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In addition to "joking" about raping children, Trump was accused in court of raping a 13-year-old and is tied to multiple pedophiles (Epstein, Arif, Casablancas, Nader, etc), some of whom were also sex traffickers. Those are the plain facts which people ignored for decades.
PREVIOUSLY: From "dating" his daughter to lusting after pre-teens, Trump "jokes" about having sex with children a lot pic.twitter.com/U6LlJhPLJa

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We discussed it on @gaslitnation, about a half hour into the show: twitter.com/sarahkendzior/…
quacks like a duck ...
I never understood how Trump raping a 13 year old could be “ignored” until Epstein recently walked away from court with child sex trafficking recently. There’s a lot of sick corruption involved in high places.
Some didn't ignore, but were ignored.
Thanks for your reporting, Sarah. How does a "civilian" like me who knew about some of the stuff referenced do something to get the "powers that be" to do something? I keep losing my mind wondering how NYC law enforcement didn't crush 45 long before he ever had a TV show, etc.
Politics aside, this is truly disturbing.
They were well known facts in the NY metro area. Again, media disinterest or malfeasance made this a non item for reasons I cannot fathom.
Think about the children still not been found after separating from their parents. Or the clip somebody recorded seeing two women escorting 6 young girls in the streets and in cars. You hear the person asking but no answer had been given. #ThereisalinkbetweenTrumpPolicyandthis
He is grotesque on every level.
Exactly! Sickening that none of this hurt Trump. I found this thread really interesting, though it's from November, I had to go find it again, because of how Ian goes through the court documents.
I have always wondered and am waiting for the trump modeling businesses busts for sex trafficking. Also. What about all the Russian young women in florida?
Trump supporters have condemned celebrities for gallows humor, but silent on this. I know comedy is subjective but come on.
Since more than 90 percent of far-right playbook is whataboutism and accusing others of doing what they themselves are guilty of, Pizzagate is looking more and more like an autobiography than complete fiction.
yeah but Obama wore a grey suit one time.
He likes to talk about duct taped women a lot. Too much
"Trump threatened me that, were I ever to reveal any of the details... my family and I would be physically harmed if not killed." Katie Johnson The lawsuit against #Trump for raping a 13 yr old CHILD #JusticeForKatie @LisaBloom #Epstein #metoo pic.twitter.com/KbqR6yFGp5
Big fuckin deal. It was over 25 years ago and it’s called “joking.” Try live radio once in a while. Sometimes you say anything to avoid 2 seconds of silence. You’ll never get it
Of all the "conservatives are projecting" stories, I never thought Pizzagate would be one of them.
But go ahead, @yashar - keep talking about my hangry senator eating a salad with a comb one time.
The rumors and accusations of @realDonaldTrump raping underaged girls and hanging with Epstein is the #1 reason I thought there was NO WAY he could be elected. That’s why (after the election)I felt like I had been kicked in the gut for months...
Content Note: Child sexual abuse.
Why did Trump nominate Alex Acosta to his cabinet? Why? We need to know.
Also a 12 yr old was used as a way to shut that then 13 yr old up (if 13 yr old didn't want to end up like MARIA(then 12 yr old), she will keep her mouth shut.. How ANYONE can still approve of trump makes me see how screwed up ppl really are.
Republicans and evangelicals won’t be affected by anything he’s done no matter what it is. As long as they get their wall to keep brown people out, it’s all good.
Sarah Isgur Flores has a political editorial job at CNN. Sarah Kendzior does not. CNN is fucked up.
And still ignore. Evangelicals are you listening? No. Beltway Republicans are you listening. No. You are all complicit and will be held accountable for this.
Jane Doe v. Jeffrey Epstein and Donald J. Trump. She was 13! ‘Nuff said.
I’ve been convinced the separated children no body know what happened to them are be being trafficked. He’s always bringing up sex trafficking children; His Tell is perseverating in something
No such thing as "joking" about such!
And here we go..... *slick rick voice*
Could this be what the Russians "have" on him?
The absolutely sad thing about this ...it was all out there for anyone to read and report before now. Now it's blowing up and he is the friggin President!
I didn’t ignore Trump’s past, I voted for someone else in the Primary, voted against him in the General. I’ve severed all ties to the GOP and RNC... lost many friends and even some family relationships over career low life Trump. #NeverPutin #NeverTrump
Remember a "Jane Doe”, who Lou Dobbs revealed on air as Katie Johnson, filed a lawsuit in NY against Trump back when he was only a candidate for President, & then after she started receiving death threats, withdrew the suit & it all just simply vanished?
And remember his obsession with talking about women who are duct-taped being brought across the border.
remember how everything trump and his cohorts accuses other of he ends up being guilty of? remember pizzagate?
He’s also been linked to a former child model agent that exploited young girls and teens with pretty creepy pedophile pictures. If I’m not mistaken, he signed his daughter with him. I 100% believe Trump’s a child sexual predator.
It's not pp tapes, but sex trafficking or under age girls. The depths of crime , yet to be revealed will be profound .
That might explain why he is so specific about traffickers' preferred color of mouth tape. Inside information.
Yup. Decades of evidence. A lifetime of evidence.
Going to scrub my eyes now.
No matter what he does his deplorables will still support him because they cannot admit they were wrong.
Just in case you've forgotten what a total creep @realDonaldTrump is. I mean, total sleaze weasel.
In addition to "joking" about raping children, Trump accused in court of #raping a 13-year-old and is tied to multiple #pedophiles (#Epstein, #Arif, #Casablancas, #Nader, #Clinton etc) some of whom were also #SexTraffickers Facts which people ignored for decades.
