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A write-up is currently circulating in the north on WhatsApp in Hausa that @PeterObi played a role in executing Sardauna in 1966 coup,he was even the one advising the killers on the best way to kill him.

But when I checked @PeterObi was barely 5yrs during the unfortunate coup.

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If Peter Obi was already an expert killer at 5, imagine what he will do to Nigeria鈥檚 economy now that he鈥檚 58 and an expert businessman.

Peter Obi has always been a very intelligent person. At 5, he was already advising Majors in the Nigerian Army.
They prey on their illiteracy too much
If @PeterObi can be gifted enough to drive at 5years old, no doubt in his 50s he is definitely the man Nigeria needs to get Nigeria working again
PDP is not doing enough to discredit APC, they can't continue to be on defense.
BMC abobakus will fabricate anything, and the ones who claim to have sense but really have no say will support them.

They will still fail.
Such can only trend in the North. They are 50years away from 2019.
It's for reasons like this that they want History suppressed and erased completely from our curriculum. Because it beats me how Peter Obi who was 4 years old in 1966 would have advised those who planned the coup. But some people will believe this and spread it.
Ignore. The Sardauna was killed by military officers though. The principal participants in the North were Majors Chukwuma Nzeogwu, Tim Onwuatuegwu (both deceased) and the youngest, Capt Ben Gbulie who is 80 years old (born 1939j. Is that Peter Obi's age grade?
Please also crosscheck whether Buhari is Jubrin from Sudan or not... Since you like to crosscheck fakenews on WhatsApp.
If true. That鈥檚 the unintended consequences of conspiracy theories! One side pushes out a conspiracy theory, the other side is forced to counter with its own conspiracy theory! At the end. Truth is lost! Causation Relationship. Cause & Effect!
I honestly don't know whether to laugh or be angry. Nigeria beats my imagination every single time. Peter Obi of all people! From deporting northern beggars to execution of Sarduana. How low can't they go? Education is a vital tool to curb this menace in the North.
The collective Curiosity Quotient of Nigerians will be somewhere between low and very low.

@afalli @ChifeDr @asemota @TunjiLardner
He's a legend. Planned a coup when he was 5. Wow
I can talk much on this .. If an average prefer sufferness they should said on with buhari .. Atiku is a northern and i see no reason they'll buhari and APC propaganda talk. Never
The desperation of APC is disgusting. How can @PeterObi be responsible for the death of Sarduana? How old was he during that coup? He isn't even a soldier. That's why education is very important.
Kabiru Garba can you please show us this message that is circulating? No one using WhatsApp will be forwarded that message ya yarda. You people should do better at discrediting your own people. Kar ka mayar da mu sakarkaru mana
Northern political leaders are extremely wicked to their people. Their deliberate implementation and promotion of illiteracy in order to effectively brainwash their poor humble followers is inhuman.
When will the Northern leaders make up their mind to play progressive politics? When??????
The desperation of APC will only further divide our country. How can you pin a regrettable event of the past on a man who was barely 5 years old at the time?

Well, a friend to Buhari for years, Buba Galadima, confirmed that Buhari do not settle fights.
This was why the northerners hated Gej for building schools at the north cos dey know the people will be enlightened. They prefer them gullible
And the worst part is that they will believe 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀
Yes. Peter Obi did it. And he was around 5 years then. Now, doesn鈥檛 it speak volumes of him that even at that age, he could earn the loyalty of military officers? Unfortunately, millions of people with this level of reasoning play a major role in deciding who becomes President
Whoever that is sharing it is not only MAD but FOOLISH
Mutanen mu fah an tsayar musu da hankalin su da tunanikan su da ilimin su... Ko wane sakarci aka rubuta aka tura musu shikenan sun yarda.
You know the funniest thing about this, these are the same Northerners that will say "the war happened long ago and Igbo people should stop crying victims."
That tells you how mischievous APC could be. They think damaging the reputation of Obi will make them win this election. I urge Atiku's supporters in the north to do more in correcting such wrong beliefs
That's why they make them illiterates. So they can feed them with nonsense
Lol, so fake news and propaganda are bad? 馃槀
If this is true, I can bet my life that a northerner did not come up with the idea.
This type of devilish agendas are the stock in trade of the Tolu ogunlesi(s) of Nigeria.
This is a consequence of making fake news a strategic pillar of the PDP campaign. If a Phd holder believes that Buhari is a clone from Sudan. Anyone could be made to believe anything.
No one has the exclusive preserve to gutter politics.
You are being paid in your own coin. All you have been doing since the start of this campaign is one day, one lie. Pathetic evil party. Omo ale
are not doing enough in propaganda front in Hausa in the north. They are being dangerously crippled in this aspect. Tomorrow will show. @APCNigeria has been up in dangerous character assassination against them. They're in Abuja playing music and dancing.
I'm not disturb by election propaganda but my problem is the way our country is just wallowing in this kind of ethnicity divide so much that they even have a certain propaganda for certain ethnic group.This government is so incomtence in everything including propaganda sef馃榿
Anyone who falls for this should actually have no business voting
It's so sad that some lower thinking guys who now share herbivorous brains with the cows in Daura will wholeheartedly subscribe to this fallacy. Even the formulators of this Peter Obi story are stack illiterates Broad day robbers Desperados Bunch of cows Educated imbeciles
When it comes to propaganda the rest of Nigeria is just learning. No one can beat the north. The mosques & Islamic schools are huge assets in this regard (Twitter people don't come at me, I'm not insulting Islam 馃檮)
Nigerians can't do anything properly. Even simple lieing
Most northerners have come across here in Lagos and had a little conversation about who their preferred presidential choice is keeps choosing Buhari馃挃馃挃馃挃 I feel so sad & disappointed ..... Shey suffer no de tire dem??馃槱
Thats the major problem of this country. Are we even one? Can this country be good again. Today one Hausa man told me he will vote Buhari because Atiku married a Yoruba and therefore he can't be trusted.. Are we going to continue this way?
No be Only PDP and IPOB sabi pass propaganda na. Na them started Jubril from Sudan. Na them say Buhari go islamized Nigeria. Na them doctored video of Buhari campaign in 2011 in Minna and quote him saying "kill", na them say Buhari go die before election. Na them Na them!
APC is an evil party
Majority of those guys in the north are illiterates, they will believe anything they sell to them..
He thinks he is the only one that can lie..
The sad part is that some of them will actually believe this baseless rumour. It's really sad that History as a subject is no longer taught in our schools.
How illiteracy can be weaponized and why democracy in Nigeria is a waste of time.
Peter Obi killed the Sardauna at the age of 5.

