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An appeal from a retired colonel of the Indian Army: Don’t visit Kashmir,don’t go to Amarnath for the next 2 years. Don’t buy articles from Kashmir emporia or Kashmiri tradesman who come every winter. Boycott everything Kashmiri.
I am inclined to agree

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These are the bigots driving Kashmir over the abyss. While you are at it Tathagata why don’t you stop using our rivers to generate your electricity as well?
Which Constitution did you take your oath of office to protect, Governor sir? The copy of Indian Constitution I have read says Kashmir is a part of India and all Kashmiri’s are our fellow citizens. Unless you’ve amended it lately...
So the Governor doesn’t think Kashmir is a part of India
संविधान तथा जनमानस द्वारा घोषित व मान्य, भारत के अभिन्न अंग “कश्मीर” के विषय में उसी संविधान की क़सम खाकर राज्यपाल बने एक महामहिम का “कश्मीर” के बारे में विचार ! यानि जहालत भी पद नहीं देखती 👎
This man is the Governor of Meghalaya!

* He violates the Constitutional ideal of "fraternity".
* He is guilty of spreading enmity between communities.
* He lowers the dignity of a constitutional office.

He should be dismissed forthwith. RT if you agree.
This is shocking beyond words. A Governor of an Indian state promoting such bigotry against the citizens of another state of India. Cannot the Prime Minister or the President put a stop to this?
This man is the governor of Meghalaya and a BJP leader. This is the deep hatred the right wing eco system nurtures for the people of Kashmir
Governor of Meghalaya appears to have violated the oath he took under Section 159 of the Indian Constitution: "Will to the best of my ability preserve, protect and defend the Constitution and the law". For @rashtrapatibhvn to take note.
Is this account impersonating the Meghalaya governor? If it is, the police should ask Twitter to immediately take it down. And if it is a genuine account, this gentleman should be booked under Section 153 of the IPC and removed as governor forthwith. What a disgrace he is.
Kashmir is MY land and Shiva is MY God... nobody dare tell me where to go or not.
If you are scared @tathagata2, then go back to Kolkata & have some fish, we are ready to face challenges💪
In reply to @tathagata2
... but sir our enemy is Pakistan not Kashmir
In 70 years we have not seen such statements from a constitutional position holder.
This the achievement of last few years. Trolls and abusers are followed by Prime Minister and his cabinet colleagues and we have governors who incite people against their own countrymen. Congratulations India. You have earned it.
Mr Roy you are a disgrace to the Constitution you took your oath on. Since @PMOIndia will remain mute why not resign & be this vile bigot
People like Tathagata want Kashmir but without Kashmiris. They’d sooner see us driven in to the sea. He’ll be best placed to know he can’t have one without the other so what’s it to be?
This is the equivalent of a TERROR ATTACK on the Indian #Constitution, on the Unity of India, and on the Idea of India...

That too by the Governor of an Indian State!

