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1. Stop subsidizing fossil fuel companies
2. Put that money into green energy

I’m in all the way for a #GreenNewDeal.

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So @ewarren you are all the way in for a #newgreendeal
did you fly to this speech?
Did you take a car to it?
did you make sure every worker at the venue made $15.00 per hour ?
Did you make sure they all had healthcare? Free vacations?
In other words @ewarren is now going to try to out socialist @BernieSanders
I am here for Liz Warren. She's brilliant. She's a leader. She's experienced. She's a coalition builder. She cares about the same things I do. Frankly, she's got everything I once liked about Bernie, without all the things I really do not like about him now. She's got my vote.
Liz Warren is particularly good at articulating the insanity of subsidizing fossil fuel extraction ($20 billion in the U.S. annually alone; $5 trillion globally). It’s remarkable how easily blowhards yelling about “how we pay for” a Green New Deal evade this fact.
I alle år har vi sagt at amerikansk politikk generelt ligger så langt til høyre at selv de som ses som venstreradikale er til høyre for nesten hele det norske politiske spekteret.

Men nå begynner altså flere å si at vi må slutte å subsidiere olja. Det tør nesten ingen i Norge si
The more you're in all the way to progressive policies, the more I'm in all the way with your campaign! Please be all in on universal healthcare! I want you to win! :)
Wouldve been cool if you spoke up during the National Grid lockout.
i'm all about this but we should not pretend that this reshuffling of a few tens of billions constitutes a #GreenNewDeal. it's gonna take a much more serious lift.
I just wiggled on my couch as I watched this, not gonna lie. #StopFundingFossils
Sounds like a great idea to me and almost a DUH statement. Green technology is the future and will help our planet deal with climate change. Coal, gas, and oil are old and dying.
I want a go-getter. Go Liz!
We can do this when we also stop subsidizing the corn industry and high-fructose corn syrup production. Nevermind, “put that money” actually means “subsidize some other lobbying group’s industry.”
Please help @SenFeinstein get this bill passed in the Senate @SenWarren? It’s both/and *not* either/or! 👉 feinstein.senate.gov/public/_cache/… #GND #GreenNewDeal #ClimateChange
Republicans ignore the younger generations because they have little political and financial power
Rock on Elizabeth Warren! I hear you. #GreenNewDeal MAKE IT SO!
So when are you going to stop flying around campaigning? Ah, the old Dem double standard. Can hardly wait to see how far left u go.
So nice to see someone stand up and talk coherently about the Green New Deal. Republicans only know one argument - FEAR. The world can't afford fear. We need leaders who understand the problems, take a stand, and work to make it happen. #Warren2020
Just make sure that scientists and engineers are involved in drafting policy so that low-emitting systems can be built in practice and be affordable at the same time. Low-cost energy is a vital part of economic justice for the masses. Don't ever forget that!
Fantastic. That's why I contributed to your campaign. What's up with #MedicareForAll ?
Thank you so, so much! I have been screaming into my tiny little microphone for the green new deal, not only is your microphone is bigger but your integrity and support mean a lot to me!!!!!!
thank you, senator!!
Hell yes. Keep it up. I want you to make my vote as difficult a choice as possible.
I need to go read the bill. Anyone have a link to a good summary, first?
You do realize you need metallurgical coal to make steel for infrastructure right?
Also can we stop federally subsidizing insurance for flood & hurricane areas? They should pay more than people who don’t live there not be able to rebuild & get reinsured with backing from the federal government at an artificially low rate or am I alone on this?
Weren't you around during Obama years? Does Solyndra ring any bells?
President @ewarren taking the fight for the #GreenNewDeal from the people, right to the pocketbooks of the wealthy, indifferent and destructive "elite"
Guess what? You can actually be respectful of your constituents and lead on climate change in under two minutes: twitter.com/ewarren/status…
1. Stop subsidizing abortion clinics. 2. Put that money into clinics that support families. I'm all the way in for a #FamilyFirstDeal
Shame on you for your racist and bigoted comments on Palestinians.
YAS this is leadership!! Plz keep it UP
Warren continues to rule
Progressives are always looking toward the future, increasing productivity, developing renewable energy, technology innovation & creating millions of new jobs! We need to aggressively move in this direction #ForThePeople!
Good stuff from @ewarren. Keep runnin with it!
