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#WATCH Wife of Major VS Dhoundiyal (who lost his life in an encounter in Pulwama yesterday) by his mortal remains. #Dehradun #Uttarakhand

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She bids him good bye with - I love you.If he'd chosen another life, he could have been sitting in a cubicle right now not lying in a coffin.These are our braves coz they choose this life of peril & sacrifice for us. Never forget & never forgive those who diminish their loss
देश की इन सपूतो और उनके परिवारों को नमन

सरफरोशी की तमन्नाह अब हमारे दिल में है ..

#RIPBraveRealHero #RIPBraveHearts
रोया वो भी था मौत पे तेरी जिससे न कोई जान-पहचान थी

पिता लगा रहे थे ‘जय हिंद’ के नारे और आवाज़ में उनके अभिमान था

माँ की बेजान आँखों में आँसू और उन आसुओं में गुमान था

बिलक-बिलक के बता रहीं थी सबको,
कि बेटा उनका वतन का वीर जवान था...
My heart goes out for this young lady , pls God be with her & give her strength. Take a bow lady 🙇🙇🙏. Jai Hind !! Jai Jawan !!! 🇮🇳🇮🇳🙏
That's love for a husband Pain of losing a husband & Pride of being the wife of a martyr. Salute Major , your sacrifice shall not go in vain.
मेजर विभूति और निकिता की अप्रैल महीने में शादी की पहली सालगिरह थी...
Feeling extremely guilty as a citizen because these brave men are sacrificing their life for me....
If these visuals dont bring tears to your eyes , you are not a human
Can't get over this. Gods be with them.
While this daughter of #Kashmir has been struck this blow @OmarAbdullah is busy defending serial liar Shehla Rashid who lies to incite hate. He along with @MehboobaMufti speak for only this kind. The rest of us JKians have been left to fend for ourselves. Shame if we vote PDP NC.
Her Atthour still hangs. I couldn't keep my tears seeing this young woman lose her love.
तुझ से मुँह मोड़ के मुँह अपना दिखाएँगे कहाँ/
घर जो छोड़ेंगे तो फिर छांव बिछाएँगे कहाँ
Don’t know what to say now ...
Stay brave and stay strong Sister ... we are all with you in this hour of grief !!
She said I love you 😭💔 omg my heart is crying for her. These terrorists will and should be wiped at any costs.

Many wives of our Indian Jawans are widow, we will never tolerate it at any cost. My heart pained so much, she doesn't deserve this 💔
Veer Nari, they are known as in the Army parlance. Their sacrifice and courage is beyond the reach of any of us. May Mata Bhavani give her the strength. The Late Major will inspire us.
Do the ignorant, self hating, westernized Indians with deep inferiority complex deserve the sacrifice of this brave man & his loving family? Can Indians behave responsibly & place civilization's interest above everything? Atleast for this family's sake.
Ye sab dekhne baad bhi pakistan se peace talk chahte ho aur terrorist ko mis guide youth kehto ho to ...Aap ki rago ka khoon sukh chuka hai , aap bhadwe ho is dharti par boj ho BC !
शहीद मेजर जी की पत्नी जी स्ट्रांग और बहादुर हे ... #नमन 🙏 विरो आपका बलिदान व्यर्थ न जाएगा ...🙏 #जय_हिंद 🇮🇳
सर @narendramodi ये देख कर अब भी खून ना खौले, तो खून नहीं वो पानी है 😡
When a wife says ' I love you ' one last time to her husband. #PulwamaEncounter
💔 Salute to our brave soldiers. And their stoic families
Watch till the last - visuals will cut your heart into several pieces!
I don't think we are brave enough to see this video.
😔 Please give her strength, Ram ji.
Wife of Major VS Dhoundiyal kisses him good bye one last time while saying what looks like "I love you"... This is the most heart breaking thing I have ever seen! Om Shanti! 😢 twitter.com/ANI/status/109…
मैं दिखूं या न दिखूं,
तुम मुझको महसूस करना ।

बस इतना है तुमसे कहना ।
My heart goes out to the young bride.. Those have loved and lost will know the pain. I hope she finds peace. What a terrible tragedy this is.
Look at the armyman wiping his tears off without removing his sunglasses. He's standing firm for the martyr and his family, without revealing that he's just as heartbroken as everyone else. #Respect
“You sacrificed your life for the people whom you may have never even known or contacted”......says Nikita Kaul #DaughterofKashmir #MartyrsWife #Hero #Pulwama
This is truly heartwrenching .
We lost so many good men to barbarism emanating from Pakistan, families destroyed.

