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The goal remains the same for @WWERollins heading toward @WrestleMania. #RAW

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Not a prediction. Not a spoiler. A promise. #WrestleMania
Backstage segment with Dean was best part of #Raw
Why did these ppl buy tickets anyways
Seth Better Win at Wrestlemania
Keep Dean with this Brian Pillman like gimmick!!!!
If Becky Lynch doesn’t get arrested by the end of the night I’m gonna be a tad disappointed
One of the good things these days on #RAW is watching heel interviewer Charly appear from outta nowhere and start asking heelish questions. Don't know why but it makes me laugh every time.
Dean "I have selective amnesia" Ambrose.
The only good part of raw tonight. Shame we had to wait 2 and half hours for it...
You left out the best part of that segment.
Dean Ambrose should team up with R Truth. Dean seems just as spaced out as Truth. But then again, I am saddened that Dean is leaving WWE after Wrestlemania. Its been all over wrestling news. Why?!?! He's so damn good at his job.
That's definitely heart and dedication🙌💙❤️❤️❤️💙💙 I believe Seth Rollins will walk out of WrestleMania as universal champion & that's a promise no matter what it takes , "He just don't care"
Seth wins or we literally burn it down.
Seth rollins speaking facts also no we arent atleast Seth wasn't forgetting about it being as though he was like can I help you then had the wtf is wrong with you tone going on However Seth should be used to it by now
My @TheDeanAmbrose is back
the lunatic IS
back. @WWERollins can't you see that Dean is trying to apologise #raw
I hope you kick his ass Seth!! PLEASE
Do it for you, for us, to get rid of the disease that is Brock Lesnar and do it for ROMAN!!
You cut off the best part of that interview. Dean Ambrose interrupting like nothing ever happened. I even had to explain it to my roommate who thought they were feuding lol was excellent Ambrose Lunatic
The Beastslayer!! Best part of the show!! Hope to see him in action soon.. pic.twitter.com/6X7fsj4vCZ
Slay the beast hon. Love you 💋🖤❤️
I miss dean already
Seth burn the beast down
He will slay the beast and I can't wait for that to happen.
Dean 😍😍😍 I'm really gonna miss him, we r definitely gonna miss him ,please Dean don't go
Good Luck At WrestleMania Become a New Universal Champion #TeamRollins
Hey, where the hell is the public? They falled sleep already?
Seth rollins universal champ Yeah !!🏆🏆🏆🏆
#RAW Seth Rollins a great wrestler and champion yes
Watch them have Rollins lose to Lesnar at #WrestleMania35
@gabri771 il promo Che ha fatto Seth contro Lesnar ieri su RAW
WWE Monday night RAW live Seth rollins my friend
Give Dean whatever he wants. He must stay
strong words talk is cheap you have to back it up
I’m pretty sure Dean will re-sign with WWE. I feel like he came to terms about his heel turn and wants to be a baby face again, that’s why he’s been doing these strange acts with Seth Rollins for the past two weeks. I’m all for it! 🙌🏻
Seth Rollins will not win the universal Championship at Wrestlemania 35. Brock Lesnar is going to beat Bruno's longest reigning World championship reign of 2070 days.
so does everyone have to cut the same promo now? I swear they all sound like "I will try my hardest" type of promos to me
So everyone is supposed to forget the gowd aweful feud with Seth and Dean? Ok
True credit to @WWERollins for not corpsing that Ambrose segment. Felt like that wasn't planned and Dean just doing what he want backstage until the contract ends
It’s about dam time !! Face the Beast and conquer the some of $&@$& !! Time to take down the beast where so many failed!! Win or lose you are the best WWE superstar there is !!
seth is the best! seth is number one!
What to make it to WRESTLEMANIA without having Brock put you in handcuffs or attack you from behind and treat you like you’re an inmate. Arm yourself with backup and prepare for the beast that way when you show up at mania you can send him back to Minnesota to his log cabin.
You better, because he only wrestles every 3 months you won’t see him again till #SummerSlam
Dean was the best part of the segment lol
😂😂😂😂 How did they all not bust out laughing?!?! Dean looks like he's fangirling over @WWERollins in this pic 😂😂😂😂 pic.twitter.com/4NWilIISK9
Come out to the wring!!!
I "believe" Seth Freakin Rollins will slay the Beast, burn #SuplexCity down, & leave #WrestleMania as "my" new #UniversalChampion. #Raw
Heres to you leaving on your feet. Burn It Down.
Second last match of the night.
I think that means you are going to loose
To be fair Seth turned his back on Dean first. Dean forgave him. Then Dean turned on Seth. So Seth if Dean can forgive you... you can forgive Dean. After all it's not like he stomped your hand on a cinderblock.
Slay the beast! Beat Brock lesnar.
Reign of terror? .. Uh.. he would have to actually be there to reign terror Seth.. just saying 😉👍
Seth and Dean are cool with each other again? Didn't Dean basically destroy the brotherhood between him and Seth the night Roman announced he was sick with cancer? Didn't he say Roman has to answer to God now? Are Dean's horrendous atrocities just forgiven now? pic.twitter.com/4IcUeCs5gv
Seth is going to burn suplex city down
That was a great promo from Seth Rollins but Dean backstage has been the best.
#RAW Great message and moment for Seth Rollins yes and great moment by Dean Ambrose yes
You are to me the Champion or not you better of everyone
You will be the new WWE UNIVERSAL CHAMPION AT #WrestleMania & we believe that #RAW
Shield Brothers 4 Life 👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼
Exactly baby. Seth is the best 👍💯🙌🙌🙌
Picture @WWERollins as a grim reaper for stripping @BrockLesnar’s #UniversalTitle at @WrestleMania. 😑, do you want to speak up, @HeymanHustle? #raw pic.twitter.com/gFI7hsUr9F
When is Roman reigns coming back?
You will ALWAYS be the champion to your fans
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