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BREAKING: Trump Just Pulled $60B From Planned Parenthood With The Stroke Of His Pen

FINALLY, Planned Parenthood Has Paid Out Over $30M Of Taxpayers Money To The DNC..👎🏻


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This is the best News today thank you Mr President
.@realDonaldTrump for protecting our unborn babies
#PlannedParenthood . . . it's not good to try and fool @realDonaldTrump . . . b/c HE HAS CONTROL of THE PEN and the PHONE now. . . . . . . .

"Trump Just Pulled $60B..."
Love love love the leadership and wisdom of this great President!!!!God Bless You
Donald Trump is the only President who matches his words with actions. He's a great President indeed. #MAGA!
Yes!!! My only question, what took so long?!?!?
Use it for the wall!!!
Trumps actions speak louder than Republican’s 40 years of promises!
Isn’t PP donating back to the DNC just a “money laundering” of our tax dollars? 💰

They don’t deserve to be funded if they have money to lobby! 😡

#DefundPlannedParenthood #TWGRP
Thrilled! No reason for the taxpayers to pay money to #PlannedParenthood. If it were about birth control & truly helping women I could see it. But I cannot abide by the selling of baby body parts. And there is no reason for them to be supporting politics with $$.
Thank you President Trump...if PP needs money..have a telethon....
That is Great Build the wall and keep the Country Safe !!!
Should've been stroking that pen 2 years ago
I hope this is true
Awesome, now we'll get our wall and maybe save a few lives.
Why should healthcare for those needing treatment for STD’s and seeking abortion, be assisted by government funding, when those of us that are responsible sexually, can’t afford to buy our blood pressure medicine or even the dr visit co pay?
Finally a leader with the balls to stand up for the most vulnerable among us. Planned Parenthood will have to plan on providing women’s health instead of funding abortions. The wealthy donors who support abortion can contribute. I don’t want my money going to abortion
Trump just barred Planned Parenthood (& others like it) *who offer abortions* from participating in federal grant program!!

With the stroke of the pen, he just cost them almost 300 million!!💰💰

Hey, they don't need it..they gave Democrats $30 million this yr in campaign $$
No wonder the Democrats love planned Parenthood our taxes go to planned Parenthood and then ultimately goes to the Democrats.
There's more than one way to stop these criminals... keep their criminality illuminated in the news cycle --JT @libertytarian @williamtravis13 @vilatam @Dennis17Viper @MilkMushMeat @Millie__Weaver @Rambobiggs @donaldpirl
Thank God 🙏for President Trump 👶🇺🇸All the Holy Innocence are Praying for you 👶🇺🇸🙏
Take it ALL!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
If true this is great news
America does interest You? If it does , start spreading the word . It’s our great President who stands for truth!
Happy news!!!! 👇💥👇💥👇
Time to put those babies up for adoption! #stopkillingbabies
Take all of funding away from baby killers. No entity receiving tax dollars should be able to launder those dollars & “donate” them to the dnc. Clear misappropriation of funds, which are not at their disposal to allocate to their party, business, nor person of choice.
Trump Attacks Abortions President Trump, a politician backing words with action. Over time, abortionists will be regulated out of accepted existence by negating Roe v Wade then it's struck down. Abortionists claim Planned Parenthood off back of babies lives. Good on you DJT.
Because it may be "your body, your choice.", well it's "my money, my choice."

You can murder someone on your own dime, not mine!
Put it to build the wall that money will save lives now instead of taking them.
Now that IS something to smile about! 👍
Bravo Mr President!!!
Some people need to screw a lot less often !!!
Yeah lol Not Any More!! The DNC is definitely gonna feel this one!!!👌😂😂😂😎 DJT ROCKS ✅
Thank God and thank you POTUS 🙏🙏🙏
Planned Parenthood is quite simply put, sacrificing our children to Satan!
This is absolutely wonderful and I thank my God for it.
We never should have sent them money to begin with
Finally, these monsters reigning in infanticide got what they deserve and it shouldn’t be the beginning. They need to be shutdown totally!
Thank you. Why should we pay for late term abortion
Best news I’ve heard in a long time!
Use the money to build the wall!
If they need additional funds for anything that is truly women's health related, like mammograms, I'm sure he will consider it. Not one penney from tax payers should directly fund abortion via PP. Great job Mr. President. #MAGA
Trump didn't become a billionaire by accident.
Save the precious babies
Great move. Why should the DNC get taxpayer funds from Planned Parenthood? Absolutely ludicrous!
PP is a subsidized DNC slush fund. Honest question: does the Hyde Amendment have any bearing on taxpayer support of PP?
Our President is the absolute best!!!! This should have been done long ago. Thanks to all the states promoting infanticide, you drew the best presidents attention to the matter. Thanks. PlannedParenthod 🖕off!!!!
One of the biggest recipients of pp donations is Elizabeth Warren. Our tax money going to her radical agenda of killing babies and selling them for more cash. Filthy ghouls
That's my President.
Democrats just lost a major donor!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
My, my, my that will build a whole lot of wall!
That was worth a pen or two to cut the DNC off...grin.
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