Enough is Enough.

This Bastard of a Nation must be taught a severe lesson

I can see the fire in that lady's eyes. The hate towards the enemy. The determination that she will overcome this and support her family and nation. Salute to you ma'm !!
This is so heart wrenching. It hurts to see our martyred jawans and their families in such desolated state. 😔 Veer Jawan Amar Rahe! 🙏
See this and feel the loss. He died fighting for India. India, a country that stands together against the enemies. India is not made up of the hooligans who have hit the streets and targeted a particular community. Glad so many Indians came together to denounce it
Breaks my heart! Cost of freedom is paid by just not the soldier but by entire family. Yet, give it a month people will ask what is so extraordinary about a soldier's job. We all do our jobs and pay taxes! @adgpi
We civilians have no clue how much our heroes & their families sacrifice for us every single day. They aren't paid to die. They've no personal fight against terrorists/Pakistan. They stand there because they consider us family & protect us regardless of whether it's 50℃ or -31℃
Why are our soldiers dying in Kashmir every day?
Something is horribly wrong.
This is so painful.
I really don’t want to see another dead Indian soldier.
What kind of country are we becoming?
Ye bhi innocent log hai par nahi liberals ke liye wo mc terrorist supporter Kashmiris and paki civilians innocent hai so unko kuch mat karo 😡
@BDUTT यह देख कर कुछ शर्म करो और अपना रोना बंद करो ! यह आँसू देश के आँसू है और इस आँसूँ का जवाब देश ज़रूर देगा ! चुन चुन के मारेंगे ! #AvengePulwama
अश्रु सूख गए हैं
थम गईं हैं सिसकियां
कंठ रुंध गया है
बंध गई हैं घिग्घियाँ
नहीं आ रहा समझ
क्या खोया क्या है पाया
ज़िन्दगी औ वतन के बीच
किसका गौरव है छाया
दिल पर फैला जा रहा
दर्द दया करुणा का मान
मां भारती मांग रही है
मेरे प्राणों का बलिदान
Thousands of things going on & on in mind I don't know how to stop, make it calm each time I see this.anger, cry whatever I need to.
What a brave lady. Military wives are a different breed, strong as steel
What a strong woman!!!! Hats off! Maj Dhoundiyal would’ve been proud!
Her life, unsettled forever cos some pigs can not stay in their pigsty called PakiLand but come and trouble folks.
Major was defending his motherland, not waging war on foreign land.

Be at peace warrior, someone shall take your place to Defend mother India.
You will be avenged
When I see such visuals I feel I could just die of grief. No war and still we are losing our bravehearts. Something is not right somewhere. The sooner we understand the better for us.
देश की वीरांगना को जय हिंद
Tears for the young wife of #MajorVibhutiDhaundiyal ! God Bless her & the rest of the family - Mother & 3 sisters of the MARTYRED #MajorVibhuti How many more widows ? How many more mother's losing their sons , sister's their brother's & children their father's ? #PulwamaEncounter
This is so heart wrenching. 😢
She is so young. Heartbreaking!!!
The cries of innocent mothers and children's, the curse of the wifes who lost their husband without any fault of their own...karma is accumulating. The day pot feels up it'll hit Pak so hard, no power in the world will be able to save them. Pakis don't know what they're doing.
If this doesn't move you . Nothing will . My last one to you Mr NS Siddhu . twitter.com/ANI/status/109…
He is being sent off with love by his wife and the entire nation. Goodbye, Major Dhoundiyal and thank you. #PulwamaEncounter
Highest sacrifice. I am disappointed in govt that there are still some terrorist who are still breathing.

