This is how @SenFeinstein reacted to children asking her to support the #GreenNewDeal resolution -- with smugness + disrespect.

This is a fight for our generation's survival. Her reaction is why young people desperately want new leadership in Congress.
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Tell @SenFeinstein and all Senators to co-sponsor @AOC and @SenMarkey's #GreenNewDeal resolution. Sign the petition today -- young people w/ @sunrisemvmt are delivering it to offices around the country Monday and Tuesday:…

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Children as young as 7 reminded Senator Feinstein that their generation will be most impacted by the effects of climate change and that she must stand with her constituents. The Senator responded by asking for their ages, stating: “Well, you did not vote for me”.
The #GreenNewDeal is a scam and any supporting it should not be in Congress. To think otherwise is simply foolish...instead get educated and overcome political hysteria as policy that the uneducated so easily buy into.
.The #GreenNewDeal is nothing but a
SCARE TACTIC to disguise the #DirtyDem's plan for REDISTRIBUTION of WEALTH via the #ClimateChangeHoax

It's the same exact thing that the horrendous #NObamaCare was all about.

#NeverSocialism 🚫🚫🚫
Reminder to people who don't understand Congress: *neither* AOC or DiFi's resolutions are binding, funded legislation. They are *resolutions,* not *bills*. This is posturing without a point.
Any group who uses children as a way to pressure others on serious discussions is reprehensible. There’s more to these topics than the pretty ideas. Frankly the NGD would utterly ruin our country and put us in more debt than ever and never succeed. Shame on u for exploiting kids
Got to give it to the @sunrisemvmt for targeting/exploiting young children....Very Smart...recruit the ones who still believe in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny.#GreenNewDeal Bunny.#GreenNewDeal Bunny.#GreenNewDeal #GreenNewDisaster
I would be so upset if teachers were using this fear mongering tactic on my child to promote their own political ideology. Shameful using children as pawns.
Absolutely NOT. AOC is insane. Green new deal is insane. This cannot continue
it was edited to show Feinstein in the worst possible way. A longer clip shows her explaining why it couldn't get out of the Senate and having her aide get copies of what they are proposing. The question is who edited and distributed that tape?
The Senator is exactly right.
A perfect example of socialist “teachers” manipulating and brainwashing our kids. Parents should be extremely concerned that this is what their school tax money is supporting.
Please stop your people’s stupid and go back to school, read books on your own, talk people in the real life. The crazy in the far left is part of the reason why they choose Trump.
These poor kids have been so early INDOCTRINATED that they can’t even listen to any reasonable explanation of how, and why Government was instituted by our American Founders—“to secure these Unalienable Rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” @thetalentscout
is a fraud, the “green new deal” is a fraud. Quit the indoctrination of fragile minds. There isn’t any undisputed science to back your claims and the debt is already unsustainable. Propagandists
Hey kids, dont listen to foolish people that are telling you these things. This is not just bad but its sponsored by a senile old man and a woman that thinks like a 16 year old girl. Any adult will tell you its crazy thought. So go out and play
You can’t really think that @AOC Green New Deal is viable. Retrofitting ever building in America in 10 years? The people of Flint MI are drinking lead. Our roads are falling apart. The GND is 🐎 💩. There needs to be viable realistic goals.
So using kids to do their bidding? This is how @AOC works, she uses kids. Remember another time in history when a government used kids?
Opinion: A 2 minute and 19 second edited video with the intentions of going viral. People need to watch the entire discussion and understand it. I have mixed feelings regarding Sen. Feinstein’s politics, but she is 100% correct. This GND resolution WILL NEVER pass in The Senate.
You lost a potential supporter with your tactics today. Very disappointing. Was still looking into and making up my mind about GND but it's just a non-binding resolution. Where's the legislation? You should be looking to make allies and converts, not enemies and division.
You people are despicable. Stop teaching children rhetoric to push your own twisted agenda
The new democratic party at it's best: let's use children to shame people, and no one will ever question the insanity of our bill. LOL, keep eating your own members, i'm sure you will do wonders for socialism
This is indoctrination versus education. I'm a huge supporter of POW and green initiatives but edits like this this do not help your (our) cause. Education not indoctrination. @transportdems @ProtectWinters #dontpaveparadise #Dontpavepeak7 @TownofBreck @Summitcoutygov
Did @AOC and @SenMarkey see this bogus edited video posted by @sunrisemvmt? Really sad to see what the democrats are doing to each other.