Is President Ram Nath Kovind, Custodian of the Constitution, so helpless that @rashtrapatibhvn can't sack him?
And I am inclined to be ashamed of having a person with views like yours in the office of Governor.
In reply to @tathagata2
Bycott Electricity from kashmir too, to most of the Northern states. It would be highly appreciated. People like you don't give a chance to peace. 😐😐
In reply to @tathagata2
Of course you would agree. That's why you are a Governor
A former BJP politician and the current sitting governor of the state of Meghalaya is apparently tweeting that Indians should effectively boycott the state of Kashmir and Kashmiri businesses elsewhere in India.
Say again my countrymen. KASHMIR IS AN INSEPARABLE PART OF INDIA. भारत का अभिन्न अंग है। And I will always stand with every Kashmiri and never disown them. Bharat Mata kee Jai. TATHAGAT ROY... BYE BYE
In reply to @tathagata2
Yes .. and cricketers should not hit centuries with anti national bats made using Kashmir willow .
ऐसे महामहिम पद पर रहने लायक ही नहीं हैं ..
The fangs are out !! Hate being spread at supersonic speed. #BoycottBJP #BJPFailedNationalSecurity
Hey @tathagata2 I'm not for boycott of either Kashmiri businesses or Pakistani ones. But since you are, pl tell me when you're going to ask @PMOIndia to sack Ajit Doval as NSA since his son has a Pakistani business partner? +, pl quit Constitutional office, go back to the Shakha
This Governor should be sacked for spreading hatred.
In reply to @tathagata2
While we have people like you in office, I am afraid the idea of India is threatened.
Jammu & Kashmir is an integral part of India and will remain so always, Sir. Let's not get into such trash ideas. Pakistan Sponsored the terror attack in Kashmir. Boycott Pakistan if you have to, not your own state and people.
Part of the general degradation of all our institutions. If this Governor is not removed from office, it will tell us all we need to know about the government’s respect for Consititional positions—if not for the Constitution itself.
Hello Bajwa, Tweet from your account.
कश्मीर को तरक़्क़ी दे नहीं पाए, 5 साल में उसे बद से बदतर बना दिया।जो कुछ मिला है उनको जो दो वक़्त की रोटी ईमानदारी और ख़ुद्दारी से कमाना चाहते हैं उनके पेट पर लात मारने जैसी हरकत ही आप लोग कर सकते हैं। कश्मीर की समस्या पुरानी है पर इस क़दर ज़हर इसी सरकार में क्यों दिख रहा है?
Pakistani political establishment rubbing its hands with glee. To think this highly problematic advice coming from a sitting governor of a state and former BJP politician who goes around calling everyone he disagrees with as anti-national. Shame.
Don’t appoint people with this mentality to Constitutional Post like the Governor
जब ऐसे ऐसे नवरत्न हों तो किसी दुश्मन की ज़रूरत ही नहीं!
मेघालय के राज्यपाल के देशविरोधी बयान के लिए उनसे जवाब तलब किया जाना चाहिए @rashtrapatibhvn @narendramodi @rajnathsingh
What a shame. To what has it finally come down to. Certainly not expected from someone who graces an institution. The least I can say is that such statements bring disgrace to that institution.
Is this really the Governor of Meghalaya tweeting? Didn't he take an oath to "preserve, protect and defend the Constitution"?
Dear @rashtrapatibhvn & @PMOIndia: Calling for a boycott of fellow citizens by a constitutional authority is unacceptable. This incitement is intolerable. You must sack Governor Tathagatha Roy. Immediately!
Remove any restriction on Amarnath Yatra and allow warriors of Dharma to descend on this sacred land of our ancestors.

Allow the saffron tides and flames to engulf Kashmir and purify it of all the vile beliefs.
A sitting governor cutting Kashmir from India himself. Wow 👏
कश्मीरी का बायकॉट तक ठीक है राज्यपाल महोदय,पर कश्मीर का बायकॉट नहीं कर सकते क्योंकि कश्मीर की धरती हमारी भारत की भूमि है।अपना ही मातृदेश का हिस्सा है कश्मीर।
इसलिए अमरनाथ यात्रा जारी रहनी चाहिए!!
I appeal to CBSE to entirely withdraw 'Political Science' from schools. What is the point of teaching kids about Constitution, representation, federalism, equality, citizenship rights & social justice when in reality a Governor preaches exactly the opposite and gets away with it.
A shocking comment from a Governor who is sworn to uphold the Constitution of India. For any patriotic Indian, Kashmir is an integral part of the country, and hence Kashmiris cannot be treated any differently from other fellow citizens.
In good old days when constitutional values mattered and democracy was not in the grip of a mindless and violent mob..this gentleman would have been sacked by now.Honourable @rashtrapatibhvn please rise to the occasion and ask him to quit immediately.Jai Hind
In reply to @tathagata2
Sir how about abrogate370, dustbin 2nd flG,smoke out holed coward Jihadis throw them in Arab sea,and clean up Kashmir so we visit every month do pilgrimages buy thingsfrom patriotic Kashmiris,celebrate Hollywood Marriages on Dal Shikaras?Create this Kashmir. Kashmir my identity.
In reply to @tathagata2
In reply to @tathagata2
Your Excellency, When in doubt read this, also remember, you are sworn to this. Now please, shut up. Thanks. pic.twitter.com/IOGGb9deED
Shame that this man is the governor of Meghalaya
Kashmir is not our enemy Pakistan is.
Kashmiris r not our enemies terrorists r.
Stop echoing what terrorists n Pakistan wants. U bring the innocent Kashmiris business (whatever they hardly have) to standstill, u start doing what our enemies want.
This man is MAHAMAHIM , Governor of Meghalaya.
In reply to @tathagata2
Unless a non Kashmiri gets equal rights in Kashmir, Kashmiris should not get equal right out of Kashmir. Reciprocity is the law of nature.
One can only feel sorry for the ruling Indian Janta.
In reply to @tathagata2
Tell Modi not to eat Pakistani biryani and cake
In reply to @tathagata2
You are sitting in india, but dividing the country for Pakistan. Great!
This is their so called "Atoot Ang".
Btw, why don't Indian army do humanity a favor and atleast follow their own first appeal., 👇#Kashmir
You can start with removing 700000 men in Khaki. Would ensure you happier faces than you have ever seen.

