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For any comedian that is angry about “PC culture,” Desus and Mero are setting an example for y’all.

This is so simple, idk what’s so hard to understand

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Basically, @desusnice & @THEKIDMERO are grown men, and all the dudes fussing that “you can’t tell jokes anymore” are unfunny babies who can’t stand the idea if having to actually stay current & update their stale shit.
I love how Desus & Mero explain that as they've met more ppl, they've seen how certain things they hit different ppl in different ways. Instead of complaining "we're not allowed to say that anymore."
Retweeting because I been saying this for years. You can still say whatever you want as long as it’s FUNNY. Edgy just for the sake of edgy is the death of modern comedy.
Comics who complain about "PC Culture" are just mad they can't be lazy and disrespectful anymore.
Getting a ton of replies that D&M “aren’t Carlin or Chapelle or Pryor” I think anybody saying that needs to re-examine what made those people great, because it isn’t just because “they were offensive and got away with it”
The premiere of their new show is up on YouTube for free!! Support the Bodega Boys!!! My favs youtu.be/TgYJgM9pFaA
How can you not like these guys? Honestly?
Wow i’m in love with them.
Who is Desus’ girl? I wanna fight her for his heart.
As if you needed even more reasons to support @SHODesusAndMero
Lmao I know the exact comic they talking about because he whines about it every week
The funny thing about some of these replies, calling them pussies or whatever... They say PLENTY of offensive things on their podcast. Desus was explaining why they're able to continue cooking. The folks salty at them for not speaking against being PC would actually like them.
The perfect response to comedians pushing the "PC culture" narrative.
The hill I'm willing to die on as someone who uses humor A LOT is that you're just not that funny if you can't make a joke without being an offensive asshole. Like, if being PC stops you from being funny the problem is you. Go work on your craft a bit more.
mood when i went back n forth with light skin one about his bleaching joke about AB & he tried to tell me i was homophobic for asking if he was smoking dick
their ability to talk at the same time and not talk over each other is borderline scientific
These dudes are a national treasure
Honestly thought this was about PC gamer culture before watching the video. 😂
"You can say what you want, you just gotta be funny about it, smart about and approach it the right way." God I love them.
i appreciate their sentiment but idk how true it is. they say they won't tell jokes they used to tell 4 years ago, but people dragged chris rock over a convo that was 7 years old
@desusnice and @thekidmero are hilarious and far more intelligent than we are giving them credit for...
yes! I had never heard of these dudes but I loved them so much in this whole episode. They impressed the heck out of me and they're definitely on my radar now. Love me some good, genuine people.
Like i understand where they're coming from but as time goes on people are getting way more sensitive to the point where their jokes are gonna have to get far more creative because if they think this is the height of this then oh boy
Process, learn, grow repeat. D&M for the win.
They learned to be smarter and kinder with their comedy AND they punch up, not down.
I just gotta thank @THEKIDMERO for putting the term #SMDFTB in our lives pic.twitter.com/FLnkFlSoxm
I’d agree but the Kevin Hart situation showed people don’t care about when you said something and if you changed. People want the trophy of taking a big name down and if they get big enough people will dig and find it unfortunately.
Um...nah. You can't say whatever you want. I don't care how funny you think it is.
For folks I know that get angry at leftists or "the PC police" keeping you from expressing yourself as an artist, I feel that this is the most appropriate summary of why its important to self examine how your express your art.
This is true. I use to say all kinds of offensive things - but now that I’ve been educated on how it does offend others, it’s made me more conscious of what I say. I’m still a dick sometimes but not in an offensive way.
long live the bodega boys
I had a similar conversation with someone else, that you can be raunchy and "edgy" in comedy without being a massive dink about it. You just gotta be smart and conscious about it
They’re so much smarter here and in other interviews. It doesn’t translate to their show and it should.
And that’s why they’ll never be as famous or considered great comedians like Chappelle.
Disagree. People are too easily offended. And more broadly, its okay to be offended by something but the idea of dictating if someone can say something that might offend you is the dumb part. All these guys do is indulge those people, nothing really insightful.
Protect Desus and Mero at all costs.
wow it is amazing how being socially conscious and self aware doesn't tank comedy careers.
You have to evolve with the times. If you’re funny you’re funny but if your jokes are based off offending people of course you’re going to bitch about the PC culture.
It's simple, when it was the evangelical conservatives trying to shut down certain comedy... you resist. When it's leftist puritanical clowns, you resist. Everyone is offended by something, walking on eggshells solves nothing and only emboldens those trying to restrict you.
I love these two so damn much
“problematic police”. niggas really just wanna be trash in peace like it’s not easier to just...not be a piece of shit.
Well said. Can’t wait to run that comedy class next semester.
Holy crap this is a great response
Man if you’re a comedian get your jokes off. People been sensitive over jokes in every generation. From richard to bernie mac to dave chappelle. You’ll never please everyone with your jokes 😂 be yourself cause i promise you the og comedians dont care bout being pc
This is they invented the problematic light. That's why the Brand remains brollic
Wow, imagine it being this simple! Part of why people love them so much is because they use their whole ass brains and ranges of human experience. Imagine any of your wildly every-phobic faves ever articulating this.
My guys are so good at what they do.
Nah no censorship, I don't care if it's offensive get over it. The whole "left" and "PC culture" thing was just a trojan horse to get people to self-censor. Trotsky tier trickery. Getting people to walk on eggshells demoralizes them, and makes them more compliant in the end.
“There’s certain jokes that we used to do that we don’t do anymore because as we experience the world and come across different people, we realize that the humor hits differently”