How come the green new deal does not include how it will be paid for ?? all bills presented should disclose the funding either by new taxes or taking funds allocated to other programs- Full Transparency
Congratulations, you have now turned many away from AOC and the Green New Deal. We as real Dems do not play the games you are playing. Go away.
These kids parents should be charged with child abuse for scaring these kids over doomsday. Grow up and let kids have a childhood. You must believe (in error) they won't make it to adulthood so let them enjoy the time they have left.
#GreenNewDeal demonstrates how ignorant & extreme the left has become.What a shame-these young minds are being scared to death by this extreme propaganda. Armageddon in 12 years? Come on! Hope you all realize that at one time Co2 was 6x higher,temps higher, & the earth survived.
GroupThink! Yes, everyone MUST have this passed! The polar icecaps will be melted in 10 years! Oh yeah, that was what Al Gore said waaay back in 1990! What? They're still there?
Shame on this organization for brainwashing these children, and for EDITING Feinstein's comments. I urge everyone to find the full video. She gave each kid a copy of the Dem resolution and told them if they had problems to let her know.
Sorry, but this is scary indoctrination of school children. They are like robots. And they were rude to Feinstein, the whole group. The warmest day on record was 1922, warmest day in US was in 1913
That's right, people. And when they reach adulthood and get to live in a third world economy, they will be able to thank you for making it possible.
NO. And how dare you try to use kids to do your talking. There has ALWAYS been climate change and extinction. Mankind can curb our contribution but we can not stop it. HOW WILL THE "GREEN NEW DEAL" STOP ANYONE ELSE ON EARTH? You make 0 sense.
When you have to edit a 15 minute video down to 2 minutes to fit your narrative, it’s BS.
How did the kids get there? Surely not planes, trains and automobiles. How’d they like all that light and conditioned air in the senate building? Did they eat hamburgers at any point? Do you think they know how much power the Google mainframe uses?
I appreciate your movement & want to support it. But edit no a video to make a senator look like a real jerk who doesn’t care about the movement and doesn’t want to do anything about it is dishonest and petty. Have the courage to post the unedited video..she is not your enemy.
So basically you tell these kids what to say and believe and you want us to take them seriously?
Take your craziness someplace else. People with two brain cells to rub together know better. They can't forecast the day-to-day weather but climate change is a done deal?
Someone start another petition to not let adults use their children as political pawns for crap like this.
Setting these kids up to be slammed by almost every legislator with a shred of common Sense. 12 years? That's a made up number
What an abhorrent public servant. Time for her to go! Smdh
Show the whole video, damn it. You do your cause no service by doing this Feinstein hit job. She listened, she educated, she explained politics, she even offered one an internship. Shame on you.
These children are being fed a pack of lies by socialist utopian dreamers. The goal of the GND is not saving the planet but to enslave the human race.
What a misguided group.
This is politicians bribing kids to relay THE PROPAGANDA! They are kids - not deep thinkers! Not Cute!
Stop using kids as political props. Shame on you
Tell your followers to watch the full, unedited exchange.…
Ya just don’t sign onto a policy without studying first. If this is how you act, young people should not be allowed to vote. You’re Bernie Bros out to destroy America & the world. Go live in Russia.
No thanks I like air travel
I like @AOC. I do not like programmed kids coached by adults for photo ops. I also do not like cults.
I’m incredibly disappointed in this @sunrisemvmt - it literally sounds like you’re brainwashing these kids with emotional, unfactual, overly dramatic whining. Parents! Where are you!?! Raise your kids to be smarter, PLEASE!
"Pedophrasty: Argument involving children to prop up a rationalization and make the opponent look like an asshole, as people are defenseless and suspend all skepticism in front of suffering children... Often done with the aid of pictures."…
Tell Sunrise Movement to Stop Indoctrinating kids!
No I'm not going to tell them to do something that will only end in disaster. Using small children to push an unsustainable agenda is one of the lower things you can do. If your worried about the Earth take it up with China and India as they are way behind us in clean air.
deceptively edited, this is not how Sen Feinstein reacted to children coming to see her. A lesson in not just reacting to the first thing you see on the internet. Here's link to full video
Nope. USA will never be socialist. You’re welcome.…
this is not how you get things done children - the full video uncut - not your cut and misrepresented:
This Tweet amazes me. I thought you kids were against "bullying" people? Yet here you are out spreading nasty rumors about Senator Feinstein because she doesn't agree with the Green New Deal. This is "Bullying." You are doing to her what you tell everyone else not to do. STOP!
