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Imagine having to rely on a Samsung to use your iPhone 馃槀
Find it strange that people still believe iphones are better than Samsung 馃槀
Dude Apple is relying on Samsung for the OLED Displays!!馃槀
"When you make it to the top..always give back to the unfortunate." - can I get that update @SamsungMobileUS now.!?
Still more useful than an iPhone and its users 鈽曫煇
So Samsung created a smart powerbank
we get it your parents pay all your bills and you hate everyone who makes less than 120k every year
On my way to buy a Samsung so my iPhone never dies 馃コ pic.twitter.com/1AVrNL9LlG
ya bc iPhones need the battery more than we do t.co/qM6p8cOchD
Took yall 3 years to finally get wireless tho
I miss my samsung being my main phone
2000s: u got portable?
2019: u got a samsung S10+? t.co/KYs9MZ8ePh
Takde aku nak share Charge dengan I Phone users. Kerja condemn Android user je. Pandai pandai lah bawa power bank atau plug charger sendiri. t.co/TqD9L8KMvg
If ya'll think you're getting a single percentage of my battery, you're so wrong
bb get this so you can charge my phone k thanks (:
I鈥檝e been an Apple user & fan ever since iPhone launched PERO GRABE ANG YABANG TALAGA NG MGA NAKA IPHONE (mostly) GAGO LET鈥橲 BE REAL mas advanced Samsung 馃檮 y鈥檃ll dont need to degrade other brand and the people using it. Sorry not sorry, y鈥檃ll are toxic.
I could charge your馃崙with my load
You're relying on us for OLED display
Now you want to rely on us for power sharing.

iPhone should be a phone for the needy
Brave of you to assume Samsung users are gonna allow you to do that to them t.co/Mf0IykRgW9
yeah we have to do charity work sometimes
How are Iphone users helpful to Samsung users for starters? Let's look at that too.
at least you lot don't need to spend an extra 拢30 every month for a new charger cause the wire's been absolutely slaughtered
Yeah cuz y'all need to charge 10x a day t.co/l8g5xA7aKl
Hell no this is no way im charging an iPhone with my new phone!! t.co/MjLbYwcPF7
Imagine having to rely on a Samsung phone to charge your crusty late ass iPhone t.co/SczUBuQsEU
No one ask me to charge their phone
In 3 years when Apple releases an iPhone with this feature y鈥檃ll are gonna go crazy over it and hype it up t.co/MGdjA62Dai
After all the years of cussing android you mans think we will help you guys????? LOOOOOOL t.co/xL8SVAWRua
Aye anybody got a char.....GIMMIE yo phone nigga
People still feeling superior for having iPhones... in 2019?? pic.twitter.com/I6RAFAUI6E
Just let samsung take its position as the best smart phone on the market. Y'all iphone users are jealous. Like have you seen the new features on the s10 , s10+ and s10e . What did iphone launch ? Animojis ?
Except that S10 100x better than any iPhone by far t.co/S02R1mIukh
You niggas stay hating :/ t.co/ExufMqyPya
Definitely sth you'd say 馃檮 @ItsIbro
Me: Dang my iphone finna die

My friend: Dang I don鈥檛 have a charger bro and I don鈥檛 use an iphone my fault

Me: That won鈥檛 be necessary 馃槇馃槇馃槇
About time you peasants
iphone battery life is trash so it's the least we can do t.co/4WX3SPtM5a
Aiet come back to me when you have a good operating system that runs on google
Everybody with Samsungs in the comments who think iPhone users need them pic.twitter.com/qNs1MnLROC
extremely odd flex to rely one samsung to charge your shit iphone battery t.co/c6hO3dSj2j
Samsung BEEN flexing on Apple y'all are just too proud to admit it t.co/c1j5D5cXTc
In all seriousness, Samsung Changed the game with this! t.co/sb3OuNRUrX
Eu devo ser a 煤nica pessoa no mundo que tem um iPhone e n茫o tem problemas com a bateria t.co/CWZS6y3tcD
For all the 鈥渕ay I use your camera鈥 moments
If only you had bought a phone with better battery , you wouldn't need to charge you iToy
Samsung tryna be friends with an IPhone 馃槀馃槀
I did not see that coming
aku rasa iphone user kne beli ni kot. bateri diaorg sampah kan 馃 t.co/3Z1PvqDnu0
Imagine having a phone with a shitty ass battery life 馃ぃ t.co/E8bA7Uiw8E
After already using Samsung displays, processors, RAM and flash memory, apple will also use Samsung's juice. t.co/nPmHAZckb7
yall are addicted to embarrassing yourselves it's fascinating t.co/DW7FAqWAOi
Lol if ya think we're gonna charge those weak ass iphones...
Ahhh see.. that shit childish fuck... apple really got yall niggas brainwashed and its hilarious asf 馃ぃ t.co/VZFrBP9ZWJ
yall wont have to use yall busted ass chargers no more 馃ぇ
upgrade ur phone IMMEDIATELY
I fucking told you this would be a thing you called me dumb cause it drains the other phone鈥檚 battery
omg they took my idea
This thread is full of android users smh pic.twitter.com/0Iz1WVTF2d
@salmaelnazer get this so I can charge my iPhone pleasee
I got you bois dont even trip 馃槫
iphoners always finding new ways to be helpless arse h*les
Instead of 鈥渁nyone have a charger?鈥 it鈥檚 鈥渁nyone have a samsung?鈥 t.co/utAyH2c2K3
lol android users get rekt and dont bother to @ me bc ive got my airpods in 馃槑馃槑馃槑 t.co/DzCmpZjByg
Yall rly hate us let me use my samsung in peace 馃ぇ t.co/x9r164KYo0
i guess we're all really gonna sit here and pretend Samsung didn't just rip off reverse charging from huawei 馃憖
@nurdini_amani change to the new samsung, your phone can finally be our useful portable charger t.co/xfwTtnbxkM
No one wants to charge your iPhone that dies every 30 mins. t.co/6WYqlPGik6
Nah I ain't helping any of ya'll especially my mom she talks to most shit 馃し鈥嶁檧锔 t.co/fdDiFNCqQa
Another angle馃馃ぃ 馃憤馃徎
Why don't you ask apple to change their chargers first? t.co/7cWlJjWMux
Did iphone users still believe that iphone is better than samsung t.co/bUa1MzKD4S
What kind of beef is this????馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ t.co/jVJac4Zaq1
Les gars ci vont seulement nous rendre fous.
Lmao charge yo phone with that weakass wireless charging tech
yas macca proud a ye
Lmao I literally saw an IG account steal ur tweet, turns out it was YOU!!
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