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Rwanda is the first country in the world to use Drone Technology in its Healthcare structure, to transfer blood and medicine to hospitals and health facilities nationwide.
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In Nigeria it will cost you $4,000 to register to fly a drone—in the US it costs $5. Nigerian businesses with ambitions of being drone operators are expected to have registered companies with minimum a share capital of 20m naira ($100,000).
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Ordinary Drone and they are making mouth. When my country has the best jollof rice in the world.. SMH!
213 416
We can even get proper signal in South Africa 😔
69 315
CheikhM 🇸🇳 🇸🇳 🇸🇳
Et Depuis 3 ans .. les drones envoient immédiatement les poches de sang vers tous les villages distants de Kigali de plus de 20 km..

Lii la kham mane si emergence.
96 274
Emmanuel 'Awuf-Data' George 🇳🇬🇳🇬
@AfricaFactsZone Mehhh 😒😒 We have the largest broom in the world... 😩😩
34 243
Guys!!! RWANDA ain’t playing no games!!!
54 210
Ça c’est l’émergence :)
65 185
Our jollof rice is top notch. Ain’t nobody touching that.
46 148
@AfricaFactsZone Rwanda is steadily growing as one of Africa's best technologically advanced nations. Hmmmm.
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Rwanda has an international airline which from experience is 100x better than SAA in everyway!
One of the cleanest countries in Africa !
Their president secured a Volkswagen plant which creates jobs &producers cheaper cars for locals!
What is Zambia doing IM TAYED !!!!
17 72
Mdr du coup pourquoi dans ma tête j’ai une image de Blaaz crier avant qu’ils atterrissent: " y aura du sang sur la piste"

I hate my brain.
24 59
Another one again. Na twitter fight we sabi 😂
15 59
This is what happens when your political leaders actually gives s fuck about it's people. Rwanda basically got buried in their 1994 Genocide. Look at them now. @MYANC has had the same amount of time but buka umehluko.
32 32
Them don even pass the level of using DRONES to shoot Music Videos 🙆🏿‍♂️🙆🏿‍♂️🙆🏿‍♂️
14 39
@AfricaFactsZone @OlaTheOG And Nigeria is supposed to be the giant of Africa? 😂

Na just population we pack full everywhere.
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@AfricaFactsZone @O_K_Daddie Meanwhile in Nigeria it's banned for national security
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Maam Jaara Bùso 🇸🇳🇸🇳🇸🇳
Pour ceux qui nous fatiguent avec la “dictature” de Kagame. Je préfère un pays dirigé par un “dictateur” et qui professe to a country “père de la médiocratie” mais qui se stagne.
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@AfricaFactsZone Way to go my Rwanda. Can't wait to see what the future holds for you
#BeautifulRwanda #VisitRwanda
5 31
John (proudlynaijaboi 🇳🇬)
@AfricaFactsZone Nigerians can we just be doing something great like this.. Big ups 🇷🇼
1 35
Impressive but have you seen our broom? 🙄🙄
11 23
So COOL! This means you won’t even have to have labs everywhere considerably reducing operational costs while maintaining TATs.
12 20
KEITA 🅰️🅱️🅾️ 🇸🇳 🇵🇸
Encore fois je veux un dictateur comme lui à la tête du Sénégal mon beau pays.
10 20
I hope it's not taking pictures of naked women cos Hannah Bissiw go really vex
15 14
This country is so far ahead
8 20
Nigeria is still here fighting jollof wars. Giant for mouth
10 17
@AfricaFactsZone When your health budget is not 3%!
0 26
Rwanda you're doing amazing sweetie ❤️❤️
10 12
@AfricaFactsZone Everything is just going well for Rwanda 🇷🇼. Wish I could say the same for one country like that 🤷🏽‍♂️🙄
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Ichie! DNonsHRM🔴🇳🇬🇱🇷
Meanwhile Nigeria's Health Minster advices Dr.'s to become Tailors and Mechanics!

God will Punish Bad Governance!

#NigeriaDecides2019 #BetterNigeria
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@AfricaFactsZone The president in my country doesn't even know what a drone is 😭😭😭😭
1 16
Nigeria will soon steal this, and use it to carry ballot box
4 11
SA is held hostage by a group of greedy and corrupt ANC pensioners.

We're definitely going nowhere slowy.
4 11
This whole month I’ve been seeing Rwanda on the news and I’m glad for once an African country is being recognized for all the great things it’s doing. 👏🏽 lead us!
3 12
Rwanda is making real life Wakanda moves.
2 13
See how Rwandan president is breaking barriers. In infrastructure,in ICT,in unifying it's people & on economic front but can same be said of 76yrs old General Buhari? All he screams from Jan to Dec since 2015 is Kawaruption. Never again must Nigerians be fooled the 2nd time.
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Okay... And so?
Do they have the biggest broom in the world?
6 8
Nigeria see your mate..
5 8
@AfricaFactsZone Let me tell you something...if it was to be in my country, People will stone it down
0 13
@AfricaFactsZone Oh nice 👌🏾Lately Rwanda keeps showing us the way 🇷🇼🎉
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2 10
It’s a pity we had a chance to pioneer this in Africa but we didn’t. We had this project lined up with @UNICEF and @BongoHive back in 2014. However we were still engineering students and couldn’t work on it full time.
It’s amazing to see it fully implemented.
2 10
🙌🏽All thanks to @zipline, whose co-founder @keenanwyrobek joins us at #designindaba Conference next week!
2 9
This is a great achievement and a giant step going forward, in the deployment of tech in medical services.