Well seeing as Northern Nigeria is the illiteracy capital of the world, I won't be surprised if there are people who actually believe this propaganda over there.
Go back and tell the northerners .. Make a counter tape. They are not here.
The rogue Izala preacher sprayed the hate speech, for money.
That鈥檚 why those who love the north must make sure Buhari leaves. The northern masses need a lot of education and enlightenment to enable them rubbish such foolish tales in future. The duo of Atiku / Obi has shown they love education and will give a good dose for everyone!
They will troop down south to beg for arm. I'm so sure that this coming famine will be great. I'm so sure of this!
It can only circulate in the north cos of the mass illiteracy there. The educated elites are holding the majority in bondage.
If a 5 year can coordinate a coup he is one of smartest Nigeria if not the smartest therefore it will be very good to have as vp
And in the Southeast Nnamdi Kanu prevented youths from collecting their PVCs.
As if you were there 馃槖
Don't underestimate a 5year old.
That's d power of education u have that they don't have all. And PMB did not in@all to improve dem. Instead he said he's fighting corruption wen his people r sabotaging educating thiers but marrying d gurls off@young age. #PMBout #NigeriaDecides2019
Noted, but all this are ablative lies. God is in control
馃槀馃槀馃槀 Arewa need to work on their level of ignorance for their own good
If that narrative will give PMB more votes let it fly after all PDP has been using false messages to lure people in the southwest
How petty can a desperate government be ?
This shit can only happen in the north smh it's so sad
Nigerians just vote ! Beware Rumours and fake story are spreading like wild fire.ignore them.And vote #Betternigeria pic.twitter.com/trS6aDmD4d
This is not the first time this is happening, the rate in which the north hate Igbo's is far more than the hate devil have for Christ, the other day I watched a video of an imam telling his people in the mosque not to vote for @atiku because of Peter obi
The north is a slave of it's own self

This is how illiteracy and poverty are used by evil people to perpetrate murder & achieve political goals.
Illiteracy in the is a factor any day .....
This is the handle work of the little finger in Kaduna, supporter by the Bourdilion flocks.
It is a well crafted plan to demonize Atiku.
It will backfire whether he wins or not.
As soon as Buhari is declared the winner, Investors will desert Nigeria.
The hunger will continue.
You can imagine the mental capacity of the people who鈥檇 believe this. They鈥檇 be a lot of folks believing this. Therein lies the problem!馃槱. Once the majority of the population become enlightened, then we can START our journey towards progress.
Pls burst their lies with truth. Apc desperate politics is aim at continuously dividing Nigeria and Nigerians.
That's how low they would stoop... Lifeless
Can you Imagine such stupidity caused by gross illiteracy fueled by greed from our nefarious political gladiators from the Northern enclave of our magnified conflagration of tribes & tongues.

God help us!
The uneducated talakawas will buy this Nonsense and propagate it faster than our Rts.
They would rather leave them without education so they push this kind of narrative. GEJ built schools amma sun CE ba sa so.!
Politics of hate will keep thriving in Nigeria until the country is well structured.
You Just invite biafrans apologists to insult our people and region nothing more!
Such news will sell due to good education in the north... What do I know sef?
Can we have a screenshot of the write up?
Some Nigerians are playing with fire. Spreading such falsehoods in Nigeria's polarised state.
Maybe this present 鈥淧eter Obi鈥 forgot to add babatund to his names馃ぃ馃ぃ
They will continue to expose their ignorance. But come to think of it how will they know when they scrapped history from school curriculum? Wonders will never end. #Lifelessbuharimusto #Lifelessbuharimustgo #Lifelessbuharimustgo #AtikuWillWin #AtikuWillWin #NigeriaDecides2019
Interesting!!! Nigeria and propagandas
I hope you circulated that in Hausa too
But as usual, the majority of the North can鈥檛 read so they will follow what they are told.
That's the danger of illiteracy bro!!
Why is this government so desperate?
They are not aware ni, you already know their surnames is unaware
Maybe he was very intelligent for his age. 馃槀
Ignorance and poverty are the two worst diseases on earth.
Do a rejoinder They were circulating one here in south, I just edited their message & sent back , their tune changed
Then you need to dispell the rumor by yourself since your in that group..
The Northerners; their leaders keep them ignorant and use their ignorance to control them.
Was Peter Obi also in Kaduna as at 1966?
If Hausa people are ready to believe that, I lack words.
Yes of course, he participated, according to history yes he was 5 years but he was so intelligent that they had to seek his advice...馃槕
That what not going to school can lead one to believe.
The very reason why they kept the north illiterate.
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