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We are a seriously angry New India that knows how to get even. We are retaliating for Pulwama by calling for the boycott of one comedian (Kapil Sharma) for not boycotting another comedian (Navjot Singh Sidhu)....

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and totally ignoring the incapabilities of a global comedian ( 馃樂)
Shekhu Miyan Mock as much as you want. W邪r with Pakistan will NOT BE JUST FOUGHT on The GROUND. Indian Army will take care of that. For the rest we ordinary Indians will see to it that there is pu谐g械 of Desh Drohis jo Khaate India ka hain par raag Pakistan ka aalapte hain
Stop mocking our emotions .. You can enjoy jokes by the gaddar not everyone can ..
Silly people ask for boycotting shows.
Sillier people write articles about these silly people.
Great that u acknowledged #NavjotSinghSidhu as a Comedian 馃槈
This angry New India looks like a comedy show 馃ぃ
Army will do their job with anti nationals and porkis.. As civilians we need to do our bit. That's what this boycott is about. Don't mock it and try to make light of it!
Pappu Gupta..aisa hai ki army n govt will deal with external traitors . Citizens will address internal traitors. Clear ? #PulwamaAttack
Just see theese biscuit eaters congressi...still insensitive about the brutal way our soldiers were martyred and talking about a tv prog.never vote for such ah ever .
Sir, it is any day better than your colleagues and coprofessionals quoted as proof by enemy nation.
Hahahaha so finally Lutiyans accepted @sherryontopp as Comedian #AcheDin
Trust me, only this Anger is gonna let you get free from the never ending sheckles of Terror from neighbouring country and those who helped them while staying here. So do not let this anger die down.
Trust me, only this Anger is gonna let you get free from the never ending sheckles of Terror from neighbouring country and those who helped them while staying here. So do not let this anger die down.
Hmmmm..!!! So, What at least this angry new India has achieved is that From supporting Sidhu for his antics in pakistan and inviting him @TheprintIndia for serious discussion, Shekhar Gupta has now started calling him a comedian.
How about prime comedian shery Nerendra modi @narendramodi
And the New India doesn't condone the 3rd comedian @ShekharGupta the expert on anything under the sun ! Tou are like a 'coup' in comedy business. It's not comedy anymore,Sir. New India believes you are a junk. Just like the story of army coup of 2012.
First immediate actions against Pakistan is to squeeze it economically so it takes some sane decisions & fall in line or face consequences- same financial squeeze is applied to Pakistan supporters by Indian citizens peacefully. Simple , what鈥檚 your logic against it ?
And not at all boycotting another clown, Manoj Tiwary.
News trader of Old India sees a comedian but not a minister in Sidhu. Like he sees a Punjabi but not a jihadist in his pal in Pindi.
Early morning pravachan from babaji.
Naya Hindustan is doing a lot more. See the fate of Gujarat Samachar. TOI being called out . Ppl celebrating the attack being called out . Get used to the new normal. #PulwamaAttack
Indeedy. The magnitude of our nastiness, our shitty mindset, is as serious as Kiran Bedi鈥檚 flight ticket 鈥渟cam鈥.
An India that wasn't angry wouldn't care. Now, every iota of society showing solidarity with the enemy state should be called out.
New India is not about one comedian or other, it is about one India which will not allow individuals or journalists to peddle any rubbish narratives to enhance their careers or to divert attention from the crimes committed by their friends from across the border
Aesa mat boliye Kal ap bhi boycott hojaenge
Presumably Shekar will support New India demanding air strikes on Pindi..
Yes we are boycotting him because kapil sharma do not know how to behave. 2 啶曕啶∴ぜ啷 啶曕ぞ 啶じ啶栢ぐ啶 啶灌啷 showing his aukaat to him.
Because we had enough of our liberal cocksuckers pimping for Pakistan.
Where was his Holiness Shekhar Coupta when liberal jamat wanted every business house, Bollywood superstar to boycott Gujarat because they didn't like Modi?
So for Shekhar, Siddhu is only a comedian, nothing else !
Hey Couptaji, would you like to comment on this too?
Shekhar ji, this is direct action by an angry India. Nothing comic about it, unlike your own shooting from behind as in the "Army coup"! @LillyMaryPinto @DamodarHegde4 @ChaudhrGurnam @Farrukhabadi @savitha_rao @iMac_too @k_kkmallya589 @JMehta65 @DrAshwiniRao @chaanakya41 @nivmjr
See life as usual after the loss of precious lives.Candle march,social media, shouting,blaming Pak recede gradually.Politicians busy campaigning while PM busy inaugurating.Public as usual forgetful.The families of the soldiers suffer for life.That's India.
Everyone is very angry, any digression from the real issue is being treated with utter contempt. Respect the sentiments instead of showing your meaningless sarcasm
ISIs 3rd asset Lutyens is activated
Absolutely Shekhar we are a new India under #Modi Govt,
where anybody who dislikes Modi becomes Anti National. Every morning we see a new face emerging as an antinational

