During both confrontations Kirpa and Tayshia remained calm as hell cause they knew they were telling the truth. Cassie and Caelynn both started cussing, raising their voices and insulting to try to make their point... that guilty conscience is screaming #TheBachelor
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@OliviaBroussar1 Also are we forgetting tayshia saying to kirpa at the end of the last episode “let’s take this. Watch it be us two at the end” ?????
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@OliviaBroussar1 Neither Kirpa nor Tayshia had firsthand information, so they were speaking from rumor and hearsay. Colton should have asked them what they heard with their own ears; he could've nipped it all in the bud in minutes. #TheBachelor
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@OliviaBroussar1 Tayshia and Kirpa were the accusers not the accused. And Tayshia basically said “we all decided they were talking about you two Bc you looked nervous”. That’s not actual information sweetie.
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@OliviaBroussar1 I love how people think that reasoning is remotely valid. If someone lied about me I absolutely would not just sit there or be quiet. People have different personalities and communication styles. Not to say anything's true or not, just that reasoning is off.
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@OliviaBroussar1 I would be pissed too if people made up a lie about me like that
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@OliviaBroussar1 Have you ever been accused and your integrity questioned?
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@OliviaBroussar1 T admitted to not hearing anything so therefore she lied to Colton when she said they were talking about being bachelorettes and saying they weren’t ready. She LIED
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@OliviaBroussar1 Yes ma'am! Finally another sane person in this feed. Cassie smirking all the time is shady af, and Caelynn busting into business where it wasn't her place to do so? Hell no, thassa 🐍 move straight up
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@OliviaBroussar1 or maybe kirpa and tayshia felt confident and thought they had strength in numbers if the whole house decide to just target cassie and caelynn 🤔
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@OliviaBroussar1 True. But everyone belives the white girls!!
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@OliviaBroussar1 Say it louder for the dumb hoes in the back who don't realize ABC leaked that story to USWeekly so people wouldn't believe Taysha, and never showed Kirpa in any episodes because they didn't want people to like her and believe her!!!!!
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@OliviaBroussar1 Colton is drama! Why ask if you have your mind made up. And why tell who told you to create more drama.
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@OliviaBroussar1 I did not see it like that. It is suppose to be a date, not the gossip whisperer, Colton confronting you about something or doubting you, specially is the woman really cares about the man. It spoils the romance and the lady has to defend herself. What I saw was emotion.
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@OliviaBroussar1 I disagree, quiet and calm equals calculated thought out lies. Cursing is a natural response when someone tells lies on you
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@OliviaBroussar1 Those two had a great date with him before, so I can see the emotions if they truly had feelings for him. Kirpa already admitted that she never heard anything.
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@OliviaBroussar1 Remember as well, that Tayshia and Kirpa were never confronted with a gossip about them by Colton. The comparison is not equal. In social media, Facebook specific, they are talking about Colton using them for information.
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ITA. It seemed obvious to me from the first conversation Cassie and Caelynn had that they knew their words would haunt them. They were both so defensive.
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@OliviaBroussar1 This is a lie. Tayshia told Caelynn she was just “sharing her opinion” when she straight up told Colton that Caelynn said those exact words about not accepting a proposal at the end. Kirpa actually did share her opinion without lying to him so 🤷🏻‍♀️
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@OliviaBroussar1 okay but what if people were spreading absolutely false rumors about you and it was beyond your control? literally this tweet makes no sense
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@OliviaBroussar1 Wouldn’t you be upset if someone made up something awful about you & spread it to a guy you liked? Tayshia & Kiroa both saidcat the end of show last week “ we will be the final two”. They made up the rumors to ensure the two front runners were sent home.
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When you’re upset and being accused of shit u didn’t do, you are most certainly allowed to cry, scream and cuss. Thank u next Olivia
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@OliviaBroussar1 I get mad too when people lie about me and try to ruin something for me. let’s talk about Tayshias silence on her ex boyfriend that she dated until the DAY BEFORE she went on the show ?
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@OliviaBroussar1 I forgot to say that every situation is different about truth and lies. If Colton was the “control” of the experiment and situation, keep in mind he was cursing as well about this.
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@OliviaBroussar1 Tayshia didn’t talk shit She awnsered Colton’s questions
Unlike Cayleen when she went to Colton to snitch about Hannah B
Out of everyone Tayshia is definitely the one most ready for marriage
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