It literally snowed on my cacti. Not only that but some of the items in the bottom of my refrigerator have begun to freeze. How is that consistent with “global warming”? pic.twitter.com/PMV1d0uUYT
Go one day without using any product or service that is made possible by fossil fuel and I’ll join your campaign with every cell of my body.
Climate change is the most important issue facing the world today. It should be front and center of all policy discussions, debates, and elections.
Great idea! Subsidizing the development and consumption of valuable and irreplaceable non-renewable energy makes no sense.
When we talk about GREEN ENERGIES It's very important to make sure that EVERYONE will have equal access, and opportunities to invest in the new developing industry. Tax incentives for everybody, not just the guys that already have money.
No one likes this idea, but if we, at some point, come to the conclusion, that we have run out of time, consider this. Research funding should begin now. $2-$3 billion would work wonders. carbonbrief.org/explainer-six-…
Never going to happen
Thank you @ewarren for your support of the Green New Deal!
I love fossil fuels...fracking off for now!
I realize it's just a start, but I'm all in also. I reuse and utilize everything. I am a confessed plastic bag saver. I re-use them until there's little left. I love gardens and plant them when I can. Every little consideration helps.
So this was a real answer to the young lady's question: implement the policy in little pieces, and here are a bunch of examples of those pieces. I dunno, it sounds pretty reasonable.
From the woman who takes money from the coal lobby...😏
Stop allowing lobby’s and special interests dictate how our representatives vote by outlawing lobby groups of all kinds and make the people tell the congress what they want. No more businesses being represented over the people. It’s 2019 #wethepeople.
Must stop fracking our public lands and neighborhoods, now.
I'm all for getting rid of subsidies for anyone/all corporations. But prepared to pay $6 for a gallon of fuel and having your utilities bill triple.
Totally unrealistic with zero chance of passing the senate. We need dramatic action on climate change - why dilute it with all the unrelated economic issues that guarantee the important bits about emissions get rejected out of hand? This is political theater.
Green energy can only succeed with green home development and transportation leading the way.
"Green energy" causes greater environmental harm than fossil fuels and at a greater cost. It doesn't take a ton of research to realize that. But nice try.
As soon as green energy companies begin buying politicians, this will happen.
subsidizing fossil fuels is socialism
Fossil Fuels have been a blessing and more and more a curse. Putin’s only export is Oil, yes, Oil. Let that sink in. Keeping the world addiction to oil is his biggest goal.
We don't want the same fossil fuels guys to become the green energy millionaires. We don't want the same greedy people to capitalize on natural resources that belong to ALL OF US (and when I mean ALL OF US, I mean EVERY INHABITANT OF PLANET EARTH)
Yes! You tell em! Senator Warren! I would be so grateful and proud of my country to call you President Warren!
Amazing how much overlap there is between radicalism and common sense.
this is..not the green new deal. like not even close.
Being respectful of your constituents and leading on climate change actually sounds a lot more like this: twitter.com/ewarren/status…
Guess what? You can actually be respectful of your constituents and lead on climate change in under two minutes: twitter.com/ewarren/status…
Subsidies for oil companies = socialized earnings they keep 100% of, while the fallout from their practices, i.e climate change, floods, fires etc., is, of course, privatized, meaning we pay for everything ourselves.
I'd gladly and sadly show you what mining does in the area PA DEP forgot, the County of my birth and where I again reside.
@SenWarren is going all the way to demonstrate #RealClimateLeadership. We're glad to have her join in the fight for a #GreenNewDeal
Sadly, #DiFi recently told a bunch of children to get stuffed bc they support the #GND. Good to see that senators like @ewarren understand the urgency.
Don't subsidize anything.
Would that also include the money we put into National Defense to protect our “interests” in the Middle East? God I hope so....tired of the military subsidizing big oil there.
#Fauxgressive #CorporateWhore for the military industrial complex. Her colleagues suck at big oil, and big Pharma's, teat. Any one really think she's serious? Where was she in 2016? pic.twitter.com/oUAa5Khvr2
Stop subsidizing everyone and everything, period!! #fedup
There are many worthy people running, and Elizabeth Warren may not have the most charisma. But, you know what? She is the smartest of the bunch.
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