@KapilSharmaK9 is being humiliated today.

Don鈥檛 #BoycottKapilSharma #BoycottModi and his fake media
Pl don't trivialize Mr @ShekharGupta.It is one minister not naming & Pakistan which is involved in the Pulwama attack. It is not about Comedy. Avoid being too smart with tweets like this,the nation is mourning,Gupta sb.
You have lost it Shekhar, how can you label Sidhu as a comedian? He is a serious politician, unless you label all politicians as comedians ?
Did you feel what Sidhu said post #PulwamaAttack was funny? Or his hugging the Pak Army chief was part of his comedy? No one grudges his commercial comedy for sure.
Sir is it not right? These people have no sympathies for our soldiers.If such a thing happened in Israel whole nation is one against its enemy .Such attitude downs morale.
It鈥檚 not a binary - we must do all of the above - but you already know that !
Do you seriously suggest we switch on Skunk Siddhu's show and laugh along with him like drunk hyenas? Tomorrow he'll go and hug #JeM on TV and then we should laugh even harder.
Yes we are demanding #BoycottKapilSharma coz he didn't #boycottsidhu from his show on @SonyTV so we are also asking for #BoycottSonyTV ... Retaliation of #PulwamaAttack will b taken care by forces and we are taking care of enemy within in white color.
First actions against Pakistan is to squeeze it economically so it takes some sane decisions & fall in line or face consequences- same financial squeeze is applied to Pakistan supporters by Indian citizens peacefully.
Simple , what鈥檚 your logic against it ?
And does @ShekharGupta become another comedian for supporting the two ???
Armed forces will retaliate against Pakistan for Pulwama..
We ordinary and unarmed citizens will relatiate against Pakistan premi within India with the only weapon available with us 'Boycott' which is more lethal than a nuclear weapon..
Itne angry hai takle ke tu mila toh tere sar pe tabla bajaye
啶溹が 啶︵啶 啶忇 啶じ啶栢ぐ啷 啶曕 啶︵ 啶︵た啶ぞ 啶む 啶す啷 啶膏が 啶灌啶椸ぞ
And you seriously tweeted about the comedians
Couptaji wait for time you will be first to come running to break banggles.
Dear, We have an opening for the President's position in the following association. Note: Full time job, salary negotiable (Rs 2/tweet as industry standard as per Abhisar Sharma) twitter.com/TheBongHead/st鈥
It's time to boycott any anti national element. Be it comedian or someone else.
啶囙い啶ㄠぞ 啶∴ぐ啶む 啶曕ぞ啶灌 啶灌 啶呧お啶ㄠ 啶︵啶 啶啷嵿い啶 啶︵た啶栢ぞ啶ㄠ 啶啶 .....
Where was @ShekharGupta when Bollywood artists lost movies, song royalties, work assignment just on "metoo" allegations? Currently what is happening to cases filed? Come out of kitchen journalism.
Can people not just disagree with others point of view without calling them names like comedian or whatever. Why this angst toward fellow citizens??
We have lost our nuts
if #Modi is so confident he should tell everyone that we have full majority and we know what to do and no advice needed. and act as promised b4 elections.. that is dont go Trump crying save us. Attack Pakistan now. #pulwama #pulwamaAttack
For covering up the failures of National Comedians..
We have become an incredible 'bheed' of idiots. Asking the wrong questions to wrong people and boycotting the wrong people for having or not having an opinion. Big sham, great diversion. #shame
Chacha got it wrong again .

