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Trump administration rule will cut millions in funding to Planned Parenthood trib.al/pzeaSyJ

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when women start dying in increased volume from unsafe abortions and late detected cancers don鈥檛 say we didn鈥檛 warn all you pro life bitches.
so just fuck women right??
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I guess soon women that have complications of carrying to term will now suffer and potentially die and those with no other choice yet with a dire need to abort will turn to more archaic and dangerous methods. Sick how government can't stay out of women's crotches.
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This is great news! #MAGA
Thankfully a step in the right direction. What ever can be done to save an innocent life. Yes! Thank you President Trump!!!
#ProLife 馃挒#AbortionIsMurder
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Yeah let's just take away more women's rights. Some people feel they have no choice but to abort, and that is THEIR business. Stay out of it with your self righteousness.
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Trump admin. issues rule prohibiting family planning providers like Planned Parenthood that receive fed. assistance, providing abortion referrals. "PROGRAMS ARE PART OF THE SOLUTION,"SO MANY REASONS WOMEN SHOULD HAVE THE RIGHT TO FREE CHOICE!" RAPE, FAILED BIRTH CONTROL, INCEST!?
This is so heartbreaking
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This sucks. Planned parenthood helped me be able to afford medication I鈥檓 on rn. Where the hell am I supposed to go if Planned parenthood gets shut down? There needs to be a better way to handle this.
hey if you鈥檙e pro-life the best way to prevent abortions is to provide access to birth control and planned parenthood...does exactly that
republicans STILL be thinking that planned parenthood only provides abortions huh? lmaoooo
For anyone who doesn鈥檛 know... Planned Parenthood provides many other important services to women & men other than abortion services. Mothers who cannot afford prenatal care are helped by PP & now they will not get the meds or services they need to keep their babies healthy.
I will truly never understand why people think planned parenthood is only for abortions. I used them when I had no insurance and without them I would have been MAJORLY screwed. While I was sitting in the waiting room I saw FAMILIES & many MEN waiting for care.
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I hate this fucking country.
Get ready for thousands of women performing abortions on themselves and possibly dying instead of getting abortions done safely. Y鈥檃ll really hate us lol
fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you
God imagine the ignorance behind thinking Planned Parenthood鈥檚 only function is for abortion-btw that鈥檚 only 3% of everything they do. Sorry the other 97% is STD testing, screening for cancer, medication, infertility services, hormone treatment, and general FUCKING HEALTH CARE
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love this SO much!!! cause since ya鈥檒l want abortion to be abolished, you all must REALLY be excited to adopt those kids when the mothers can鈥檛 take care of them!!! so glad ya鈥檒l are so WILLING to do that!!! not like there isn鈥檛 a ton of kids in foster care already, right????
Fuck him and his administration they do not realize how important PP is to reproductive rights and women鈥檚 health
Thank you Trump for defunding affordable reproductive healthcare. You have now limited the access to the morning after pill, contraceptives, cancer screenings, std treatment & infertility assistance just because you don鈥檛 want women to have a choice of what to do with their body!
and I鈥檒l say it again... FUCK DONALD TRUMP
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Lol, I can tell the comment section has never had to deal with 鈥渂ad decisions鈥. Y鈥檃ll so fucking high and mighty on this godforsaken app.
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This is what Trump does when he can't have his way. He targets women.
why do y鈥檃ll want to deny people affordable health care services so much
this is just.. I鈥檓 so disgusted with this country.
when will the war on women stop? this is a war on low-income women - led by a man, figures
PLEASE understand that Planned Parenthood does WAY more then just provide abortions. They provide free screenings, birth control and etc. This place helps so many women who can鈥檛 afford it. And if you鈥檙e still worried about abortions 鈥 please remember that it鈥檚 a WOMAN鈥橲 CHOICE!!
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Planned Parenthood is not just about abortion. They provide low cost sometimes even free exams for women and men. They offer breast cancer screenings. They provide free condoms. I support PP. I support every woman鈥檚 right to choose.