We have a long way to go in Nigeria as far as this sector is concerned.
2 8
Who now is the Giant of Africa?
2 8
@AfricaFactsZone @peekaymila Because the country is smaller than Lagos and Ogun. So it's possible. Maybe lagos state govt healthcare should consider this option.
1 9
Nigeria is still bragging about jollof rice
7 2
Rwanda o.... Rwanda that had the Hutsu and Tutsi clash... Rwanda!!!!!!
5 4
Why are we still the giant of Africa ffs
5 4
Nigeria, it is well with you.
4 5
And my country will be fighting about having the best Jollof in Africa
4 5
Rwanda is the real Wakanda 🙅🏾‍♀️!!
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3 6
Meanwhile, the same very sick Kenyan MP justified their hefty salaries by refusing to ratify drone regulations, so Kenyans will only read of these wonderful life saving technology on newspapers.
4 4
Olúṣẹ́gun 🇨🇦🇳🇬
Rwanda yen yen yen...Do they have the largest broom in the world?😏😏
4 4
Let’s chill out with the misconceptions of my continent yeah western media? Thanks.
1 7
@AfricaFactsZone My country Ghana wants to implement the same policy here and because of greed and jealousy a very respectable formal minister thinks it could be used to take naked pictures of women when they are bathing 🙄🙄
0 8
Kenya 🇰🇪 are you there? Are you awake? Are you still asleep as other African countries embrace technology? And leave you in the dust? Tell me it ain't so.
5 2
Meanwhile in Nigeria, One erected the biggest broom in the world and the other one is planning on selling our national asset (NNPC).
3 4
@AfricaFactsZone @AbdullahiTy @MBuhari come and see what your mate are doing..
2 5
@AfricaFactsZone I'm traveling to Rwanda very soon, I need to go and explore that beautiful country.
0 7
This is the smartest innovation I have seen ♥️🙌🏾👏🏽
0 7
@AfricaFactsZone Rwanda 🇷🇼 Keep Raising The Bar !!!!!
2 4
Rwanda is the real life wakanda
2 4
@AfricaFactsZone @LaurettaOgbu While in Nigeria, they are snatching ballot boxes 🗳
1 5
EmeLia 🖤 (Makeda; QueenofSheba)
@AfricaFactsZone 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍can other African countries, Southern African countries learn from this country please!!
1 5
Meanwhile, Kenya is not even droning salaries to their doctors & nurses and healthcare is in shambles
1 5
@AfricaFactsZone I ask someone to tell me how to get to rwanda from Naija. I wanna be part of this innovation
0 6
@AfricaFactsZone That’s great
But have u heard of this broom??
The largest broom in the world
0 6
@AfricaFactsZone @samoalfred Rwanda Rwanda Rwanda...always in the news for progress. I only hope they keep this up. Impressive.
0 6
@AfricaFactsZone @mams_2k Where is Nigeria?? Come and see what your juniours are doing.
0 6
@AfricaFactsZone @NtokozoV South Africa need this technology urgently, the amount of money wasted on transporting a single pint of blood is alot.
1 4
@AfricaFactsZone Nice one and congratulations 🎊 to Rwandans. Please keep it up.

Dear Nigerians, please vote @atiku to get Nigeria working again.
1 4
@AfricaFactsZone Kagame "the digital president" kudos to Rwanda
1 4
You realize rwanda is the size of Nairobi right? I can walk across the country in a day
1 4
1 4
Rwanda out growing many countries bit by bit
1 4
OMG! This Rwanda will not kill somebody oooo.. The development taking place in this country is something else.
1 4
@AfricaFactsZone @EmperorElmagnif My county has the largest broom in the world
Say something else abeg 😂😂
0 5
@AfricaFactsZone Meanwhile @MBuhari banned importation of drone even for photography. @ObinnaBoss and @Pixervisuals can relate.
0 5
When will my Nigeria wake up?😭
3 1
Nna ga ke tshephe Batswana ka diragantshwane 🤣
3 1
Three times damn it! Does it matter?
Now their roads might never get tarred. 😭
2 2
Rwanda leaving the rest of Africa behind
2 2
We still dey here they battle with Election
2 2
@AfricaFactsZone May the almighty continue to bless everybody who’s always ready to render help to the masses in anyway they can...chai!
1 3
@AfricaFactsZone Lord please remember Nigeria tomorrow. We need to do better so our president don't go for two years sick leave in the abroad again
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1 3
@AfricaFactsZone Sincerely, Rwanda is the SAMSUNG of Africa (ANDROID).
1 3
@AfricaFactsZone @Evelyn_Nakayi What does it take to become Rwandese. I cant be a Ugandan anymore
1 3
رواندا هي أول دولة في العالم تستخدم تقنية درون في مجال الرعاية الصحية لديها لنقل الدم والأدوية إلى المستشفيات والمرافق الصحية على الصعيد الوطني.

1 3
1 3
While Government is still threatening nurses over risk and uniform allowances. 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
1 3
Rwanda's meteoric rise developmentally is getting frightening! 👊
1 3
Have you heard of @LifeBankNigeria?
1 3
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