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Our future is imperiled, our economy is fragile, and frontline communities are vulnerable to major threats from rising sea levels to lead in our water.

A #GreenNewDeal is a common sense, moral solution to fix these issues with the urgency they demand.

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I reject communism.
What is wrong with you? You want to take a great nation - that certainly enabled you and your family to have an exceptionally cushy and secure life and chance for a future - and turn it into a pest hole (in < 20 yrs!) like #Venezuela. Why do you want to destroy America?
Cheered the loss of 25,000 jobs then preaches to us about an "imperiled," fragile economy. 馃 Alexandria is the type of person who will kidnap your dog and then help you look for it for the reward.
The Green New Deal will cripple the world鈥檚 economy, but sure, Lets do it
I am unable or unwilling to work what will be my starting salary??
.@AOC, you're so stupid. Sea level rise will mean my property value goes up as my home will then be waterfront. #GreenNewRawDeal
L铆es! Scientists have said that the earth has cooled 10 degrees! The earth has always had climate changes, droughts etc... this is an elaborate hoax to control the masses of people with government control! Go petal your hoax in China, India, Pakistan, etc...No one will do it!
In short: shits real bad, it鈥檚 gonna get worse, unless you give everything to the government even though governments are the largest polluters on earth and also cow farts and planes are bad
This woman is a hysterical airhead. Socialism is theft.
Weren't you elected to serve the good people of NYC? You act as though you're running g for President. How about you work to bring some prosperity to your district first then....oh wait...you already ran the prosperity off. Guess global warming...I mean climate change is as good
Chicken little Ocasio
It鈥檚 raining ... I am still building the wall ... 馃槶 pic.twitter.com/a2qzEGJAhI
How in the FUCK is our economy fragile?
鈥淎s for debt, it鈥檚 strange to be worrying about that鈥
鈥淪omeone needs to spend money to put people to work鈥
鈥淭he Green New Deal leave us better off economically鈥
鈥淚t doesn鈥檛 mean cutting back on material needs鈥

@AOC found a worse economist than her undergrad teachers
Real News:

The only way the world鈥檚 climate alarmist scientists get their huge government grants is by being climate alarmists.

It鈥檚 a self-fulfilling 鈥渟cience鈥 as there is no money whatsoever - ZERO - in real climate science.

#MAGA @realDonaldTrump @PressSec #Trump2020
I studied economics in my undergrad, your plan wont work. Its pure socialism. Its pretty simple, there is a term called "laissez faire" and let the market sort itself out. Are you saying youre smarter than the market? I think youre just arrogant and ignorant.
We pay $365bn annually on $22T national debt. You鈥檝e proven you can鈥檛 comprehend that magnitude of scale. So go find a smart person, they鈥檒l explain that if you balanced our budget you鈥檇 have more $. P.S. That鈥檚 real $, it鈥檚 not that tax incentive thing you just learned abt. 馃憣馃徑 pic.twitter.com/zYnvZIUEtX
You mean 鈥淭reasury will PRINT the money鈥. Governments don鈥檛 鈥渕ake鈥 wealth, they just spend the wealth other people make, often foolishly.
Risin sea levels will help me keep my water bed I just financed from the local rent-to-own full. Me and Betty Jean (trailer park queen) just love our water filled vinyl paradise. Yessir - Kyle Michael Asterman (classy rednek)
Who cares! The world will end in 12 years, right? Common sense has left the building people. Economy is booming communities are thriving...well, maybe not in the Bronx, but the rest of us are!
#GreenNewDeal is COMM-UNISM, anyone with common sense knows this.
You should move to California. Kamala says everything is working great there.
This is a really great video from @JWMason1.
What are you going to do about the deleterious social and economic effects of forced labor equilibrium with the third world through insourcing and outsourcing?
Bitcoin doesn't need an ETF.

It just needs the Green New Deal.