In reply to @tathagata2
Much like an #Indian #parent ... who refuses to see his #Role & #Responsibility & #Failure. Instead... Punish the #Mother & #Children. If Indians in Kashmir are a #Shame ... We should be #ashamed of our Collective Approach towards them.
You are a bigot! It's a shame u occupy the chair that you do !! You are a man of hate & an enemy of our great country, who as governor is doing exactly what Pakistan /ISI wants should happen . You are a disgrace &have disgraced the chair/ office of governor .
पाकिस्तान तो कश्मीर भारत से कभी अलग करवा पाएगा नहीं, पर संवैधानिक पद पर बैठे ऐसे सरफिरे ज़रूर अलग करवा देंगे!
You are a disgrace to the position you hold. Holding a constitutional position you dare to talk against the values enshrined in it. Resign and join the Shakha you came from. This is the kind of mindset we have occupying Raj Bhawan’s across the country.
Governor Saab thinks India should boycott Kashmir. Has he already separated Kashmir from India then? Or is this his way of offering his candidatute for a possible transfer to Srinagar from Agartala?
A Governor says this and people still wonder why can't Kashmiris be integrated/assimilated with the Indian culture/ethos! Go figure.

When Maoist killed 76 CRPF personnel in Dantewada no one asked for a boycott of people of Chattisgarh. Why..??
Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeees, boycott Kashmiri Muslims
BJP IT Cell guy Dhruv Saxena caught providing intelligence to Pakistan’s ISI, should we ban BJP IT Cell?
Absolutely horrifying. Statements like these are a godsend for the very elements behind violence and terror attacks. #Kashmir not only requires but deserves all the affection, warmth and cooperation from across the country - for what it has endured and continues to endure.
This bigoted call for a boycott of Kashmiri trade & tourism is coming from a Governor of an Indian State, picked by Indian PM Narendra Modi. It's not only in violation of India's Constitution but also international laws. @anniegowen @sardesairajdeep @svaradarajan @tajmahalfoxtrot
In reply to @tathagata2
So u r saying that 👉 Indians should display Signboards with Chaddidharis r not allowed 👉 Al Shakhas of chaddidharis r destroyed in India 👉 Sanghis should b boycotted frm all Schools, colleges, offices & institutions 👉 Indians should stop visiting Nagpur til it is sanitized
You’re a disgrace to the fair name of the Indian Army, the finest Institution of this nation, and thank god you’re not in uniform anymore ..... Tragically you hold an office and that is Indias misfortune 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾...
In reply to @tathagata2
Kashmir is a part of india, im not up for boycotting an INDIAN STATE.
In reply to @rupasubramanya
Must say I've never seen this kind of divisiveness created by a major political party as I have seen under the BJP especially after Pulwama. Mark my words, the Pakistani political establishment paying careful attention & will exploit divisions and weakness
This man is a sitting governor of a state.
Dismayed to read this coming from a serving Governor. Really sad situation
आदरणय @narendramodi जी भारत के एक राज्य के राज्यपाल कश्मीर व कश्मीरियों के बहिष्कार का आह्वान कर रहे हैं क्या ये संविधान के अनुरूप है क्या आतंकियों की सज़ा समस्त कश्मीरी समजा को देना देश भक्ति है
क्या इंसानियत,जम्‍हूरियत और कश्‍मीरियत का अब कोई अर्थ नहीं
कृपया मार्गदर्शन कीजिए🙏🏻
⛏the enemy is Pakistan I thought . Doing this makes ISI so happy
In reply to @tathagata2
Governor Saheb🙏For Your Kind Information, Kashmir Belongs To India !! Inclined To Agree? Are You🤔
In reply to @tathagata2
On the other hand, open JAK to everyone and let other Indians settle there. Then see the magic.
An appeal to the President of India @rashtrapatibhvn
Dear Rashtrapati Ji
Is he an example of a good citizen? With such standards, can he be trusted to serve the Constitution as a Governor?
Kindly sack him.
Yours truly
This man is a Governor of a State. Let that sink in.
In reply to @tathagata2
Sir, fish khaao fish!! 😒
Is this tweet of a Governor of a state is not Anti Constitutional?
How can he propagate this? Is it not against d National Integration?
@rashtrapatibhvn must take notice of this nd hope you will take a corrective measure to ask your subordinate to desist himself from politics.
@Red_Pastures's account is temporarily unavailable because it violates the Twitter Media Policy. Learn more.
In reply to @tathagata2
Old man .....so you are admitting that your govt has miserably FAILED in your Kashmir Policy???
I wasn't able to convince myself that there's something devious / sinister about #PulwamaTerrorAttack & it's not coming out in public domain.