This is the new India that marches relentlessly with candles for its soldiers

Collects few 100 crores in a day for soldiers families

Identifies traitors and hands them over .

Talks in one voice

But Couptaji won鈥檛 understand #cobraPost
It will be as symbolic as returning the awards . New India wants parity !!
The Hindu nationalists are the most unpatriotic after RSS. They stand for everything that India does not, neither the common man of India would ever want to be.
The easiest way of hiding our inefficiency is to blame and attack others with vague reasons.
Yes. We fools will never understand the moral high stand taken by Siddhu because we are not able to reach his high level of consciousness and humanity. The car parking murder was an aberration.
... And a third comedian just tweeted about it....
As a result we ourselves are nothing short of a comedian.
Sidhu is a minister in an important state, though he may be a comedian first. Naive if @ShekharGup exects public to stay silent n not react, even if @sherryontopp whitewashes Pak ISI sponsored terrorism.
Any bit that support Pakistan should be boycotted now after #PulwamaAttack ..#peace with Pakistan didn't worked for 70 years..So it's now or never time..bits and bytes everything counts
Seems new India taking cue from lutyen media鈥檚 鈥渕e too鈥漨ovement strategy! Why feeling pain for 鈧1000 convicted criminal....
is not a comedian but a democratically elected lawmaker. And I am very sure that people who voted for him wouldn't want to vote him again after his views on #Pulwamaattack and hug with Pakistan Army Chief. #boycottkapilsharma
And for the third comedian who just tweeted this information....
馃榿馃榿 Jingoism and paranoia is abundant in india, also has witnessed upsurge since bhakts birth馃槀
We will retaliate by standing behind our brave forces by not allowing anyone who insults their martyrdom or protects their Pakistan killers even in blaming them. If need arises, we will readily shed our blood in case of war. So please avoid preaching anymore.
Those times are gone when you could pass off yourself as a comedian or a journalist and insult our soldiers and our nation. Now it is a new India, which people like you are experiencing with pain.
Hurts you eh? We'll get even with canard spreading journos. Don't worry.
While you still lick boots of those who trend #HowzTheJaish
You have to admit that his actions are no laughing matter.
Angry crowd please go to border or remain indoor. Dont make law abiding citizens' life miserable just because they have a opinion and don't align with your moral campuss. pic.twitter.com/p9CGlKr5dN
Definitely cant call you a comedian because you indeed were smart enough to get a farm house gifted from inc (i)
Yes and both comedians feels terrorists dont have nations and those involved in terror attack in Phulwama had not nationality too and no support from any nation. Seriously why are we following these comedians.馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ
India will teach pakis a lesson for sure for much to the disappointment of darbari media. But Indians should also teach lesson to pak premis who despite being in India, making a living in India, their heart beats for pak. There are too many Jai chands in our country.
So you support Navjot Siddhu who in all praise for Pakistan. Do you think Pulwama was a terror attack or operation of Pak army to destabilise india ? @ndtv shall expell you too
Two biggest comedians of last 5 years Modi Shah are busy in election meetings using #PulwamaAttack as comedy circus
So wrote the biggest coupedian
Yes whoever hugs Pakistan army, Pakistan we will boycott them.
Shekhar,congratulations to this new India,I wish them all the best.But the good OL"India was any day better.What say?
who r u to comment upon countrymen? u simply a #Dalla nothing else ! u earn some money n property by doing #Dalali and bcm an #Intellectual ! but still people of our country know u as a #Dalal
Coupta Saheb, Kapil Sharma has been boycotted even by his childhood friends, why advocate his cause? Market will fix him. Navjot Singh Sidhu has already been kayoed by Sony TV viewers.
Both the comedians have disappointed me to the core..had so much respect for them..let them get the lesson of their life
We always ask, cajol and force to compromise who has the habit of compromising. But one who has the habit and tradition of unleashing force and terror has compassion all along @shahid_siddiqui @tufailelif @sagarikaghose CC @shenoybv @mskisc @RatanSharda55 @ShefVaidya @manakgupta
This is THE time to boycott all those fringes and known Pak Sympathisers Mr. Gupta. Here, intolerance is needed. In our liberal and secular country, this is one thing that warrants zero tolerance. And that is anti-nationalism in any form.
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