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“We are on a bridge. Today we want to build a bridge of hope" — @RichardBranson. I’m so proud of my dad and everyone involved in #VenezuelaAidLive. You can live stream the concert all around the world, right now: venezuelaaidlive.com

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Your dad is just another CIA puppet, just a simple Criminal. Get out from Latin America! Yankees Go Home!
Your dad is helping to create the conditions for a militar intervention in Venezuela and causing more death. Thanks~
We Donn't Need No Billionaires At At All!!! All in all, thank you Roger Waters.
The concert is pure narrative control operation, designed to advance the proven lie that the Venezuelan government is shutting out all humanitarian aid from its people, and the proven lie that it has blockaded a bridge to prevent the aid from getting through. Shame on Sir Richard
The goal is to pillage and plunder Venezuela, a vulnerable nation. It is clear that our representative leaders don’t care about the health and welfare of the Venezuelan people any more than they cared about the Iraqi people. Under the guise of 'humanitarian aid' a coup is staged.
Majority of the ppl around the world r not interested in a #CIA ENGINEERED CONCERT. #Venezuelans NEVER asked for #RegimeChange. If ‘#AmericanDemocracy is GOOD, then it shld b able to function w/o PLUNDERING the resources of other countries. #HandsOffVenezuela!
Your father is trash! He is helping to facilitate a coup on Venezuela. The people of Venezuela have the right of sovereignty and self determination to handle its own affairs without the white world attempting overthrow the government as is has done through history! #YankeeGoHome
Bridge of lies, more like!
Holly and Richard, I don't know you guys, but as a venezuelan, I can only say thank you. It takes courage to do what you are doing for the cause of freedom in my country. Reading some comments here, there is so much ignorance and evil in this world and still, you are here with us
Thank you so much in name of all Venezuelans ❤️🙏
And we are grateful with your dad. Thank you from all Venezuelan people ❤️
Your father is doing history and he is part of the change in #Venezuela We, the Venezuelans are so grateful with your father and with all the people who help those Venezuelans suffering and struggling We will retribute to those helped us is our bad moments. #VenezuelaAidLive
I think your hearts are in the right place, but I believe you've been conned. Please take some time to investigate Elliott Abrams, the US special envoy to Venezuela, & his previous activity: commondreams.org/views/2019/02/… pic.twitter.com/VbtvSvVMXa
Unsure of the definition of cnut?
Here it is in it's entitled form.
Incredible!!!! What a great cause!!! And the Virgingalactic too!!??? Now Richard has even bigger reasons to congratulate himself. But of course he won’t. He’ll just keep doing what he does. 👏🏻👏🏻✈️
Gracias por ayudar a nuestra hermana Venezuela #RichardBranson #VenezuelaAidLive 🤙🏼
there'll be a special palace for all those who went all in for USA's Perpetual War! Don't you know? ..rhetoric- theoretically speaking.
Your dad sued the NHS
Is the “hope” you just referred to inclusive of the 81% of Venezuelans who never heard of Guiado before he was appointed by Mike Pence? Can your daddy sign a conflict-of-interest statement that he won’t make a penny out of the regime change? 😂😂
This Branson supporting the White elites and their servants over the real people of Venezuela. Both of you have been sold a lie. You will regret this.
why don’t you pay your taxes, you rich phucc
I can see the video online, but no sound. Technical problems?
No sound on Facebook but working on YouTube!
How stupid do you think ppl are? That bridge has never been open for travel. Fuck your propaganda.
Peter Gabriel pull out of Richard Branson's coup fest. Haaaa twitter.com/MaxBlumenthal/…
Liars. That bridge has never been opened since it was finished a couple years ago.
I think your dad just needs Venezuelan petrol for his planes. Please tell him to get it from his mates in Saudi Arabia and leave Venezuela alone. No blood for oil. #HandsOffVenezuela
I suppose this is how Dick(head) Branson is planning to get cheap oil for fuel for his planes?
You guys are awesome! Keep that shibby up!!! 😎
Hi Holly, I have a system to cut our carbon emmisions greatly. To conntact your richard with a one on one , how do I go about this . I am getting no where with Virgin Unite. Thank You
Make Venezuela Ukraine again. Too bad John McCain is dead - he could help your dad egg on this coup in Venezuela. Any chance your dad could stick to business? Politics, foreign policy, coups, hegemony, it just seems so out of character for all the great things he has accomplished
Y este ángel nos cayó del cielo!!
