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We're all missing Steve Irwin on what would've been his 57th birthday. Did you ever see the time he was bitten in the neck by a Python on live TV?
For him, it was as insignificant as stubbing a toe.

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hasn’t been a realer nigga since
"he won't bite me" *gets bit* "..."
They way HE apologises at the end. Definitely miss that man.
Only man who took a bite like that was my nephew @gavinthomas
He said "Sorry about that" Like no big deal. He was so amazing.
my mans wasn’t scared of nothing. the fearlessness. I can’t relate.
Aussie Legend - wildlife conservationist.
He really apologized to the woman because a python bit HIS neck, we did not deserve this man
"He won't bite". And the python thought to himself, "Challenge accepted."
I'm DEFINITELY not this calm when I stub my toe..what a legend
This was really the hardest nigga in the world.
Idk, I make a WAY bigger deal about stubbing my toe.
"Might have to cut here he's biting my neck" *silence* "I'm serious"
I love the host’s body language as she cautiously inches away in the opposite direction.
Nah bro this is it. Been looking for this my whole life. This has to be it. Yup. This is definitely it. THIS IS THE MOST GANGSTA SHIT IVE EVER SEEN!!!!
Oh you don't know the story behind this famous clip? Story is when they went to break, Irwin collapsed onset and was rushed to medical treatment. They legitimately feared for his life. In the interview when he told this story, he was literally chuckling lol
He said “sorry about that”... fucking legend
He apologized for a python biting him.. a real legend.
Absolute legend. Man actually got bitten by a snake on live television and didn’t even flinch ffs
My guy apologized as if was his fault lol
Brother nature could never
Did he have English ancestors? HE apologised when HE was bitten by a snake! A Dutch friend pointed out this trait when I apologised after she stood on my foot
that was so....hot..??
this flex is unmatched.
I love how the puppet took a step back
Bruh didn’t even flinch, he’s the only one that can beat Thanos
He apologized for the snake biting his neck hahah
Get bits on the neck by a python

Steve Irwin : sorry about that
Fuckin legend. The guy went around Australia saw animals and said let’s go fuck with it for the entertainment young kids around the world you are still missed today. 😭
“A chill day at the office”
That’s a badass dude
We didn't deserve him. The world needed him though. Now more than ever.
Stubbing a toe?! I yell and cuss out my couch when I stub my toe, meanwhile Steve’s over here just like “oh zoom in on this he’s giving me a kiss.” 😂
he apologized for the snake biting him what an icon
He literally apologized for the snake biting him...this man was really somethin else
He had a land snail named after him called 'Crikey Steveirwini' phys.org/news/2009-11-c…
Yeah, the word legend is used way too often these days. This is a proper legend.
Man said “Sorry about that” 🐐🐐🐐
“sorry about that” 😭😭😭
That was so cool. This nigga a real G
“Ahm..we moight have to cut, he’s boiting moi neck” 😂 legend
i grew up admiring him he's one of the reasons i took such an avid interest in snakes and other things i love him for ever
Dawg no freaking way lol
the fucking pimp oh my god “sorry about that”
This is unbelievable to me
He didn’t have to flex that hard.
I’ve never seen anything more legendary in my life
Only Steve Irwin could get bitten by a snake on live TV, then turn to the girls next to him and apologize
A fucking g bc I would’ve died! Rip my boy
I have more of a reaction to the pain when I actually stub my toe.
he rlly said “sorry bout that”
the “...sorry about that” at the end 😭

he’s bitten in the neck by a python and he apologizes and then brushes it off like it’s nothing.

I miss this man.
Okay I miss Steve Irwin and this video is a great example of the kind of character he had but when I stub my toe I need immediate medical attention
Steve Irwin walked so @BrotherNature could run 🤧
THE PUPPETS REACTION snmdkdmskskkdmdmd
The world has gone to shit ever since Steve Irwin died
Steve Irwin was the most wholesome man ever! 💕🥺 Man got bit and told the camera to get a better shot unfazed icon
its fade on sight for the next stingray i see
A lot to unpack here...but after the snake bites his neck..the puppet says I’m outta here ✌️😂
he literally apologized bc the snake bite him, what an angel
My man had a python biting into his neck an inch away from his jugular and he dint freak out for a second
He ate that. RIP a legend
he apologized for the snake biting him 😭
must have been "a baby" - ? / Lol
Steve Erwin is a Pisces this all makes sense
The fact that he even apologized, what a man.
The puppet looking concerned killed me 😭
“Can you get a close in on this?” Legend.
why are they playing Do Me in the background? 🤣
i fucking lost it when the puppet started backing up
RIP to my guy Steve.
He was wild as shit tho
This legend over brother nature any fucking day.
He really apologized for being bitten in the neck
The look on her face matched mine.
Used to watch Crocodile Hunter every day. My Grandma even cut out his obituary, laminated it and sent it to me 😢
This was always my favorite clip

The way he's just totally cool and collected when the python bit him right after he said it wouldn't

The girl just steps back despite already being a few feet away

How he just gets the python to disengage so easily

Dude was a living legend
The puppet backing up got me in tears
full legend just goes "sorry bout that"
I make so much of a bigger deal when I stub my toe
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