These lunatics are about to spend the USD into oblivion
Now that's what I call a manufactured emergancy.
Let鈥檚 start with this Incontrolable fact and back into your propaganda from there:

There isn鈥檛 a single climate alarmist scientist on planet earth who knows the ideal temperature of the earth.

And I hereby challenge you to prove me wrong..?

#MAGA #Trump2020 馃嚭馃嚫
Keynesian Economics 101. tl;dr - you鈥檙e going to die unless we spend.

Just do it.
If you look at nations that invest heavily in environmental technology, like China, it鈥檚 not just about saving the planet. There鈥檚 a pragmatic economic rationale. Green tech is the future, and those that dominate will have the upper hand
Congrats congresswomen ..Thanks for another few hundred jobs that are going elsewhere .... pic.twitter.com/OPrkGgELbf

Meanwhile, the world鈥檚 mega rich globalist climate scammers are buying and/or building $100+ million oceanfront mansions each and every day.

#MAGA #Trump2020 馃嚭馃嚫
How fucking sad is it that people need to hear an economics-based argument for fixing climate change instead of "if we don't humanity perishes"
Really? Guaranteed work for those who "don't want" to work? How will that work out?
I *hate* it when trace CO2 allegedly might cause "billions of people to lose their homes". #ClimateScamBS
Do you still have a soft spot on your head?
This is completely misleading & deluded.

- the catastrophe predicted is NOT what the climate scientists are forecasting.

- the economic theory which the solution relies on (Modern Monetary Theory) is a niche idea which is broadly discredited.

Demagoguery at its finest.
Thank you! As someone who works for local government, the Green New Deal is a revolution that communities in NJ need!!
Translation: donations to the DNC are wayyyy down and people are choosing to #WalkAwayFromDemocrats which sucks for limousine Marxists like @BernieSanders and myself. So we鈥檙e gonna terrorize you into 鈥渃limate change鈥 submission because green is the new greenback, baby.
Complete horse shit! Scientist told us when we were kids in the 70's that the earth would be out of oil by 1995 and that by 2000 we would be in an ICE AGE! They gave us all "Waste Not Want Not" stickers. Now you're scaring kids into thinking they have only 12 years to live!
Question, and I鈥檓 sincere. Do they do random drug tests on members of Congress?
We need a serious look at Thorium reactors. I'm saying this for the ump-teenth time.
Wish I could afford beachfront property. 馃槀
Actually you nimwit the economy is doing great! You should ask Boston University for a refund on that economics degree you got, because apparently none of the info they taught took
Like a #jobsguarantee - Government spending money on things that create jobs and protect the environment #makessense
Common sense? Hahahahahahahaha
This video is an extraordinary cuckoo Everyone needs to watch this: the contradiction of capitalism followed by this lie ("we'll finance it like we did the first ND and WWII: no. Really they say they will finance as the NAZIS did their WWII and rearmament
This guy's entire prediction is based on a) the theory that +3掳 avg temp will actually happen in the next 100 years, b) that this increased temp will somehow bring about a negative result, & c) it will somehow cause millions of deaths???

To put it simply: this guy is a kook.
鈥淢illions of deaths鈥

They actually say this. It鈥檚 a death cult.
Wait... didn't you just eliminate 25,000 new jobs in NY from @amazon? And anyone that says "the goverment" really mean "taxpayers." Taxpayers fund the government - so we will be the ones paying for this incredibly stupid deal. #EmotionalLeft #GreenDeal #MakeUsPoorer 馃檮馃憥
Just when our future is looking brighter than ever a dip sh*t like you comes along trying to ruin it. Go away. #KAG
Ok Alexandria...

Here's the deal. Have an accountant stipulate how much net your worth is... I know u just got there but whatever it is...

Then u give 50% to the cause! Then u have my attention.
If your not willing 2 donate half your worth immediately...