Seems we are much closer to understanding why Republican congressmen are such puppets. Between Epstein, Enquirer and POTUS's slick comments about what he "has" on people, the muck in this swamp has to be beyond disgusting. COMPROMISED MUCH?
I wonder if this is why Trump keeps talking about women being bound and gagged with duct tape
Absolutely correct. Trump's reputation as a sexual predator has been in the public domain for years. It's unfathomable that his documented predisposition towards the most extremely form of misogyny was treated so casually, if not ignored outright. It normalises sexual abuse.
It's almost like people like him hide predatory tendencies in plain sight by joking about them
“I’ve known Jeff for fifteen years. Terrific guy,” Trump booms from a speakerphone. “He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it — Jeffrey enjoys his social life.”
I don’t know how many different ways we have to say it. Trump is a trafficker! Trump is a trafficker! Trump trafficked children. You want to know his famous clients? Check my timeline. #TrumpIsApedophile
Did Acosta get his cabinet post as part of a quid pro quo? Trump might want to open a hotel in Antarctica and stay. Might also explain why @AlanDersh has been so defensive of Trump. He was on the legal team that broke the law to protect Epstein. And possibly many others.
Hi there. I guess our algorithms came together. Lol...👋 I am going to lay out what I have. Firstly, I fully believe that the #PTapes are #PedophileTapes NOT #PeeTapes. Lawsuit Charges Donald Trump with Raping a 13-Year-Old Girl snopes.com/news/2016/06/2…
There IS an InterNational Membership of Elite pedophiles.... They Are All Connected~ and...this HAS Existed for Decades. #GutterStyleCHIC #theAmericanEpiphany pic.twitter.com/OgAamqoVrw
Reporters need to bring up Trump's relationship with Epstein, his presence at Epstein "parties", and the rape accusations. Stop covering for him, press!
I feel like I need to wash my computer.
The way he grabs& looks down @IvankaTrump waist is sickening!
If I had eaten my lunch instead of looking at Twitter, I would have vomited after watching that clip.
My husband and I believe that something akin to proof of child rape is actually what Putin has on him, not a pee tape.
But... Pizzagate..
If you look at enough of the pictures of Trump and Ivanka... you just end up saying to yourself... "he can't keep his hands off of her"... and these are public pictures...
I.. this thread... i have to fact check it later dont I? Im gunna be sick. This cant be real, this cant fucking be real. @racingfan372 please tell me that the media thread spanning the years is some fucked up joke... idk why you, but like... fuck idk...
Wasn’t there concern about his model agency bringing in underage girls from over seas?
When someone tells you who they are, believe them.
He threw around so much dirt in last campaign that wasn't even true. His opponents this time must drag all of it out and confront him in public - alot of people don't know
Maybe when the truth of his proclivity for young children is exposed more of his zombie followers will wake up!
It only took one Monica Lewinsky to bring down Bill Clinton, how many is it going to take to bring down Trump?
But, you know, her emails. Pizza-gate was also devised to inoculate Trump against the truth. As in: wild, unfounded accusations against both sides.
I’m really wonder how much Michael Cohen is going to spill!
It's not hard to imagine the worst of DonaldTrump and the exploitation of young girls. I have never seen a father so openly sexually inclined toward a young daughter as Trump was with Ivanka. His hands on with her now is alarmingly inappropriate.
This plus all these awful humans needs to be talked about every day until they are all in jail.
Yes. This could come to light with the #epstein and @SecretaryAcosta investigation going on now. Those girls have 15 days to decide how to respond!!
They all run in the same social circles. I think we're about to see a huge sex trafficking scandal that reaches to the highest levels of wealth and power in the U.S. Epstein, Trump, Rudy, Dersch, Kraft, Acosta, Starr. Thoughts?
Speaking of sex trafficking and Trump, why did Trump run a modeling agency? I have a hard time believing he's super interested in fashion. Was the agency a means of gaining access to young women and girls?
Hanging out...casually...kind of pic.twitter.com/oL4Lyf6J5x
Trump has been involved in the abuse of young girls for a very long time!!
Several beauty pageant contestants said he would line them up and go down the line inspecting their bodies.
Apologies in advance to everyone. This is absolutely sickening.
With all that you have said is shocking but I believe. And there is no doubt that his businesses in a modeling agency and Miss America had ties to the sex trade. With friends like Kraft god knows he would have had plenty of crusty old customers. @CNN @MSNBC @foxandfriends @AP
I get the feeling this is like that scene in die hard where the momentum shifts to bruce willis and Severus Snape gets all worried pic.twitter.com/uPTRNz3Y31
The Charge: "Defendant Trump tied me to a bed, exposed himself to me, and then proceeded to forcibly rape me [at age 13].... " #JusticeForKatie justiceforkatie.com
Out of all the cases against this vile man, this one is the one that I hope he would be indicted on right now. The 13 yr old girl who is a woman now deserves justice. Every time she tried to testify her life would be threatened.
and NOW KRAFT being accused of not soliciting a prostitute but having sex slaves is right in line with the rest of trump's buddies!!
Any rape, sexual harrassment, or incest survivor recognizes the PREDATOR in Trump. The entire nation saw it when he stalked Hillary during the debate. It implies interesting things about his base. And I think survivors have unique insight into Ivanka and Melania.
This is what I want to see him go down for the most. I want him in prision no matter what, but I’ll be very disappointed if it’s not in part for his sex crimes.
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