Distinguished @gtbank just to let you know you are next after the “Wild Elephant” falls. Sebi you people charged me N7,198.00 to maintain DollarVISACard that is useless to me in Nigeria abi? Correct. I shall laugh last. #EndBankingFraud #WinterIsComing

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For real, this 🏧 ATM and card maintenance fee is the biggest fraud in the Nigerian Banking industry. I have bought my own tools for that maintenance. #Reform9jabanks #EndBankingFraud pic.twitter.com/UUNrbsm4nW
Na we go change naija by ourselves
I love this man, call it whatever. He's the one fighting impunity and corruption at the same time.. Something your MCM claimed he's doing... Kudos Sir jare!!! 🤝🏻
Uncle sega don't forget @accessbank_help they have been mantaining card that I haven used in a year
See why I say you are a super hero!!! Just when I am getting ready to drag @ZenithBank to court for stamp duty on electronic transactions they ain't actually stamping, you decide to set a precedent, God bless you sir.
He said ‘correct’😂😂😂. That’s how you know someone is ready to make trouble
When I was small and Someone I reported in class says to me "shebi you reported me abi? CORRECT...we go jam after school. That "correct" makes me know he will beat me without mercy😂🤣 GTB go hear weeen
Winter is here,got me.😆 I've been crying in silence..sir Nigeria banks are scam ,They're ripping people off their hard earn money #ENDBANKINGFRAUD
There is so much shit going on in the banking industry and unfortunately @cenbank seem not to be doing their work in monitoring these rogues called financial institutions. How on earth will a bank charge over 7k plus for card maintenance! Its insane🤦🏾‍♂️
The scam is a big one. I saw the alert today and i was like...7,198 for what!!!!....maintaining a card i didn't even use...This is a Daylight Robbery...Imagine #7,198 from 1m accounts....Thats over N7B. @gtbank #RefundOur#7k #BankingReform pic.twitter.com/8JzUSV0PAS
GT charged me N30 for using ussd to check my account balance. They denied this. After I gave them evidence they accepted it was N10 they charged. USSD is charged by network providers, why should GT also charge? If you use ussd 20x a day, they charge you N30 20x
The great purge Managers will now quake as they sit in board rooms, wondering if they are next. Winter has truly come for Nigeria's banking industry.
I passed my boundary by applying for this card some years ago, the charges almost sent me back to my village. I emptied the account eventually. Now I'm enjoying their end of the month mail reminding me of my 78 cent balance.
The easiest and most sophisticated way to rob a bank is to own a bank. Nigerian banking industry is legit scam.
Eh! See scam oo🤔...Abi na VIP Card Bro Sègé?😂
thanks so much for these call outs.Millions of Nigerians go thru these pains wit no one 2 cry to. Not even d govt agencies dat was supposed 2 protect consumers do a pinch of wat u doing. May the good Lord keep you strong for us.
Broda @segalink we should take the fight to them, let's organize a rally against all these banks and video record it and send on all social media even international, I am sure it will hit them really bad.
2019 is Odun Esan Una go payback every shishi Una go hear word @gtbank e ku imura sile
I've been waiting for @gtbank to come up. These guys virtually made me abandon my dom acc. Made a transfer and paid for all charges on both sides. When withdrawing I was told I would still loose 2% of my total withdrawal as charges. It was annoying and painful and it was the end.
Banks will debit you monthly even with no activity in your account. They will come up with different type of maintenance fees just to hit the account with fraudulent charges. I have experienced this with ACCESS and GTB lately.
I have domiciliary account with both FCMB and FIRST BANK and believe me, these banks charge ridiculous amount to maintain domiciliary account and on each transaction. Nigeria banks are fraud.
Wahalaand trouble siddon jeje una go find e problem ... @segalink of all people ....una go hear am I swear
na really correct 😀😀😀😀 me :well play! add urs 😀
When @gtbank told me I'm going to pay 20$ for card maintenance every year. I declined to collect the card. If @gtbank_help didn't mention it to you OR made you sign a form with a tiny (you'll pay 20$ per annum clause). Then they're guilty as alleged
I used to love @gtbank because of DAT @Asa_official theme song, but after the unprofessional conduct of their customers care I had to shutdown d account b4 it's me dat'll be singing "Fire On The Mountain"
is the worst of all after complaining for 4 weeks straight they would reply your mentions politely telling u to DM dem...I have been in their DM for 4 weeks but my message has not even been read...very disgusting
Nigeria banks are scammers, nothing like maintenance fee withdrawal charges SMS charges e-mails charges ATM maintenance in advance countries banks.. Nigeria banking system is corrupts and now they'll all face the consequences we're ready. #CBN @cenbank
Winter came early for them..😂
March 5th go make am 1 year since @ZenithBank reversed 70k from my account to @gtbank account. Till today, @gtbank still haven't seen it while @ZenithBank still claims they sent it to gtbank... I wasn't even contacted in the first place before the reversal.
