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I redesigned the @NTANewsNow logo.

Show some love & RT if you think the old one has had its run

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Please redesign the people in NTA too. Not just the logo
Somebody should also change the Pampampam pampampampam
tarara tara tarara tarara taratatatata tadata!!!! we are tired!
Don't you think we need to re-design NTA workers too
Nice work mate... But please don't disrespect our NTA logo.. Now make them in capital letters..thank you 🙂
They won't appreciate this at all! I've never seen an organization that has sworn to resist change as much as NTA. Well done, great job.
This is beautiful but it's NTA bro they'll use the logo for a badly shot documentary about a courtesy call to Gombe Commissioner for Youth Development
Thank you for this👏... The old logo makes me nostalgic and not in a good way. Nta news was my dad's best way of sending me to bed on a school night. Everything about the station triggers depression for me and he knew that😂😂😂
You tried jare..... If they can't improve the Video quality, at least Change of Logo is cheaper.
Pls can you redesign the workers too?
The problem is not a new logo.
The whole NTA needs to be thrown away.
That's the koko.
Show some respect, you don't know your elders abi? How can you change NTA to nta .
Bro you're trying to make it look young 😂, nice try but even the people in the channel needs redesigning
The old one is far better than this new one o.
LOL Nta rather die than change their shit
Will the logo affect the picture quality?
While you at it, advice them to redesign the entire station and staff
did the same thing when he ran the corporation but immediately he left, they reverted to the old ugly thing. The people there are retrogressive, but I hope they pick up your idea. Cheers.
Can you redesign the station as a whole? Asking for other Nigerians..
“Salamu alaikum Ga tallen logo”
Toh wai bara a saya ba Allah bada saa
No dis bruh... but I prefer the ancient edition
Remember it was redesigned during the reign of @benmurraybruce as DG, it was restored back to it original design when Tony Iredia took over after him. There is a reason why the old one is retained
It’s nice, but the old one still looks better. Back to the drawing board.
Can you please redesign the entire @NTANewsNow operations? 🤔

Great job Graphic Wizard! 🙌🙌🇳🇬
I really don’t know why I find this quite disrespectful to the Nigerian constitution.
Mad Akim! But the guys are still in 1976 and don’t care about Changing Times
The problems of NTA are far, far beyond the logo, nice job though
That "t" looks half eaten....if I didn't already know it was NTA how will I know???
NTA needs total rebranding not just the logo.
Help them with picture quality too!
The logo looks too too young. NTA Like old things and old people. Use an old font. Maybe typewriter😂
needs to give u a Job...nice design 💪💪
Nice work but the 't' needs more expression.
Your Logo is nice but that old NTA logo is legend
Nice logo but it looks like it will fit a cafe or eatery more
Legit cringed when I swiped to the old one😖
They don't wanna be saved Bro.
I still think CRTV is maybe the best Cameroonian logo ever made. The only thing it lacks is a digital era update as per general form, responsiveness & colour.

All these legacy logos were designed by brain to paper artists. Not photoshop doubleclickers.

They deserve respect
...in the mean time, DM me. I need a logo done asap. Thanks.
should have been in capital letters
Pls someone should redesign their graphics quality 🤦🏽‍♂️
Nice logo, but the whole system needs to be overhauled!!
Can you help them redo their theme music too? It sounds scary especially at night.
I’m currently serving there and trust me I’m sick of the old one. It’s so ancient 😒 this is fire 🔥
I've been seeing that logo like forever.. thanks bro
Camon will u stop that? Who told u NTA wasn't to move forward? 😏😂
This is brilliant.

Will they ever use it tho?
I hope you will also re-brand the quality
The T needs to be more visible.
Poor graphics, acake backdrop, tired looking presenters with Methuselah DGs Staff with civil servant outlook Stereotypical programmes Sigh What's not to love?
It was once redesigned during Ben Murray Bruce’s reign at NTA. Your country doesn’t like good things so they reverted to this amala looking logo..sorry bruh
The old one looks like it was designed with brick game 😭
We lost the T. The T is the important part of Nigerian Television Authority.

Every other element is given prominence except the T.
Please include news at 9 sound track in your redesign also. That rarara tarara sound.
Now that you’ve done it’s when one “Oga” would suddenly realize that a change is needed but rather than approach you, he’d call his friend to do an incompetent job
The old one looks tired
Hmmm... nice work bro. NTA is still operating in the 50s... they won’t value it 😔😞
As you replace those old capital letters with young and sexy small letters, can you do same for the staffs???
Seems you don't know the meaning of the old logo. Each letter connotes something.

The T is a "shotgun microphone"

The A is a "Transmission Mast"

The N is a "Camera" I guess.

What you did is similar to "Ben Bruce's idea" Little wonder it was reversed.
Bold of you to really think NTA would want to change their logo.
An organisation that has never evolved since decades.
RT @mslibbyoffemoke: ...in the mean time, DM me. I need a logo done asap. Thanks.
This is beautiful oh... But the amount you'll spend to lobby one Oga to take the design to the DG, who'll in turn be mobilized to convince the minister, will be enough for you to open shop in Oluwole.

Good job bro.

Sadly, NTA has covenant with stagnation.
Lie lie muhammed already has the contract.
Nice one. The way designers dey suffer eh..... The colour is too dull 😂... No, the t is hiding 😅, ah I don't like the font try another one 😂.
Growth and Development of NTA can actually start from here, the old logo we can all agree has had its run, please like and RT.
It's about time
U r trying to change d coat of arms🤣🤣
Don't sleep on this
That old logo tells us everything about Nigeria's economy. No single improvement, everything remains same way they have been since day 1.
It's about time!
I will advise the Management of Nigerian Television Authority to adopt the newly designed Logo. Its nice, superb, architectural, innovative and above all current.
I like the new one. It's fresh and actually aesthetic.
Nice work!! NTA should approve this and still be using the current logo from time to time as vintagr
They won't accept it cause it's not capital 🤷🏾‍♂️ Your people are mad like that🚶🏾‍♂️
Old things shall never pass away in this case.
You want to teach an old man how to use left hand in old age?
sooo slickkkkkk!!!🥺❤️
That old logo should have been done away with a long time ago.
Thank God for stepping up. 😒😒
They are using the old logo till Jesus comes o. #NigeriaDecides2019
It was redesigned to like this your concept sometimes ago but we reverted back to the original concept. May you didn't know
The colours are too dull. Can't it be brighter?
Please if you can redesign the people, their video quality, their mindset everything please do ehn WELL DONE 😂
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