There are no words to thank for you the wonderful support we received from you!! I wish you a lot of health, joy and long life! God Bless You! We are always good! 😚🇻🇪💪🏽
„Wir können Menschen ins All schicken - warum ist es so schwer die Armut auf der Welt zu bekämpfen?“@VenezuelaAid #VenezuelaLiveAid Wirklich was bewegen in der Welt! Danke an @richardbranson #nachhaltigkeit #menschlichkeit #purpose #empowerment
Don’t be silly! Please go and help Haiti ! By the way , I loved staying in your moms hotel by the Atlas Mountains ! Thanks for the sandals*
Holly. Any chance that you/dad can push the American GOP ( ideally, Dems also) to do more to get 4th gen nuclear SMRs ( small modular reactors ) going? I know your dad tried once, but climate change demands faster change.
You have an awesome family. Met your dad years ago on a flight to London with my toddler daughter in tow. You both are all grown up and magnificent. Stay amazing.
Superb. Stay blessed. 💐
That is one courageous dude!
Mr.Branson , so thankful for what you are doing for Venezuela . God bless you !
And here is Richard with Fidel Castro’s grandson. pic.twitter.com/xkHZD0D9AH
Freedom for Venezuela 😋 A Happy Friday to you Guys 😃😋 We Are the World ... youtube.com/watch?v=9AjkUy…
Thank you so much for helping all these people in Venezuela!
Would you get married whit me..?? Im Not interesting abaut money ..beleve me...!!
Brave Richard 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
God bless you Richard for all your support to Venezuela 🇻🇪.
Why Don't you fuck off instead? Another multimillionaire aiding globalist fascism disguised as humanitarian aid....leave the people of venezuelac to sort their own problems...why don't you aid Haiti? Is there no oil there?
From Valencia, Venezuela we say THANK YOU... God bless you and your family... This brings hope for many Venezuelans in need! A new beggining for My Country! @richardbranson
Graciasssss que Dios les bendiga ¡¡¡
People are suffering badly in Venezuela- lack of basic products and especially medicine! And in a country with huge natural riches! This is a great way to help, Thank you Mr. Branson! And let's hope change comes soon - Maduro must go!
Let's hope this doesn't end as bad as it seems.
We will never forget ❤️ thank you! 🇻🇪❤️👍
Congratulations! you really have a awesome father 👏 My sincerest congratulations Mr.Branson 👏🍀🍀🍀 Go ahead! Cheers ⚜️🔱🔆
Thanks you and your father @richardbranson from 🇻🇪 venezuela
Blessed Dad! All mu gratitude for you 🙏🏼
Thank tou to Sir Richard Branson for his help! God Bless Him!!!
Do you will support a #HaitiAidLive some day? ....
Amazing event . we’re really thankful to your dad 💛💙❤️
Legend human being
Thank you so much! Forever grateful!
#exitlive Artists need to start recording every live gig! @exitlivemusic Future monetise! If you have the ability to record your live events (Artist/Dj) & utilise the live stems. 📻 Upload your future / Download your past 🎧 exit.live 💋
We all venezuelans are full of grattitute with your dad @richardbranson never forget! ❤
Thank you Holly for all you do to make this world a better place. From the great Eve to you and of course your Dad! The Branson’s rock 🎸 Venezuelans are deeply grateful for your generosity.
DIOS BENDIGA A SU PADRE, infinitas gracias por tan hermoso gesto hacia mi pueblo...
1 Million Iraqis Killed in Bush's War! youtu.be/S4ucgduePoM via @YouTube
Russian Navy 2019: Feel the Power! Marinha Russa - ВМФ России - La Marin... youtu.be/kJhAocXNge8 via @YouTube
Nuestro heroe🙏🇻🇪❤
Thank you guys for your support.!!
Why have you attached yourself to fascist Americans attempting to steal a sovereign country's oil?
What a manipulating scumbag, posing in front of a bridge that has come to symbolise the US lies and propaganda to support yet another regime change operation in a S American country.
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