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How Nigeria’s Governor of Borno Kashim Shettima was so intent on election campaigns he ignored army’s warnings & drove 85-car convoy into Islamic State ambush. He escaped, but up to 100 died + up to 200 are now IS hostage. 2 days later, governor said 3 killed #NigeraDecides2019
“We warned you”: A Nigerian governor braved Islamic State, hundreds of others may have paid the price reuters.com/article/us-nig…

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In 2014, Kashim Shettima was warned not to allow exams hold in many parts of the state. He refused to heed that warning & as a result the Chibok girl were kidnapped.

In 2019, his refusal to heed a warning not to go through a route has resulted in the deaths of many people
Same way he ignored GEJ government warning to relocate the Chibok girls for a more secure location.
Governor Shettima should be thoroughly investigated, there are strong indications that he is directly connected to boko haram, he caused the abduction of the chibok girls too by deliberately ignoring security reports which resulted into the abduction of the girls.
It's difficult to accept the consistent levity with which high officials of state in #Nigeria treat human life & the amount of habitual inaccuracy they're willing to put out about on the fate of fellow humans just for political convenience. #NigeriaDeides2019 shd put them right!
He also ignored warnings and order to shut down schools around boko haram hot spots(including the chibok school that school girls were kidnapped ).why is he not vocal like he was when chibok happened?
This story is important. Shettima is reducing casualty figures, not caring about his own people just to make @MBuhari look good.
I'm strongly suspecting the amplification of the Borno attacks, more than 10 days after. It happened on February 12, & suddenly everyone is talking about it. Looking like an alarm similar to what Elrufai did on Feb 15, the eve of the postponed election. #NigeriaDecides2019
They have bullet-proof vehicles paid for by the State while the hapless citizens who defend them are left at the mercy of prayers.

God will not do for us what he has given us the capacity to do for ourselves
Same thing he did in Chibok.

He was told to shut the school but he didn't.

Shettima is an odious fellow....
That's the lies and deceit we got from this present administration! @elrufai is the chief host to their illegality!
Have you guys read this?

See how this governor sacrificed human lives for politics and a wicked desire to postpone the election in his state.

@Osekita @segalink @Efficacy12 @PeperHade @DeleMomodu @EMIOLAWALEOLA
“Others interviewed by Reuters asked not to be identified because they said the government and military command had ordered them not to discuss the ambush, which could be damaging to both Shettima, a government politician, and Buhari.” CAN YOU IMAGINE????
#conspiracyofsilence is helping no one in the fight against ISWAP/Boko Haram
Just negodu! Same governor ignored security warnings back in 2014 that led to kidnap of chibok girls. Lives wasted to prove what point?
Nigeria is a joke! A big one for that. Since the president and army chiefs said they've defeated the insurgents, I wonder if these ones fell from the sky that day... A country that celebrates touts than soldiers, what more can we expect?
Or maybe Shettima is a scheme in the IS activities, nothing is impossible in Nigeria
Gov. Kashim Shettima of Borno is an irresponsible man. He endangered the lives of his people.
So sad... Shettima is involved with Boko-Haram. Can you imagine he ignored army’s warnings... He escaped. Innocent people paid the price... 😭
I wrote here that this idiot is the worst Governor in the history of Nigeria...this is exactly what he did to the Chibok Girls! He ranks just on the same level as Nasir El_Rufai and I guess, Yahaya Bello - folks who would make bad Maiguards yet rose to become Governors! Sad!
That governor is too too stubborn
I don't blame him though, I blame those who knew that he had enough security details around him while they had none yet followed him into a war zone.
This is the truth about what happened during the attack on Governor Kashim Shetttima’s convoy.
Yet our lying President will claim to have defeated Boko Haram. 4 years on, we haven’t made progress on Boko Haram yet he wants Soldiers to rig elections on his behalf. What a shame!!! The famed “General” couldn’t deliver on BokoHaram! We lost gallant SOLDIERS. Nonsense. pic.twitter.com/CejZaqIw3O
Evil that men do now lives with them. This is same Shettima who used #ChibokGirls for political gains. Those that ride the back of tiger end up in his belly. His reward is packaged and it's nigh! twitter.com/PaulCarsten/st…
Evil that men do now lives with them. This is same Shettima who used #ChibokGirls for political gains. Those that ride the back of tiger end up in his belly. His reward is packaged and it's nigh! twitter.com/PaulCarsten/st…
Hypothesis: All western journalists have good judgements. Arg1: @PaulCarsten is a western journalist. Arg2: @PaulCarsten displays poor judgements. Law: Not all western journalists have good judgments.
What he did was callous the army warned him to postpone his journey back till the next day but he insisted on being driven back the loss of innocent lives is on him
There’s no outrage cos our brother is in power. Crazy stuff
It's so painful that he escaped. Why must he? After sacrificing close to 300 people.
Same way he ignored warning not to hold exam at chibok community, of course he went ahead and the chibokGirls were kidnapped.
And this animals continue to claim lives in the quest for power and prestige, karma must be having a hard time keeping up with periodic updates of their fate.
Of course the government will "lai" about this.still waiting for the contents of that "lai"
So when are we demanding his resignation and possible arraignment before a court for negligence? Or since it's not Lagos and doesn't affect petrol pump price we good?
From your cockroach infested hotel room, you see all these? The roaches are really doing your head in.
Thanks for the info, unfortunately that's what the political class in Nigeria have been doing the Nigerian people. They're full of hypocrisy and denials and they use the State resources to suppress the media from giving details of such issues.
In the First instance he refused to move the WAEC centre out of Chibok in 2014 and rather chose to expose innocent girls to danger despite warnings. Again in this case, he chose thesame path. What political gains does Shetima derive from the suffering of his people
Not the first time. When Chibok girls happened, it was clearly pointed out that someone went ahead to hold exams against the FG instruction. We know how it ended.
I can't understand this thing.

