Dear Nigerians,
You have to vote based on their health plans馃憞馃徑, who are you voting?


#GoOutAndVote and as you do please #Vote4HealthNaija

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PDP says we have 1 doctor for every 6000 people
APC says we have 19 doctors for every 1000 people

WHO says we have 4 doctors for every 10000

How can we achieve better healthcare if we don't have correct indices
You can get to B if you know where your A is

Well, not the best of candidates but Atiku sure has the best well structured and realistically attainable plan
Certainly not Buhari! I like Moghalus plan but I think Atikus plan looks a bit more realistic.
Atiku's plan is the most actionable because he tells you how not just what.
Only atiku and sowore are trying to make sense, buhari just sounds like a power point slide from HMPD class..
From their plans, only @atiku and @MBuhari has what we call SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant,Timely) objective for health.
But we all know PMB will never fulfill his own... So we try Atiku, if he fails, we vote him out...
If we're to be honest Atiku and Buhari have the most realistic of plans. And that's my problem with these 3rd force people. Atiku's appeals to me more
Beautiful wishes from most of these parties without a plan on how 2 fund same. I don't support any party, but PDP plan looks realistic viz a viz our current economic realities and options available. PHC and universal basic health insurance is a working model that can be adopted
Atiku has a better plan for the health care sector.
.... improving life expectancy by adding 10years... through the national program. Me: Can he add 1second to his life? Just asking for my friend
's plans seem attainable and quite realistic. all the "free this free that" talk is pure scam. We have heard it before. Several times before.
Seriously these 3rd force candidates don鈥檛 know the workings of governance...they鈥檙e still doing old school campaigns, someone should ask Moghalu where he鈥檒l get the money for all these free things!馃し馃従鈥嶁檪锔忦煠佛煆锯嶁檪锔忦煠佛煆锯嶁檪锔
Buhari should please stop this joke about having a health plan for the country. Man has his doctors in the UK and has shown no plan for the rest of us.
Kingsley and fela are saying free medical care as if its attainable, buhari's case is different cos he is what I call 'CAN NOT'
Please vote Atiku for President!
He is prepared.
Atiku seems a more granular plan for healthcare
Moghalu shock me. Buhari, as usual. Fela is inspiring to respire. Sowore's number 1 no join
Buhari's own is the most outlandish. Free ante natal for pregnant women indeed
Atiku 馃憤馃徎
Sowore is totally clueless, Fela & Kingsley's plans don't solve our problems. Buhari is obviously intimate with the issues but considering he failed to keep his promises the last time, no way. @Atiku's plans are ambitious AND address our problems. He gets my vote #NigeriaDecides
Why even put Buhari there for confusion when he may not even be aware of the policy?
If I were to vote strictly by this? Then Atiku it is, has the most reasonable and attainable plan
We need to get the primary health care sector working efficiently to decentralize the secondary and tertiary. Health care sector, then we also need more doctors in those PHS and most importantly, we need a robust insurance that will cover the common Nigerian
I'm voting @atiku the rest of them have no idea about what health care it. All the people promising free this and free that are fake. Healthcare is not free. It can only be achieved through health insurance.
In all sincerity Atiku's is more detailed and precise Second choice, Showore
Atiku's look more realistic than others but then again non of them actually said anything about remuneration and ways by which they can inhibit or reduce the wave of brain drain Nigeria is currently going through in the health sector.
kingsley and Buhari have terrible plans for health. atiku's is the most realistic followed by sowore
I really want to make a thread about these various health plans. But to keep it in one tweet, the most realistic plans here are those of Atiku and Buhari even though the later looks like he's quoting from indicators listed in a WHO document, still there's nothing wrong in that
Atiku's plan is most realistic.
None has a realistic health plan. They dont understand the health system from the trenches. Purely academic.
Interesting that only Atiku鈥檚 plans are grounded in workable health system strengthening reforms. The rest show a lack of understanding of the systemic problems of healthcare and presume to solve the problem by fiat without clear scalability or proof of adequate funds to execute
Sowore.. U lots should read up his plans.. Compare!!
Moghalu just writing nonsense 馃槀. Free how ?
