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The #Raw crowd. Look at those circled. Courtesy of @OfficialSalrex

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I want to apologize on behalf of the rest of wrestling fans in Louisiana. We do not associate with Lafayette.
There are nothing but a bunch of redneck hillbilly causals, horrendous crowd tonight. JD I hope you go on a massive rant tonight on your #Raw review and just bash the crowd known as Lafayette.
I hope WWE never comes back to Lafayette ever again
I think Lafayette is more dead than Corpus Christi. Holy Shit!
Where's SCU when you need them because this is the worst town @wwe has ever been in!
This crowd is just sad. There are tons of us fans who would die to have tonight's line up come to our towns and they slept through it all.
I went to a live event and there were senior citizens that looked like they didn't want to be there that were making more noise than this crowd.
Yeah they have no clue wats going on
You could have an empty arena and no one would be able to tell the difference.
Why go? It cost money to go to this show. Why would they if they are so committed to not reacting?
hell if @CMPunk returns the crowd would still be silent
Adults over 50 and kids under 10 wow
The only explanation for this dead crowd has to be that Joe was so pissed at being eliminated first last night that he locked in the Coquina Clutch on every single fan tonight upon entry into the arena and put them to sleep.
These must be those Ugos that Tyler Breeze has always talked about
This crowd is so lifeless, it's absolutely awful. smh
Fans suck. I don't know why they go watch wrestling. At the same time, this is what you get when you cater to casual fans and alienate your base; those of us that love pro wrestling... like the NXT crowd. #raw #WWE
Everyone in Philly, Chicago, and Brooklyn are cackling.
A funeral has more energy than this crowd. #RAW
Is Vince McMahon handing out championship matches to losers that lost a paper views the night before #MakesNoSense
at what point is it on the wrestlers to entertain them?
This is just sad, so so sad. #RAW
Do these people know where they’re at or were they told it was free pizza night?!
Come on Lafayette show is you are all at least living. pic.twitter.com/FOBEnFtL9M
Despite the crowd I need to ask. What happened to the know rematch rule? Please respond .
it's like why buy a fucking Ticket?
Im literally in tears bruh. This is the funniest thing I have seen in days...
Why buy a ticket like these are the guys WWE want coming every week lol.
#Raw is being broadcast live from a graveyard tonight.
This Cajundome crowd.... They are mindless sheep for made this RAW sucks..
This crowd is so bad u can hear yourself sneeze
These people don't have cable, much less WWE Network. They just heard "the wrasslin' was a'comin to town!" Why not debut the BEST TALENT in WWE today in a town with a following? I was marking out to see them all win, but the #WWEUniverse let us all down tonight.
Fucking pathetic! Why the fuck would they waste their money if they're just gonna be brain dead the whole night?! Christ...😡
clowns in the crowd
Je tiens tout de même à saluer l’audace de la WWE pour avoir proposer un match avec Lashley, Rush et Ricochet auprès d’une foule pour qui la fin de la ségrégation était la semaine dernière.
Au cœur du progrès.
This pains me. So damn much.
Bastards the lot of em
It's actually that stupid when they show up and fall asleep at the same time
If you were going to see RAW live just to sit there bored, why would you even go?
What the hell is in the water in Lafayette that causes everyone to have a stick jammed far up their ass? This is hands down one of the worst crowds ever. These people don’t deserve a live Raw.
These look like people that want to be at a wrestling show....
paying all that money and look miserable, what the hell were they expecting
Lol ruby had to threaten to leave if they didn’t give her real match
Why spend your money when you’re clearly not interested in anything being given to you? There are some cities that should be blacklisted. Corpses Christie is a big one to blacklist. This crowd tonight is another.
What crowd? I see empty seats
If Jesus Christ himself came down from the heavens the crowd still wouldn't give a shit.
Fuck that crowd! That crowd was ass tonight!
Broooo that’s is so sad 😞
The Excitement is strong in this crowd.
"bUt jD, nXt DoEsN't SeLL!!!1!!1!!1! RiCoChEt iSn'T rEaL wReStLiNg."
Fans of the big dog they are
Put these circled men in the HOF! Time we should these hardcore weeaboos what we think of NXT shit!!
Why are they there? Why did they pay money to be bored??
I know you will, but I must plead to you.....PLEASE SHIT on this crowd in your RAW review.
Watching now and thought the same thing. Sure these tickets weren't cheap. Why even go? If you're not familiar with these guys you can still cheer or boo or breathe.
That guy in yellow by the refs arm was cracking me up all night. He couldn’t have looked more bored.
They wouldn't know talent if it smacked them on the face.
Hate it cuz it was during blacks raw debut like tf you guy have any idea what awesome matches this man has already given us ? Stupid af lol 😂
Finally had a decent raw, but crowd made it feel like it wasn't. Stone cold probably couldn't even wake this crowd up.
Was anybody on here actually in the crowd? Was it really this dead 💀?
It's like the NFL. You circle the guilty ones lol.
That crowd was probably one of the worst in wwe history last night
They MUST have been sit fillers they found around town cuz they couldn't sell tix to this Raw. Or it was take the dead dumb and blind to WWE night.
Give your balls a tug Lafayette smh 😒
They don't deserve tv wrestling.
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