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BREAKING: President Donald Trump finalized his Protect Life Rule which could strip Planned Parenthood of $60 Million in federal funding.

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This is great news. I am horrified that my hard earned money is paying for millions of babies to be slaughtered. Also, Planned Parenthood gives millions to politicians who I do not support. Government funding of this is wrong in so many ways.
Good, now take away the other 440 mil.
When they can afford to pay millions to lobbyists and politicians, they don't need to get funding from the government.
Planned Parenthood gets $500 million in Medicaid funding through Title 10. Secretary of Health and Human Services sets the regulation. Democrats will sue and LOSE big. hhs.gov/opa/sites/defa…
Expect DNC fundraising to drop by $60 million as a result.
It’s about time @PPFA using funds for abortions & now possibly murdering innocent babies after birth is hideous Funds for betterment of Families & Women’s lives Why should America’s tax dollars fund murders, & pay for women’s ill advised sex lives? @realDonaldTrump spot on!
We need a TOTAL defunding of that murderous operation! I’m not being represented when my money is being used without my approval!
Still leaves about $440 million. There should be rules that any organization getting government funding cannot give money to PACs, candidates, or political causes. They're a money laundering machine that funnels tax dollars directly to Democrats that vote for their money.
Yes! No taxpayer funding for the PP abortion industry!
This will go through the courts. I hope @POTUS wins. #ABORTIONISMURDER
And the hate tweets come POURING in.
Now if only he could strip the other $440 MM
PP gives more than 60 million dollars a year to liberal/Democrat/Socialist causes and politicians! Taxpayer money going to disgusting liberals!
PP gets over 500 Million from federal funds so until it's 100% of funding it's not enough. Great start.
Yesss!! Now all those celebs for this place can donate instead!!! Let’s see how many do!!!!!
Thank you DJT!❤️I hope it goes through. I sure want nothing 2 do w/ a Corp. who kills full term babies & who rips fetus from limb 2 limb.
PSA: not every PP performs abortions so by defunding it you’re also defunding very crucial medical tests that could save lives but ya know, continue to want complete control over a women’s body you satanists. Research what they do please and then tell me this isn’t about control.
If PP needs the money...have a TELETHON....thank you President Trump ...
60 million? It should be defunded 100%. They should get no money from tax payers. @realDonaldTrump pic.twitter.com/3D5QS4mGyG
I hope this works out, so tired of paying for other people’s abortions which we were promised we’d never have to do by the lying Obamas.
Good! It’s way past time but it’s a good start!
They should get no funding whatsoever. We need to put an end to the whole monstrous organization.
That's only like 10% of the funding tho
I wished things like this had been done years ago when I was robbed of the chance to become a father...
Good. I am not opposed to the company being in business. But they should not be getting millions in funding.
Please make this happen!
It’s not enough but great start!!!!
At least he is trying God Bless the Don
I think it’s a mistake to make something else illegal! Your uterus is yours! If you don’t want to have a baby it should be your decision! Is this not a free country? This is the ONLY life we’re guaranteed stop taking it for granted!
"Tax payer funding"
$60 MILLION, That's it?

Program grew steadily over the past 40 years, from a $6 mil budget in 1971 to $286 mil in 2017. In 2014, an estimated 4,100 clinics used Title X funds to provide low-cost or free contraception to their low-income patients, typically those who lacked ins
When half of Americans oppose abortion, NO taxpayer should be funding an establishment that performs them. Sorry. This is right on. And I’m pro choice. I’m also pro respect and pro fair.
This bill needs ALL our support. Can we really legalize murder in our country? Can't wait for the SCOTUS ruling on this horrendous travesty.
Only another $440 million to go
literally donates MILLIONS to democrats... a publicly funded organization that NEEDS money from the government to run should NOT be allowed to fund any politics whatsoever.
Yes!! 🙌🙌❤️❤️
Only $400 million left to go.
Uh-oh!! Nancy gonna be pi$$ed! She was planning on spending that money...as soon as PP gave it back as per her donation requests.
Great, about time!!
Holy and all powerful God in Heaven Protect Mr. Trump and his family. Deliver us from these devils who mean to destroy us. Amen.
Now go after the other $440,000,000.00
GOOD, GOOD, GOOD, Defunding Planned Parent.
I love my President....all those little babies who have not been born yet are cheering and crossing their tiny little fingers.
Short by about $440 million.
Now gut the funding entirely.
So many people say it is wrong to strip Planned Parenthood that we are infringing on their right to do as they please with their bodies. I say it is my right to say I am not going to pay for it!
60 Million... Of tax payer money yearly invested to Exterminate Future Tax Payers...
Whoops, there's 60 Mil that won't be given to dem candidates..
They should receive $0 if they have $300M available to contribute to Dem political funds
I really can't stand this guy oh my god
That’s a start. Must fight this progressive trend of #infanticide
I would shut down the government indefinitely to stop the entire $500M. I wouldn’t sign any budget with any $ for PP. They can cry all they want.
Then how does PP get $500 million to donate to the DNC? Doesn’t sound like a lot
Excellent. I’d rather my tax dollars fund The Wall than kill babies. I guess that makes me the immoral one. Sheesh🙄
Abortion is murder. PP are murderers of innocents. No organization that makes political donations should receive government funding.
Please I hope this is true.
This great news. All those little babies can be saved.. Thank you Mr.President. God Blessed us with these babies & that is the only way to think of them as a blessing. Everybody is a winner. Mother no guilt, baby life, couple chance to love.
Well maybe they shouldn't be selling baby parts huh! Shut them down. Thank you #POTUS #Trump2020
Now strip the other $440 million.
Good. They gave over $100 million in campaign donations. Let them use that money for killing babies and MY TAX MONEY can go into building infrastructure, supporting farmers and of course my Son the Marine. You liberals are the real #BabyKillers
That's all? Take it all away
Should stop all funding
Bill Kristol, Charlie Sykes, Rick Wilson, Tom Nichols, Joe Walsh and the rest of the Never Trump people will find a way to slam Trump for this.
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