Sunrisemvmt is GRU. Do not listen to these Russians.…
You’re abusing children, pimping them out to do your bidding. Show them the babies aborted , tell them you not only support that, you want them to pay for it. Pure Sociopath
We see here how the lies weakened and impacted our youth and now they’re passing it in to an even younger generation. Those beautiful young minds already poisoned by propaganda. I pray they will be healed and find peace.
Or not. This is the most irresponsible piece of legislation.
Kids should not be used, they parrot what they are told. This "deal" is so ridiculous on so many levels. You can't fathom a wall to fix an eminent problem, but are quick to tell the world it will end in 12 years and scare these kids to death. Who made up that date?
Please, don’t accept that “there is no money”
@amazon who stole the name of the greatest river on Earth
& pays no taxes!
corporations lobbied politicians to pollute and still do
ten years is too late!
#GreenNewDeal #Feinstein @AOC @KamalaHarris @ewarren @SierraClub @sunrisemvmt
Hell nah that deal sucks and you know it
Did you actually read it?
No. I'm not drinking my own urine.
AOC is fear mongering.
This green deal is a scam
No the green new deal is a joke and anyone that wrote/backed/ or supporting it should be commited
Donald Trump will sign the green new deal into law right? Yeah, he's not. So this hit job really isn't accomplishing anything. And arrogance goes both ways and the adult that spoke for the group did herself no favors.
$7.9 trillion in new government spending a year with government take over of the economy is utter insanity.
Oh by the way indoctrination is not cool.
I disagree with everything Sen Feinstein stands for but she was right to take on these kids. This was nothing but a stunt. And these kids shouldn't be used by their parents.
No, you tell them to sponsor this bill. You don't go to a Senator's office and hold a gun to their head and demand their unfettered participation. You got what you deserved and as far as AOC goes, she uses threats and underhanded plays to advance her legislation, not cool.
My 7 year old niece wants you to stop being manipulative douchebags.
Green New Deal will never work. It's expensive and completely disillusioned. Imagine trying to build a railroad to Hawaii and Alaska. Imagine wanting to make people drive electric in 12 years. Good luck paying for that. Imagine taxing the rich 70% and saying it'll pay for it. Lol
Release full video of the encounter w/ Sen Feinstein which shows she was engaged + fair to the group @sunrisemvmt . Sen Feinstein believes in climate change and will work to address it. Attacking her is counterproductive. I supported this group but questioning your motives now.
Say no to supporting Marxist Socialism
As soon as Sen. Feinstein started talking the older ones kept interrupting. It was rude and disrespectful.
This Green New Deal is not needed. Climate change is a big hoax. You Socialist are dumb as bricks in saying we need to ban cows , air planes, cars , oil, natural gas, coal, gasoline. You Socialist want people to think the sky is falling .All you people want is total power
#StopLiberalHate Anyone who thinks that global warming can be solved by the #Marxism as depicted in the #GreenNewDeal is out of touch with anything close to reality.
Feinstein is trying to tell you the Green New Deal was a resolution, a guideline, not a bill to vote on.
No. Absolutely not. See . @naomirwolf 's analysis of this bill.Go to . @DailyClout . This #GreenNewDeal siphons off all monies to VC's, new banks and the Fed all while Dem controlled entities have access to it and no oversight. It is a scam of the billionaires just like the Fed.
You are so freaking delusional about this and shame on you for brainwashing children into thinking we can go back to the days of horse and buggy. Let them be kids and As Feinstein said.. run for office yourself. Bunch of crazy AOC wanna be nuts. #ilovesteakplanescarsandjobs
No. The Green New Deal is way to cost inefficient. Yes, we do need to combat climate change. Yes, we need to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. However, we need to do so in a way that won't devastate our economy. We also need to hold countries like China and India accountable.
No, the GND is ludacris in its current form.
The video was highly edited. Feinstein was set up. Watch the whole video. She is asking for the entire Mueller report to be released, Sanders campaign director will be there.
Feinstein's environmental record is excellent. First. Pelosi, now DiFi. Watch out for Sunrise movement.
As much I don’t Like Feinstein, Pelosi, Chuck etc... they are OG gangsters. Keep messing with them won’t end well for the AOC types of the world. Who do you think is feeding people info on her and Muslim chick?
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