Am very sure you may not have used that card up to 20 times since you were issued with it. Yet in one month 7k+ was taken from you. The people are daylight robbers
I shouldn't laugh sir, but😂😂😂
This is so fugged
An American Bank self dey charge $25 per year self!
I keep saying it.... Nigerian Banking System needs a total Overhaul!
Thank you, they are next!!! I renewed my debit card, the card stopped working, now i have to pay to get another one, did i spoil the chip? Why are you removing card maintenance charges in the first place???
Egbon @segalink The @gtbank really need to do better. I had a Dollar MasterCard I have never used in my life; not one withdrawn/deposit. One morning in Nov 2018, *fiammm* they took my money. Things really need to change. @gtbank_help. pic.twitter.com/O2MVsuQpAJ
Why that much do the card has virus? 😯😯
Honestly! I just sent @gtbank an email querying such an absurd fee (almost $20) for a stupid card! Nigerian banks will get what they deserve soon enough. Useless people! #EndBankingFraud
Legal fraudsters. 😂😂😂
I love this vibe... diamond bank be prepared as well cause I don’t know why I need dollar card in other to withdraw from my dollar Acc that I’m still in Nigeria
I was out of the country for almost 3yrs yet @DiamondBankNG, @ZenithBank kept scamming me of card maintenance fee when I don’t even use the card. They should ask @fidelitybankplc & @ecobank_nigeria, I’ve closed my acct with them. They are next. #endbankfraud
I can't wait... Gtbank go hear wehn! This ones sabi commot person money on a lowkey level, dem no go even alert person. Awon yahoo yahoo bank. Wire wire #SocialJustice #BankingReform #GrossNegligence
Uncle Sega, @ZenithBank should be the next. I was debited two times for my ATM card, have written letters that were left unattended to. Tweeted to their handle but only rcv stillborn promises. Zenith Bank is a big time fraud. #EndBankingFraud
im shutting down my account with @PolarisBankLtd ,@MyFCMB ,@gtbank. All Nigeria banks are gullible , thieves , and unscrupulous .im never having an account in this country anymore. They do not worth it !!!!
Thank you for knocking on the door of @gtbank...professional fraudsters should be their middle name.
Please while on this banking fraud topic can we do something about the 65Naira on every withdrawal?!Plus why only 10k per transaction with 65Naira charge on each!.
What of @UNIONBANK_NG that credits an account with a loan that was not requested, so that they can debit principal and interest at the end of the month. #EndBankingFraud
Same thing happened to me... I never activated the card or asked for it to be printed in the first place. Dollar account has been empty for years so they charged my naira account
Lol 7k ?? Sir do you have their ATM machine in your compound? That could be the reason 🤣🤣🤣 smh
I remember tagging you to a fraud alert that I was given fake notes at zenith bank and only very few people retweeted. We don't have to wait for when I happens to all before we protest. An injury to one, is to all.
Bros, you are not alone. Look at what GTBANK charged me in December for a dollar card I haven't used. pic.twitter.com/84vg7r7Sv4
Card maintenance, did they sand paper the card and re-spray it?!!! I just don't understand pls!
Can we now safely bring a class action?? Cos I'm in!!
Gtb would probably be calling an emergency meeting after seeing this tweet 😅😅😅.
Please @UNIONBANK_NG shouldn't be left out o! Them dey charge pass power bank.
This is pure crap. Banking has always been one of our biggest fraud #BankingFraud
I'm patiently waiting for the day we remember #TelecomFraud too.
These has been happening for a while. We raised awareness about it but no one said anything, now it's your turn, you're feeling what we felt. It's ok. Told you Nigerian Banks are Educated armed robbers. They sit in the air conditioned office and rob millions off their money.
