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We were told there'd be some "best people" involved in the draining of the swamp.

So far, all I see are:
Pathological liars
Sex traffickers
...and, of course, TRAITORS.

Did I miss any?

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Mussolini invented the term 鈥渄rain the swamp鈥 and by it he meant destroying the civil service workers in government: he fired, what? 35,000 gov workers? So Trump鈥檚 attack on gov workers鈥攖he shutdown鈥攚as right in line with Mussolini鈥檚 game plan to drain the swamp.
Idiots Bigots Hypocrites
Is there a name for powerful men who suck MASSIVE tax breaks from the economy while trying to defund social services from everyone else? 'Republicans', is that the word?
Mob, dictators, traitors.
Narcissist megalomaniacs and sycophants
Maybe conspiracy theorists
Flat earthers Climate change deniers Russian assets?
And those were the vetted ones....
And one hugely malignant narcissist
The Russian Vor
google "Manafort family texts"
Only the general incompetence and near complete lack of credentials for the position held. Thinking in particular of State, HUD, Energy, Commerce, Education What is worse? Venality or such incompetence that you put the nation at risk just by being in the position? Both and....
Today's Winning Tweet !!!
Trump is Running a Transnational Crime Syndicate Out Of our White House
You could have saved yourself a lot of time and just typed "Republicans."
There is not one of them that are fit for any office.
Well, there is the Trump family, but they fit into all of those categories!
Some, I'm sure, are good people. 馃槈
Apparently some are all of the above.
Racists. Lots and lots of racists.
Maybe, but these are sufficient.
Xenophobes and Misogynists.
Great list ! 馃槃馃槃
I think that you might be praising them slightly.
Kleptocrats Kakistocrats
Money-Launderers Racists Bigots Tax Cheats Adulterers Wife Beaters
The "swamp" isn't even a swamp anymore. It's a cesspool. A literal sewer.
Love you!! 馃憦馃憦馃憦馃憦
Yep, you might have missed this. . . pic.twitter.com/3tGVi8owvG
This is what happens when you drain a swamp and fill it with cesspool
And none of them came in from the southern border.... Think about that.
Probably, but you hit the most important bullet points...
Nepotistic Narcissistic
Tiny dicked gutless endangered animal murderers. pic.twitter.com/CBYtP04agV
Nope..you covered them all.
'Draining the Swamp' was code to his cronies. It was a good laugh.
I'd go with Millers and Flynns and Bannons Each represent a specific pathology
Domestic violence abusers
Incompetence Deniers (climate)
So many fall into more than one category.
Accessories to murder.
Methodists? Oh wait... no Methodists 馃し馃徎鈥嶁檧锔 What are they called again? Oh yah! Evangelicals. pic.twitter.com/dbF4VtFYY4
Wife Beaters - Alcoholics and Drug addicts - Money Launderers and Evil Lawyers - Propaganda Spinners and Yellow Journalists. Hacksaw Journalist murderers, and Dictators
What happened to the values party?
I think it鈥檚 safe to say that we can place all of them in the basket of DEPLORABLES
The list is long but you made a great start. Maybe could have included cluttering the WH with incompetent, weak-gened family members.
The frightening thought I have is this: what if that IS the best people he had? What if we've yet to meet the worst? *shiver*
Let鈥檚 build a wall around all the 鈥渂est people鈥 that are 鈥榙raining the swamp鈥. pic.twitter.com/t9U3rUANiv
No, you misheard. He did not say "the best people" he said "be best people", meaning they're total frauds with no substance just like the #BeBest anti-bullying campaign.
Sexual perverts Election Thiefs
Nope, it's all Republicans stand for.
Naw, you said rapist
Honestly, swamps are important eco-system's-#TrumpCrimeSyndicate could be neatly disposed in the swamp-
Prolific Kidnappers of Immigrant Children.
Racists! How could forget that one?!
Conflicted, convicted, constricted , concocted and just plain cons!
#DrainTheSwamp because its stench is overwhelming us all. #TrumpWhiteHouse
When t-rump spoke of "draining the swamp", he neglected the part where he filled it with toxic waste.
Misogynists Uneducated Cult-like
Don't forget the Power Hoors!
I believe racists were not included. Otherwise, swamp well summarized.
Think u got them all
Traitors pretty well covers this crowd. If they did not betray us to another country, they have certainly betrayed their job of looking out for the wellbeing of our country. Right down to the story of allowing the killing of billions of honeybees. We will starve.
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