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Really glad y鈥檃ll want to take away such a necessary resource for so many women :/ pic.twitter.com/Mklo1I6cBZ
I HATE how there鈥檚 a bunch of old ass white men commenting on this and celebrating. 2.4 million women possibly losing access to birth control, STD tests, cancer screenings, etc is not something that should be celebrated. This is disgusting.
any person who is excited about this is dead to me.
In reply to @splinter_news
Take them to Court! Yet again a cynical, waisted, negitive attempt to defund one if the most effective organizations helping in the are a of woman's health care needs.
planned parenthood is literally the only place low income women can go for none costly healthcare; less than 3% of their procedures are abortions. this administration is absolute BULLSHIT
I can鈥檛 wait to vote this dumbass OUT.
I literally had to tell a senior in high school that women had three holes because her parents never gave her the talk and she was that uninformed. PLEASE STOP #IStandWithPP
BITCH, I really hope god grabs a hold of your white dumbass and teaches you a lesson
youre a whole ass idiot if you think planned parenthood is ONLY abortions. This is an organization for WOMEN鈥橲 HEALTH CARE. I鈥檓 so tired of people who just can鈥檛 seem to understand.
In reply to @splinter_news
Planned Parenthood literally helped me get a free birth control that would鈥檝e cost me out of pocket over $500. Think about it this way. If people can鈥檛 get pregnant they can鈥檛 have an abortion.
but why, why defund a organization that helps millions of people, men and women, this is fucked
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I鈥檝e never in my LIFE understood the argument against pro choice. How are you gonna tell a woman that she can鈥檛 decide what to do to her own body? That鈥檚 not your fucking baby or your life, let them decide
do you know how scary this is as a woman
In reply to @splinter_news
Can we just defund the government
Anyone celebrating this literally has no idea that Planned Parenthood does more than abortions and supplies women with healthcare such as cancer screenings, Pap smears, etc
people need to understand that planned parenthood isn't just a place to get abortions驴? it's a place that offers little to no cost birth control, feminine hygiene products, knowledge on the prevention of unwanted pregnancies, and some cancer screenings with or without health care
y鈥檃ll realize Planned Parenthood also provides women鈥檚 health exams, cancer screenings, general health care, and men health services. But so many just see one word and run with it...
dumb ass bitch.
In reply to @splinter_news
Anout time...Way to go Mr. President!
YAY !! President TRUMP !!
This is fucking stupid planned parenthood does SO MUCH MORE than abortions
In reply to @splinter_news
ah yes, drive these abortions underground, that's the best solution :)))) people who want to have abortions will have them one way or the other, might as well be in a safe and welcoming environment like pp offers unless you want these women to resort to diy methods donald
Trump administration cuts millions in funding for women鈥檚 health and cancer screenings
In reply to @splinter_news
In reply to @splinter_news
How stupid can you be to think this will save any lives, this will cause more abortions ffs because less people will have access to contraception. Its always feelings over literal human rights and lives with the maga crowd.
you absolute fools
In reply to @splinter_news
Welcome to an over-populated world of motherless children whose parents didn鈥檛 have 鈥渙ptions.鈥 馃う馃徑鈥嶁檧锔忦煔
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Ive also seen cases where teenage girls would hide their pregnancy by wearing baggy clothes. Then after they give birth they would throw the baby away, which is really sad.
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Best news I鈥檝e heard all day! It鈥檚 a start. Hooray!
Cut funding from easily accessible women鈥檚 healthcare? Awesome. People never shut up about being prolife, but pull stuff like this. Really, you can鈥檛 be prolife and think cutting funding to a NECESSARY organization is ok
Funding to ABORTIONS at planned parenthood. Which is barely funded by the government anyway. Gtfo with these dumb ass headlines lol
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Good women should have the choice to adopt the child they don鈥檛 want instead of killing them
In reply to @splinter_news
In reply to @splinter_news
He鈥檚 so 鈥減ro life鈥 but he has yet to make maternal and paternal leave a law for the us. While other countries have it with ease. That and the fact he hasn鈥檛 done ANYTHING to help the foster kids who DIE in foster homes from abuse. Smh
In reply to @splinter_news
This Fraudster-in-chief cares nothing about women and their health. Once again appealing to the loony right wing extremist who are misogynist.
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