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Please review this letter from DiFiChiSpy @SenFeinstein

She desires removal of the Electorial collage馃槨馃槨

Please disseminate this to everyone

Our Founding Fathers created the electoral collage for a reason

To give everyone an equal standing, not just democrat held cities

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The electoral college works exactly as its supposed to. It gives the residents each state equal representation. Just because one state has a larger population does not and should not mean they dictate the government to the rest of the country.
Think we got Feinstein鈥檚 game plan end electoral college then stuff ballot box with illegal votes pic.twitter.com/wuPo1x0QZq
This is intentional misrepresentation of US Constitution. Equal representation in Senate is offset by PROPORTIONAL REPRESENTATION IN HOUSE BASED ON STATE POPULATION. All people opposed to eliminating Electoral College have responsibility to know how to argue agst bozos. #WWG1WGA
Without the Electoral College, New York and Mexifornia would ALWAYS ELECT the President. All other 48 states would never have a voice. pic.twitter.com/NHVme09fIn
I say...Remove Dianne Feinstein & lets investigate her & her chinese spy/driver/personal assistant !
President Lincoln lost the popular vote but won by the electoral vote.. Think about that.. No Free slaves.. #MAGA2020
Amazing and astounding that after being in the Senate virtually all of her life, @SenFeinstein lacks even the most basic understanding of why the Senate鈥檚 2 per state structure is not just a replica of the House. It鈥檚 absolutely unacceptable she doesn鈥檛 know this. Unbelievable!
clearly doesn't know the difference between a Constitutional Republic and a Democracy. Our Founding Fathers put that into the Constitution for the explicit reason of giving all States the same weight.
Of course Diane Feinstein wants the electoral college removed. It would take a constitutional amendment. If it was removed our country would be known as the United States of California!
I would be hardpressed to support anything proposed by a partisan democrat!
Saying that California needs more senatorial electors because there are more people in the state that in another state is complete and utterly stupid. And her argument about the popular vote is even worse. Liberals 馃檮馃檮
You had me at DiFiChiSpy. Nice.
This is why we have the electoral college. pic.twitter.com/Cv5CxaxF3N
The electoral vote is a genius safeguard to uphold a fair and just voting system in the United States of America! It must be protected at all costs! pic.twitter.com/BkLgfAq417
The red square is Los Angeles County. States with a population larger than LA County are gray. Each blue state has a total population SMALLER than LA County! Electoral College: ensures that the larger more populated urban states can鈥檛 dominate the election by sheer numbers! pic.twitter.com/YiGMIALVpW
RT Dianne Feinstein views on the Electoral College.
Boy, the Dems are getting desperate! Trying everything to overrule the constitution for the sake of power. They're losing it!
Frankenstein trying to REMOVE Electoral College - RT RT RT RT RT RT RT
.,. #RedChina #BlackSharia want this balance benefactor removed before someone suggest that it may work for their country
The Electoral College gives every state an equal opportunity. Large, heavily populated states have same ability as the smaller, less populated states. That means Idaho votes count as much as California, NY, FL, and TX.
Every state should split their electoral votes...
@DianneFeinstein Eliminating the electoral college is a stupid idea. It will guarantee your party's dominance and the result will be socialism, which will turn the USA into Venezuela. Respect the Constitution, and quit hiring Chinese spies.
The electoral college works exactly as its supposed to. It gives the residents each state equal representation. Just because one state has a larger population does not and should not mean they dictate the government to the rest of the country.
She is a destroyer of our constitution. Isn't there a mandatory retirement age for these fools in Congress? Time to settle down. And leave.
Notice, she first states the EC is based on HOUSE MEMBERS, then says "but every state has 2 senators, that's not fair" as if that changes that the EC is not based on the Senate! @SenFeinstein is a bald faced liar working to rig elections for all time, because Dems can't win if
Just overriding your autocorrect, college
Let鈥檚 all hope this woman does not prevail in her efforts.
Folks, This is a must read. The Democrats are moving to changing the Electoral College . Seriously!
Dems just trying another way to steal the election
I have concerns with a sitting senator having a Chinese spy as a driver for 20 years. Pardon me if I don鈥檛 trust DiFi鈥檚 judgement or desire to change our Constitution.
Traitor to "We The People".
We need to vote out out Diane Feinstein for America.

Term limits is needed badly.
Maybe we should have ONE Vote Per County, based on how that County ended up Voting !!
Freaking disgusting old hypocrite needs to go home and keep her damn mouth shut, before she鈥檚 prosecuted for treason. Knowingly keeping a SPY as her driver for 20+ years is treason.
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