I demand fast action. These families deserve revenge.
abe mat deekhaya karo ye sab 😔😔😔😔😔 More Power to her . #JaiHind
Inko yeh aansu dene walo ko khoon k aansu rulao @narendramodi Ji

Just imagine your daughter or sister in her place....and you can feel a knot in your gut. Can't even imagine what's going through her mind. May God bless her.
Breaks you into pieces to just watch this..
What must she be going through!!! 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢
We 've everything in our mind pain sorrow grief &Emotional feelings of revenge. Next generations 'll ask where was that Pakistan which had famous knowledge centre तक्षशिला?
Lahore Sindh & Ballochistan @GenPanwar @PashaSehgal @kayjay34350 @bhushan_gyan @AK7CAV @bkum2000 @nila3333
Hard to imagine the agony she must be going through here and yet to maintain an indomitable character. Salute 😭
It takes a special courage to Marry a soldier. Salute to Mrs Dhoundhiyal. Om shanti Major saab, your boys will avenge your shahadat.
हमारा भाई अमर रहे। जय हिंद। जय भारत। जय उत्तराखंड के वीर जवानों 🇮🇳
Purest & Strongest imotion :Love 😶😶 #ShahadatKoSalam @Zee_Hindustan
Major Dhoundiyal and all the four soldiers, rest in peace! 💔🙏🏻
More strength and power to the families of these real heroes. 🕯✨ #Pulwama #BraveHearts
May God give her all the strength... 🙏🙏🙏🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳
I have no words to express my feelings for such a brave lady. With tears in my eye, I pray to the god give her strength.
This literally broke my heart
You need something else to be this brave 🙏🏻
यह आतंकवाद नहीं बाबर का भारत पर आक्रमण है
This is heartbreaking! How long will we continue to witness such scenes? 😢😢😢
Besharm liberals Naxals , some media justifying this 👇
She will never hear “I love u too” from him again, only because he chose a coffin over an Ac cabin and sacrificed his life for you to be able to stay safe with your loved ones. #Begrateful #StandWithForces #MajorDhoundiyal
हुतात्माओ हम शर्मिंदा है आपके कातिल अब भी ज़िन्दा है..! कुछ सरहद के उस पार कुछ अपने घर में ज़िन्दा है...!! 🇮🇳🙏😢
R.I .P to Major v.s. Dhoundiyal who lost his life in an encounter in #pulwama yesterday.
I salute him.
Unki wife dekho kaise apane
Husband ko strog hokar shanti se Antim bidai de rahi hai.
Mai aapko shatashah pranam karti hu mam . AAp ek veer patni ho.
#boycottkapilsharmashow @KapilSharmaK9 See this and try to feel the pain. I am not going to watch Kapil Sharma show on @SonyTV
सिद्धू और कपिल शर्मा जैसे राजनीती और पैसे के भूखे नंगे गिद्दों को यह नहीं दीखता है #BoycottKapilSharma #BoycottSonyTV
This is the worst form of “encounter”. When your beloved is in a coffin after losing life in what is called an “encounter”. I Salute the families of the Indian soldiers. They are my Bravehearts🙏❤️
Breaks my heart !! Oh baby.. The way you kept silent.. Trying to calm your inner turmoil.. Lady I salute your strength already.

We bow down in pain & sorrow & rage for the losses suffered & the created void in your lives!
Grieved beyond words💔
This is heart breaking scene. She lost her mother today too as she can't bear the loss of her son in law. What a tragic news!
This Made Me Cry😭,We Will Never Forget Your Sacrifice For Country
This bought me into tears god plz be with them
Dear Young Lady, We are Sorry for your loss. Stay Strong 🙏

when she whispers "I Love U"..... My Heart bleeds....May God give her immense strength...Soldiers are greatest...Salute their life of honour and sacrifice....😢😢😢 May God Bless their soul always... pic.twitter.com/xlKYR8wSLh
An irreparable loss.
This video will bring tears to your eyes.
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