Then this is a fraud!
Which you borrowed from #Germany鈥檚 鈥淓nergiewende鈥
These F**kers are gonna do everything they can to shove this crap down our throats...economy be damned! twitter.com/aoc/status/109鈥
"now this" is propaganda... keep lying to America though and see how far that gets you. youtu.be/e82smfcypUc
Stop embarrassing yourself! You have already made it totally clear to the entire planet that you are an imbecile! I think you have sniffed too many cow farts! Wipe your nose off! pic.twitter.com/w9CbY4U2E7
Our economy is Fragile? Can you provide 2 yr stats please and not the made up ones. I'm providing home ownership to many families under 25 y/o. HERE IN THE CA. CENTRAL COAST.
Crippling the American economy is common sense, of course! How could any of us have missed that.
Please RT as many times as possible. We don鈥檛 need to protect dying industries that give us black lung to keep the economy going. Even developing countries like India and China are staying away from them. #greennewdeal is the future.
You know what would be awesome? A coalition of Green Deal Economists testifying before congress. Be like Captain Picard and MAKE IT SO 馃ガ
"A #GreenNewDeal doesn't mean cutting back. It means mobilizing the vast unused capacity of our economy that is currently going to waste." - @JWMason1
AOC is an example of our failed educational system. After 17 years of education, K-12, then 4 yrs of college, they turned out a little socialist who 鈥渏ust knows鈥 the world is doomed and she has the answers to fix it. The greatest threat to our society are these little socialists
Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah. Shut The Hell Up you babbling Idiot 馃檮馃檮馃檮馃檮
@AOC tweeting @rooseveltinst fellow @JWMason1. Highlight of February.
You're crazy. I am sorry they made you like this. Please get help.
Destroying millions of American jobs in pursuit of a green dream that no other nations (including heavy polluters India, China) are signing onto is a fool's wish and errand. Wake up millenials socialism is a farce! Freedom not central planning 馃憣馃嚭馃嚫馃嚭馃嚫馃嚭馃嚫
What a bunch of socialist crap.
#Barkeep word of the day: Imperiled
Living, mouth breathing proof that the American education system is a. complete and abject failure.
You say it鈥檚 a moral solution, but is it a factual one?
Fragile? What universe are you living in? You can't help yourself from lying. It's what liberals do. I know most of your cult followers are dumb and/or ignorant, but your schtick doesn't play in Peoria
@BobMurphyEcon I know this isn鈥檛 exactly Krugmanesque but it would bring me great joy to hear you and Tom tear into this
Oh that鈥檚 right. A factual, evidence based solution doesn鈥檛 matter so long as it鈥檚 a moral solution
Our economy is strong. Best it鈥檚 been no thanks to you.
We are on yoru team @AOC. Help us educate people locally on the #GreennewDeal and the #JobGuarantee as we grown our numbers of driven Climate activists. #FightForFJG
I know you fight for New York, but can you fight for Tennessee, too, since my representatives ignore me?
Hector Navarro and Jorge Giordani, two socialists who鈥檇 held cabinet jobs in Chavez鈥檚 government said that as much as $350 billion may have been stolen from Venezuela Of course nobody knows how much money the socialist rulers of Venezuela have stolen theamericanconservative.com/articles/venez鈥
I think you should fixing NY first. The world will be ok. Other countries are killing the planet and you can鈥檛 do anything about it
We certainly need to borrow and tax people to death to spend $50 trillion on a carbon free economy to hope global temperature would decline by 0.01 degree while China is emitting nearly twice as much CO2 as the US and is going to add double of US emissions in 10 years
among all her other virtues .@AOC has good taste in economists.
I missed the part how your #GreenManifesto helps protect a fragile economy. How does that work again?
Here at the Tribe we live in Florida, on the beautiful Gulf Coast. The Green New Deal is part of our dedication to the future of our community, children and ecosystem.
It's like the entire human race is on a huge Conveyor belt heading for a thousand foot cliff, people are already falling off and no one is taking action fast enough to stop the belt to save us all.
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