Based on this, I鈥檇 say Atiku seems to have the best plan but we know these guys don鈥檛 stick to their promises.
I'm sorry but I beg to differ on Buhari but he's the only one with smart objectives. In Public health, your objectives must be SMART: specific, measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound. Also the indicators that we use to determine the health status are IMR and MMR
Is that material mortality 馃し馃檰馃し? How can we have 19 doctors to 1000 people unless he is counting dealers of gboko cleanser, Dr Benbela outlets and Dr Agnes Nwamma buses... because we dey farm and tailor workshop.
Atiku wants to scam us biko, this one atikulooter is mentioning 2024 and 2030. Sowore all the way. #TakeItBack #sowore2019 #sowore4president
Still haven't decided who I'm voting tomorrow. But at least I know who I'm not voting for.
Atiku's plan is realistic, at least he's working with the present economic status. Knowing we can't achieve free health care in one day, giving us stipulated time to achieve them.
Why is no one talking about Sowere's plan. Isn't that attainable. I think it is and it makes more sense.
From that manifesto, Atiku still proves to understand the issues more than everyone of them combined.
Atiku's own sounds more realistic
Atiku straight ahead
Without doubts, @atiku is the man. I know a Realist when I see one cos I am...Watched him on #thecandidate and I was so impressed by his #HealthCare plans and I am sure they won't fail.
The only realistic person amongst the 5 is PMB. #mytake
Why is Atiku pushing it to when he may be out of office? Shoo!
All you guys selecting one policy over another, how do you know how to assess a working policy?
Buhari said material mortality.. Biko is it material or maternal?
This is the problem with the 3rd force.
Have got my PVC, the only place am going 2mrw is the polling booth 馃懟 what about you?
Atiku's plan is the most actionable because it shows how not just what.
Doctor-patient ratio currently 1:6000?? Can someone please confirm this?
Clearly they all plans for health care but none of them said how they're going to fund all this...
Atiku does have the doctors in mind- improving the residency programs. We all recall what this current regime's minister of health said regards the residency program;
When someone is used to suffering the person will believe nothing can be done. What about all those money these politicians are stealing?
Fusion of atiku, Buhari and sowore
Atikus plan is more achievable and in line with the MDGs
This is a gross misrepresentation of @MoghaluKingsley's plan on health. Neither @MoghaluKingsley nor our party @YPPNational has promised any freebie on health. I don't know where you got this.
PDP, bcos they said what they wanted to do and how, and as well a measurable time frame. The rest are just joking. Imagine a country, where the plan APC has for the health sector is to reduce HIV/AIDS. Such a shame
Hi Dr Chioma, this is not fair to prof. Kingsley Moghalu. This clearly shows you did not go through his comprehensive visions for Healthcare. It is like confusing blood for zobo
And 69 others whose name we can't remember
Your president that can't even quote correct facts. Lol.
Moghalu's plan is so dreamy even in the dream it can't happen
Fela and Kingsley does it for me.
Among pdp is achievable free medical treatment is not possible now in Nigeria unless u want all doctors to go and sit at home and there wont be any drugs to dispense at the hospital as for Apc no time to check cos the he promised has not been fulfill yet
Some people ll still and receive treatment in London
Sowore is the man I will vote sowore one million times
Sowore鈥檚 not too bad.
For me, only @atiku healthcare plan truly is a plan. It is focused on three critical issues: to improve primary healthcare quoting a percentage, to improve NHIS which is currently a good scheme but has been bedeviled by corruption, and improve the doctor per patient ratio 1/
Isn't @atiku just a scam.
He's talking 2024 when we're talking elections 2019.
He's not minister of health, he's not permanent secretary, he's not primarily in health sector.
This is agenda isn't feasible.

Only if he's requesting for 2nd term already.
All of them na scam abeg
And why is Duke not mention?

Free free free hmmm
People should start running from free things.

A bit better and we can progress and get to when it can be free and not have repercussions.
Sowore's plans are more specific as to ensuring everyone gets access to medical services and to build up a standard for health centres and hospitals.
Atiku or Sowore. Primary health care in Nigeria needs a massive up unheaval as does the medical education programs.
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