So much better than ‘people are just so sensitive these days’


Desus and Mero are......perfect?
Make the jokes funny and nobody is arsed about how problematic they are. The problem is when the punchline to a terrible joke is ‘faggot’
They are really the embodiment of the american dream
Huge salute to the for putting this out there. And I’m not even a fan of their show.
These oaks are really not funny. I’ve never understood the appeal.
i love these dudes so much
If you can’t do “PC” then u aren’t relevant.
Not sure I buy this growth so much as the stage and checks have grown larger and with them, the stakes.
Man, you think it's "jokes" but these dudes are smart. And Mero got me laughing the hardest out of this discussion
Think it shows that their audience is the “non pc / sensitive “ mob as well. If you listen to their podcast they could offend a good number of ppl on here. Everyone has a market though and majority of the greats can find the humor in tough / dark situations
Incredibly easy to understand
The dudes @desusnice and @THEKIDMERO get it and it makes being a fan very easy.
Niggas sound like Key n Peele 2.0
the way he said “triggered libtard” LMAOOOOO
Every comedian has the right to do whatever type of comedy they want. If people are allowed to be offended and “angry” at a joke, comedians are damn well allowed to be angry at PC culture. Get over it. Trying to tell people how to do their job, what to say and not say — ha! GTFO pic.twitter.com/b3O6PiJjYG
They ain’t funny nobody cares 😂
This makes no sense. The problem is not the person making the joke. It it the person who feels offended by a FUCKING JOKE!
on the release day for the trailer of ricky gervais's new appalling-looking series, this was a great thing to see
This is great. Most ppl don’t live to be offended. But times are changing and y’all are so unoriginal. Make the gay joke, make the black joke, etc... but do it in a way that’s funny AND smart. Most of y’all just be putting your ignorance on display and calling it comedy.
For all of my “comedian” friends out there
They are a national fucking treasure
People who are angry about PC culture are angry because they want to offend people
This is what I been saying, man.

It isn't hard, old white dudes are just lazy. PC ain't the problem, you just gotta write better jokes, and pick targets that deserve it if that's the way you're gonna shoot.

This is so important for all you dumb ass trolls
yo ass needs to hear this
It’s crazy how the same people crying about PC culture and being held accountable for what they say are the same people that trip when a player leaves their favorite team or burn their Nikes cuz of Kaepernick. i.e. “If it doesn’t affect me, y’all are pussy if it affects you.” Smh
I’ll have to find out which funny comedians share this sentiment
This is an important convo, but as a hot sauce junkie, I really want the rundown of what's on that table.
The message is so simple: DON'T BE FUCKING LAZY WHEN YOU'RE TRYING TO BE FUNNY. If you're going to be offensive, at least be funny. Don't fall back on "it's a joke" to get away with being lazy or cruel to people. "It's just a prank!" does not and never worked.
Don’t care how you spin it, CENSORSHIP is not cool.
Thing is, if your whole joke hinges on you saying nigger or faggot, maybe your joke isn’t actually funny. These dudes have it right.
They represent nobody but themselves. They're not an example for anyone either. If ya wanna be pc, be pc. If you're successful doing it, good on you. But the thing about comedy is "either all of it is okay, or none of it is."
Just as there were Jazz clubs that had to go underground because of the climate of the country,soon there will be underground comedy scenes.
The answer is to give into pc culture?
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