This tweet confirms the suspicion.

I'll await evidence.
For now :- #PulwamaTerrorAttack is more than what meets the eye.
In reply to @tathagata2
GOI must I) issue an ordinance splitting J&K into 3 states; Jammu, Ladakh & Kashmir, II) revoke Art 35A & 370 (this is the BEST time to do this -All of India will support), III) Totally Boycott all inter-action with Pakistan.
Please start with boycotting electricity produced on Kashmir's waters. 3/4th of North India will go into darkness.
Economic sanctions on a state of India? Idea endorsed by a person holding constitutional office. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
4K Likes for this Retarded Colonel now Governor of Meghalaya.
Blind Bhath's Words that should not have been penned as Governor.
The President of India should ask him to withdraw this tweet immediately.
@chilledharry211 @rashtrapatibhvn @RahulGandhi @sardesairajdeep
This person is a governor of a state appointed by the government. And, he cannot distinguish between Kashmir, an Indian state and Pakistan, a neighbouring country.
Young boys and girls from Kashmir have been booked and served notices for writing ‘anti national’ Facebook posts. And here Mr. Governor is openly endorsing animosity & Totally unconstitutional ideas.
If it is true, it is really shocking. Governor of a State, holding a constitutional position forwarding such a message makes it even worse.
In reply to @tathagata2
Thanks for the inspiration sirjji! Why don't you also provide a list of proscribed items? I've decided to go to the Kashmiri Emporiuim on my next shopping trip. But I am a Southie unfamiliar with Kashmiri wares except shawls. A list will be very useful.
In reply to @tathagata2
Thanks for the inspiration sirjji! Why don't you also provide a list of proscribed items? I've decided to go to the Kashmiri Emporiuim on my next shopping trip. But I am a Southie unfamiliar with Kashmiri wares except shawls. A list will be very useful.
Says a Governor who swore to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution and the law.
Despicable & unthinkable levels of bigotry being propagated in a shameless manner by @tathagata2 'ji while holding the position of Governor. urge @HMOIndia , @PMOIndia to please take due cognizance & necessary steps to reduce this kind of hatred & divisiveness to maintain peace.
In reply to @tathagata2
why don't we just give them the freedom and do away with all these hassles
Slow clap, Mr. Governor is doing a great service to the country. Should be shortlisted for some award already.
Quite shameful and appalling to see this tweet coming from a Governor.. Sir please.. do not spread a message of hate..Kashmir is part of India and Kashmiris are our brothers n sisters of this motherland..or do you intend to give it away??
In reply to @tathagata2
गुजरात मे सौराष्ट्र के २०० ट्रैवल एजेंटों ने ५ साल के लिए "कश्मीर" टूर पेकेज को बंध कर दिया है एक सलामी आप को भी बनती है pic.twitter.com/QLJ64GxENh
In reply to @tathagata2
Kashmir was, is and will always be an integral part of #India. Why ban Amarnath or articles from Kashmir. A*h*s like you are more dangerous to India
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