When will these banks stop defrauding her customers over irrelevant charges?? Habbbaaa this is getting out of hand
How do you charge some one N7k+ for card maintenance, this is what @gtbank does always. We will #EndBankingFraud
Sir @gtbank Deducted #70 from my airtel sim which was not registered with any bank just because I mistakenly dialed ussd code *737# ! It's small but it's wrong
There was a time we could withdraw from any ATM without additional charges. If it worked then, it can work now. Card maintenance too is crap
E say Winter is coming 😂😂
They have been charging me the same thing for some years now, i really don't understand.
I am behind you on this. They will do FX transfer and you'd see debit alert of $25 and more than $50 will leave your account.
follow the hashtag you can report your case
We were still talking about #52:50 . Just see this 👀
The thing is I don't even know what they are maintaining in the cards that is with us in the first place... Banks are thieves!!
#GrossNegligence #EndBankingFraud @FirstBankngr Kindly assist. Same card Maintenance was deducted from my dollar card. 1st $20 from dollar account. When i stopped funding d dollar account, dey deducted d 2nd N6,984 from my Naira acct 4 a dollar xtion...Bastards! Thieves!!! pic.twitter.com/6xhdYGZxoo
Imagine #firstbank collecting my 5k..telling me , it's for all the charges of that month, that every thing was calculated. I said everything I could up till now, they have done nothing about it. #EndBankingFraud
I will tell a story about diamond bank. I am patiently waiting for the right time
I even think I am owing first bank for card maintenance fee for a card I have never used! And they keep charging. Whatever happened to the bill by the national assembly to stop card maintenance fee fraud!
This bank scam must end.
This is pure fraud sir. EFCC needs to shine their lights into the activities of some of this banks.
Ah!! @segalink this one is strong!! @gtbank ? Those guys be like gboys wey just dey hustle pant upandan!! This guys rendered me useless. Mans just left NYSC camp and boom! 4k loss from my account leaving me stranded and trekking upandan once from Bashorun to UI then down ajibode
I like the way you use "distinguished" even when you know you want to finish the person. In a way, it kinda feels like you're paying your last respects😂😂
Building a generation of great minds who are not scared to hold service providers and it’s government accountable.
I am here not just to witness this, but to be a part of it.
He who laugh last.....
Thank you. I can't wait to drag @gtbank They are the absolute worst. Fraud bank. Stealing from their customers. I get charged 400-700 for SMS charges. What rubbish. Imagine getting such amount from 30,000 customers monthly. @gtbank You are stupid. That money will choke you
Abeg, Distinguished just let me know the day that will begin, cannot wait to give them a little of the frustration they have given me over the years.
That first Bank own don Kill me finish
Winter is coming🤣
last year i was deducted twice for recharging my phone via my @FirstBankngr account , yet my phone wasn't credited. I mailed them severally, but no refund. Bank scam is much
This is hilarious 😆. Wild Elephant. 😅
I got his too and was wondering Transaction Location:E- CHANNELS Description:SUNDRY ENTRIES Amount:6,984.00 Value Date:15-Jan-2019 Remarks:MASTERCARD DOLLAR MAINTENANCE FEE Time of Transaction:16:47
Them done enter one chance.... They will call you soon to beg just the way Skye bank called me once and beg their ass off.... 😂
Asin eh all of them will hear word this time. E don red for them 😂😂😂🤣
The dollar card maintain fee of over N7k is exploitative. They are maintaining their balance sheet with illegal deductions from our accounts.
I'm after u sir... They hear from me through my Phone
They did same to me oga @segalink. Abeg click that button fast.
But na Dollar visaCard na. It's a foreign currency baba. BigMan with big MaintenanceCharge...lol
Gtb charged me N15,000 and and extra N750 for card maintenance and cash withdrawal over the counter. I was just weak and let it slide after following up to no avail. They deserve the next class action suit. I am solidly behind you boss.
GT Bank and Wema steal alot
Great that the “elephant in the room” is being unmasked. @accessbank_help should be next. They keep on debiting my meager account week in & out, calling it ATM maintenance fee even when I don’t have one, stamp duty & withdrawal service charge when I don’t live in the country.
Lmaooo baba say na distinguished 😭😭
This is a war many Nigerians will like to join
...May God save us from these banking institutions, they are milking us dry and living large and @cenbank could not do anything to it.....it's a shame. pic.twitter.com/Ny5LaDEB6T
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