I can't.
Till the people realise that we are all expendable pawns to these political elites, we will keep being used as fodder like this.
Saddening situation
I thought we were told that BH boys have been "technically defeated?" #NextLevelOfLies. #NextLevelOfDeceit.
That's what we see. Politics with life. They value Cow than human being.
Is this story true? Look before u leap Check the person out before u comment!!! They want to stagger d elections
The same way american turn Libya to graveyard also planning same on nigeria,may the all american never know peace including your followers.
That fool is why Chibok girls happened. That man is a stubborn goat.
They keep covering up these deaths. I still can't fathom the good these coverups will be to them in the long run. While there's cover-ups in Borno there's inflated figures in Kaduna by the governor in order to incite violence in the state
Even worse than an ERG Tory, and that is a hard standard to exceed.
Governor Shettima is a huge embarrassment.
It seems the folks that foolishly follow such hateful and spiteful rulers deserve what the get. I'm not sympathetic to their deliberate plight.
He ignored @GEJonathan and @GovWike warning to relocate chibok girls. He knows what he is doing but my anger is innocent citizens are always the victim of his stupidity.
Borno shouldn’t have re-elected this guy.
He ignored FG's warnings not to conduct exams in Chibok too and over 276 girls got abducted. Many perished.
Sometimes bravery can be self defeating, but what do we expect when soldiers are guarding ballot boxes rather than protecting the country's sovereignty.
There’s bloody mindedness stupidity and then there’s...
fake news... Where did the 100 people die? Please stop spreading false news just to make money. Not more than 3 people died
Why is this not on the news?
The Gov. Should be hold responsible for such action.
Is it no claimed that that Boko Haram has been defeated? Does Buhari not brag about no part of the country being occupied by Boko Haram? Where from the attackers now? How did they kill so much? Why did the military warn against embarking on campaign. Lies & APC, its in the blood
Why does he ignore valid security warnings? Seems a blood thirsty guy.
I'm sure he still thinks it was worth it
What is wrong with this country and its leaders? Always thinking Nigerian or the world don't pay attention to the real details
I'm tired of this country.
Relax, Buhari will rescue the kidnapped ones for he is the knight in shining amour and also their lord and Saviour.
Something is not right with him, he should be prob.
They really don't care about lives and properties they govern
Even the Nigerian journalism is compromised
Who says it can't be deliberate... Those guys are up to anything... I don't be surprised at all...
Where you there to count the people killed and taken hostage? You guys just come up with numbers like people are sand. BS stories mate.
Who gave Kashim Shettima legs to run faster than his shadow. 😂 😂 😂 😂
He knows what he is doing!
He wants election in the state postponed. So that what ever happens today, the state's election on a later date could be use to correct the lost margin
Someone should arrest that man! He has a hand in their deaths.
That was how your phone got stolen
U was tweeting stuvs u not supposed to tweet😂😂😂😂😂😂
Fix your hashtag ffs! 🙄
Dis country. Lord have mercy
Shame... Used innocent people as collateral damage because of politics. Nigerians please vote out this evil party today
May Nigeria succeed
I’m lost for words!
Hmmm! This didn't make the headlines in 9ja media.
That same idiot is the reason Chibok happened
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That's crass!! How could he do that and keep a straight face...evil!!
Too bad for him, So let change the change
It's a normal thing in Nigeria they downplay n lie on everything
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