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GREAT NEWS: the Trump admin has finalized the Protect Life Rule, which would redirect $60 million taxpayer dollars AWAY from abortion giant Planned Parenthood to non-abortion clinics.

Crucial step in the right direction!

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You do understand that 95% of how Planned Parenthood helps women in their communities has nothing to do with a abortion and everything to do with birth control and preventing sexually transmitted diseases.
Crucial step backwards for women’s rights, body autonomy, healthcare for the underinsured, and the country as a whole Terrible day for the nation #PlannedParenthoodSAVESLives #NotYourBodyNotYourChoice
Not ALL Planned Parenthood’s conduct abortions. They are there for those who cannot afford an OBGYN. Even men can go there. I went there for years for my Pap smears and regular checkups. I went to a non-abortion location in Jersey. pic.twitter.com/t9W66FqgdO
Rule hasn’t been adopted and leaves $450 million per year funneled to Planned Parenthood. Come on @LilaGraceRose ... please don’t tell me you’re promoting this scam? Trump has already signed off on nearly $2B in appropriation to PP since his election. That makes him #ProChoice
its like u guys have NO IDEA what planned parenthood actually does
El gobierno federal de EEUU retiró $60 mdd a las clínicas de Planned Parenthood y los dará a clínicas no abortistas.
Bitch fuck you. You don’t deserve a vagina. Nut ass whore
Keep your religious views out of government policy.
American right wingers believe life begins at erection. Once the child is born, they are against securing them universal healthcare, college & basic needs. For non-white children, they have created the “decrepit schools to prison pipeline.” #AmericanTaliban #PlannedParenthood
Oh wonderful! I’m glad overpopulation, a growing lack of fresh water, and our struggle to grow enough food to feed the people ALREADY on the planet isn’t a problem anymore. I’m sure that the rapid and unprepared increase in population is not going to affect us AT ALL. pic.twitter.com/v1rTo1wUjs
A great step toward more unwanted, needy children in broken homes! When those kids become adults the GOP will cut their social services and call them leaches on a system they’ve created.
I hope that soon you will be reporting that all tax payer dollars have been removed from Planned Parenthood.
Who else is tired of their taxes going towards the murdering of millions?! • Let’s put an END to this madness, called a “choice”! #ProLife
This puts money into ACTUAL health care facilities that ACTUALLY help women!!! FOR. IT. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Nope. CRUCIAL would be providing care for those already living. GOP has no answer for that though. Their pockets matter more than Americans lives. Babies aren't the only ones that matter in this equation. SAD, as Don likes to say. I had to remind you of this. AGAIN!
Literally fuck all the way off
forcing women to be an incubator against their will, sweet 🌹
NEWS FLASH: abortions aren’t going to magically go away because funding is taken away for safe procedures in safe clinics. women will do what they have to do but now it’ll be in more unsafe, unregulated ways that’ll harm more people. great news lila
can i get uh.. muh fuckin uh.. SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE????
Great! Good step. Only $500 million or so left to go.
Instead of giving one penny to Planned murder hood, the money should go for Adoption resources.
Texas did this 18 months ago. Result: 26%⬆️ in pregnancies - mostly to lower income people who will get financial aid: welfare, WIC, SNAP, Child care assistance, Hosing assistance, free school lunches. For the white nationalists: most of those extra kids are Hispanic US citizens
Awesome! 440 million to go.
Why do people think planned parenthood is some sort of abortion factory. It provides a ton of other helpful services like cancer screening, free std tests, infertility services and general health care services to women who wouldnt otherwise be able to afford it.
AMEN! Shabbat Shalom!
Planned Parenthood is WAY MORE than just abortions!!!! Keep your religion out of government issues 😤😤
crucial step in the WRONG direction. planned parenthood has provided me with low cost STI testing and access to prep in a non-judgmental supportive setting so i can decrease my likelihood of getting HIV. wtf is wrong with them providing access to safe and legal abortions?!
WRONG! U don’t get the function of Planned Parenthood girlfriend, & news flash, this man protects NOTHING except he & his cronies interests, 2 the detriment of most Americans! Another mindless statement from someone who supports this man even w/all the evidence of corruption! WTF
Thank God! Thank you @realDonaldTrump ❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️
It would be best if the government stayed away from social services altogether.
Fantastic! That means many rural women will not have access to basic gynecological procedures like cervical cancer screening. 🎉
i am not a medical mind & am in no position to make decisions for others, But seems to me that one of the best ways to help women & their families is to fund clinics providing prenatal care for the low income. Clearly a great investment in future of those women & their families
yes, one step...let's go all the way in removing taxpayer funding for PP.
Proud of him. It´s only a step, but it´s a huge step. Possibly the best piece of news in my lifetime.
That’s great news!!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Why can’t he take all the money away? Use it help single mums instead of supporting death?
Nothing like women cheering on something that will affect low income women’s healthcare. Right on!
uhh shush. yall always claiming pro life, but wont help take care of the it when it's born. and we all know the foster care system in America is terrible.
It makes me so happy to hear this 😊😊😊 pic.twitter.com/TppbaLoOMv
this is ridiculous. i’m tired of all you pro-life men making decisions as to what YOU think is best for women. planned parenthood has helped so many women and girls in more ways than abortions. but y’all don’t care about that, you only care abt controlling us smh
Good start, 440 million more to go.
less than 10% of what planned parenthood does for people are abortions. advocating for the loss of federal funding to clinics like PP is going to kill people. not just women seeking abortions. women who need mammograms, men who need screenings, teens who need STD testing, etc
all Holy massess and divine mercy chapltes and the Most Holy rosaries has done
you spelled “cervical cancer screening, birth control giving, STD testing, family planning haven” wrong.
Did he advocate to direct that 60 million TO Women in poverty to care for living children? That’d be swell. ;-)
That isn’t going to happen. Good Luck.
Protect Unborn Life, maybe. It doesn't do anything else. It definitely doesn't help women.
Thank you @realDonaldTrump !!!!! This is the Main reason i voted for you!!!!! God Bless you!!!!
That's fantastic! Thank you Mr.President and Mr. Vice President God bless you all!
Great news! Send the money to facilities that provide health screenings with no abortions. Planned parenthood is not the ONLY company that “helps” women
Lila, I used to see the world this way. Are you going to advocate for these low income women to have better access to gynecological care? You have a voice in this conversation. How are you going to raise your voice for them?
It’s about time!!
Twitter headline calls Planned Parenthood the largest "family planning" organization in the US. This is why I don't like these headlines - they are liberal brainwashing. PPL is NOT known as a family planning operation but a way of killing an unwanted baby.
But he doesn’t care enough about the issue that he’s willing to (for instance) shut down the government to defund Murder Inc. #priorities
do people not realize that planned parenthood isn’t just about abortions?? PP helps women in so many other ways
God bless the Trump admin for this policy.
🙏🏻 Praise God the Father, Jesus Christ His Son, and the Holy Spirit! It has begun! #AdoptionNotAbortion #TheGreatAwakening
This is so awesome! Planned Parenthood is NOT for women.
slowly moving towards a culture of life.Why would the govt pay an entity to destroy it's citizens ? Let's put money towards adoption.
It seems as if slowly but surely, PP will one day be completely defunded. #DefundPlannedParenthood
Amen To That. Take the other 440 million away from @PPFA and use it for foster children. Defund planned Parenthood now. @realDonaldTrump
You’re out of your mind, Lila Rose. And a traitor to your gender.
I just threw up in my mouth
Well so much for women’s rights to their body, Government not controlling their body and what not. What a great Country we live in. He said sarcastically
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