the end
Honestly she was struggling trying to cry
Did anyone notice she didn't even say Cassie yet some how Cassie knows it bout her??? But she lying right??🙄🤔😳
These girls need to stop gossiping about other girls! As Cassie said it’s either true or not ... your opinion doesn’t count! 🤬 sorry not sorry Cassie and Caelynn fan!
So immature and fake!
Retweeting so I never loose this
fr kirpa and tashia’s reasoning is not reliable enough for me 🤦🏽‍♀️
So Three ppl all over heard this but some how the ppl that said this stuff staying??? More then 3...how many times does Colton have to be warned??? Smh 🤦
*wake up before my alarm goes off*
Internally to myself:
Loveee Cassie and Caelyn good choice @colton you sent the right one home tonight wish one other would have been sent home tonight too for making assumptions but you’ll send her packing soon enough!! @BachelorABC
team cassie all the way. these fake people are killing me. colton better make the right decision right here by keeping cassie. #TheBachelor
Overly defensive imo
Was she really lying though? Since a lot of us knows how it ends so good for Kirkpa 😂
Well he’s an idiot for keeping her, he will see that she’s not there for the right reasons, he sent the wrong woman home.
“Why would that be you” - Bekah to me 😂
still laughing at this wonderful line i love u @CassieRandolph
Lol Colton’s the idiot 😂
I take it personally when someone attacks Cassie. 💁🏼‍♀️
in my opinion I still think you should’ve decked kirpa in the face. with a chair. a heavy one.
TEAM CASSIE ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Right back at you Cassie :)
The line forms behind me to date Cassie if she goes home.
Cassie you are AWESOME! Kirpa that was ridiculous and you actually are an idiot repeating things as truth that are made up in your head.
It does teak of desperation baby girl, you’ve been set up bad
She’s right! @KirpaSudick needs to stop acting like a mom and worry about herself . @CassieRandolph isn’t spending her time worrying about you!
The moment Kirpa went home... Real text. My daughter upstairs I. Grey ..#dongDongTheWitchIsDead #thebachelor pic.twitter.com/Nn4Gb51aUl
Cassie: *cries because her relationship is at stake Kirpa: "She's hiding something"
Can’t wait until Cassie tells him she’s not ready and I can shout...KIRPA TOLD YOU!!!!! Lol
Krapa is an idiot
Cassie and Hannah G have been my 2 fav women. I'm a few mins behind and very very nervous!! Group date is just starting for me.
She’s a liar move along she can’t even defend herself 😂
The only person that didn’t stir the pot tonight was Hannah G
I’m glad Kirpa left! Like we all knew Cassie wouldn’t get that date rose, c’mon 🙄 Tayshia needs to go next
The mean girls have their claws out and they are going after anyone Colton has shown affection for. Cassie was targeted early on. Kudos to Colton for seeing past the lies!
@BachelorABC I agree...Kirpa and Taysia are both idiots!
I have never related to something more in my life wow
This is me @ someone EVERY SINGLE DAY
Why do I always feel this way?🙃
not to be dramatic, but.....

i’d die for @CassieRandolph
I promise we’d be best friends
When the roads are awful and I STILL see people going over 55 mph....
Liars!! Lots of them
Yes! Good decision
I like the blonde Cassie ~ haven't been following but Chirpa seemed cold blooded
I swear she said “a idiot”. 🤣🤣🤣
Who knows for sure ? I think it's more just believing everything will be ok! They say an idiot is someone who argues with themselves instead of just learning to get along.
read these I’m done 🤦🏽‍♀️
LOVE IT! When one woman tries to sabotage another woman, she gets called out & then kicked out. #ByeFelicia @Bachelor_Nation @chrisbharrison @colton pic.twitter.com/IWzQW9G0N6
How I feel every day at work.
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