Tell @SenFeinstein and all Senators to co-sponsor @AOC and @SenMarkey's #GreenNewDeal resolution. Sign the petition today -- young people w/ @sunrisemvmt are delivering it to offices around the country Monday and Tuesday:…
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Children as young as 7 reminded Senator Feinstein that their generation will be most impacted by the effects of climate change and that she must stand with her constituents. The Senator responded by asking for their ages, stating: “Well, you did not vote for me”.

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.@SenFeinstein went on to tell a group of children, “I’ve been doing this for 30 years. You come in here and say it has to be my way or the highway. I don’t respond to that...I know what I’m doing. Maybe people should listen a little bit.”
Zero Pinocchios for Feinstein.
Children as young as 7 parrot the talking points given to them by parents and teachers.
This is a grotesquerie. Nauseating use of children in political theater. The Sunrise Movement & Justice Democrats should be ashamed. They need to apologize in writing to the Senator.
"children as young as 7 reminded..." no. an adult *used* children as young as 7 as mouthpieces, hoping to play on the senator's emotions to get her on their side.
This is not an accurate summary of what happened.

Feinstein responded to one 16-year-old who claimed "We're the people who voted for you."
What does a 7 year old know about the green new deal unless otherwise brainwashed? Using children for propaganda and Soros funds angers me more than anything. 😡
It's a good thing we don't live in a country where seven year old children dictate policy.
Children as young as 7 know absolutely nothing about the government. Next point
Yes, please. Let's let seven year olds determine policy. #HowStupidDoYouThinkWeAre #LetsDestroyOurEconomy
Children not old enough to ride the tilt a whirl should definitely be shaping complex policy issues m
7 year olds have no clue what they are talking about on this issue and neither do their parents and teachers, apparently. So embarrassing for them.
Since when has it ever been acceptable to weaponize young children for political purposes? This is literally why we must never let these Marxists control our government. .
Ah Childten as young as seven being used by the teacher to push her liberal agenda!
Children as young as 7 being taught how to put activism before objective analysis of data.
One of the most distasteful aspects of the internet is these 'gotcha' moments shared with the world. Wouldn't it have been more effective to make an appointment with the Senator, with a few people, and making cogent arguments & asking questions?
This was a disgraceful charade and y’all should be ashamed of yourselves. Coaching kids and feeding them lines is gross. Who had more of an opportunity to learn in that situation? The Senator or the children? You deprived them of a meaningful interaction with a role model.
among other things, the lack of respect for young people as autonomous humans is maddening
She's my Senator and I just called her office asking for an apology to these children and that she take some remedial classes on climate change. Clueless, classless, and out of touch. @SenFeinstein
Hello, these kids may not have voted for you, but their parents probably did! The condescension in this video is startling on so many levels.
When I was 7 I wasn’t even doing multiplication. Any 7 year old can repeat information that is pounded into their brains over and over again. These children are brainwashed, let’s tell it how it is.
How do these teachers get kids to bother doing homework while they’re telling them they won’t live to get their diplomas?
Quit scaring the kids. They’re more likely to be injured or die from a slip trip or fall.

Why are you filling their heads with fake doomsday hysteria?
The ossified env mvt & the Democratic Party has failed for 30 years to act on climate change. The GND brings a fresh approach that rises to the challenge of climate change. Senators who fail to recognize this deserve to be defeated in their next election.
Since when do 7 year olds make policy? Oh wait, since Democrats started electing loons like Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (mental age 7)
When elected officials talk over their constituents about their elections and the huge numbers of people who voted for them, that's a red flag that they're more "ego" than "public servant."
May I ask: WTF do “children as young as 7” have to tell a sitting US Senator? JFC. Get a grip, people.
I don’t necessarily like Feinstein, but I loved her telling the 16 year old, “No, you didn’t vote for me.”
Children as young as 7 force fed fearmongering by socialist educators need to be taken out of that ridiculous school and sent for real education that doesn’t involved socialist indoctrination. That’s child abuse.
More specifically, she responded *to the claim of a 16 year old that "We're the ones who voted you in"*...
I heard her say that after one claimed they had voted for her. Careful for your credibility.
They have been saying the world was going to end in 10 years for like 50 years now.
Well she’s not wrong.... a 16 year old didn’t vote for her.
Did you also let the children help you edit the video?
She responded to the 16 year old who stated she has to listen to them because they voted for her. Then she replied how old are you. She said 16 therefore she didn't vote for Feinstein. Then the Senator replied Then you didn't vote for me. Nice try on trying to develop FAKE NEWS!
Did those 7 year olds check the science?
How often do 7 year olds vote in US elections
Kids should NOT be used as props against useless Senators.
Dianne Feinstein needs to move aside and let the climate-anxious lead.
In 1989, the UN said we had 10 years. 12 years ago Al Gore said we had 10 years. @SenFeinstein should've read them The Boy Who Cried Wolf and dedicated it to the Climate Doomsdayers who have more in common with Rev Harold Camping.
Translation from LibSpeak:

"We tried to use brainwashed kids as political props and ended up making ourselves look stupid...and now we need to micharacterize what happened."

#MAGA #tcot
Children as young as seven have literally no idea what they or anyone else is talking about. You shove them out there in front of the camera's as shields to do your simplistic bidding. Shameful
I was told in the early 90s that Florida would be underwater by the late 90s and when it didnt happen they said the 2000s and when that didnt happen they stopped giving guesses at the year and just said sometime in the future
You're losing credibility and using kids inappropriately. And they're so smart and knowledgeable.…
This is utter garbage... no “kids” are going to have talking points for a Green New Deal, or even know what it is. Normal 7 year olds would be too distracted by butterflies to care. These children have been indoctrinated into an Ideology
I’ve considered Sen. Feinstein useless since the encryption and digital copyright wars of the 90’s.
That’s one of the most politically tone deaf and self destructive things I’ve seen in years. For having “done this for 30 years”, maybe you do need to be told how to do your job Senator.
She’s right. Most people see the GND for the joke that it is.
Children “as young as 7,” are just being used by the adults in their lives, who are really just pimping these kids, to advance their own agenda.
This group of children is going to be the most impacted, with sky high taxes to pay for a country that is broke. Shame on these adults using these children as pawns.
I just saw your video. You kids are incredible. NEVER give up. You are everything you ought to be. You are doing everything right. Never give up on the environment. Never give up on your government. YOUR government. Sending each one of you my thanks and a big hug.
Dianne Feinstein should have stopped being a senator quite some time ago.
One way or another, they never will vote for her, that’s for sure.
Since when have children made wise decisions without being told to?
False. One person claimed to have voted for her. She asked that person's age. The person responded, "Sixteen," and Senator Feinstein told her, not them, that she did not vote for her. That person's initial lie and your lie in reporting the exchange discredit you.
So just because somebody coerces young children to go do something everybody must fall in line?
Between you and me I think their parents last have put them up to it.
Feinstein has been like, notably corrupt for longer than I've been alive. Like she was close friends w/ Dan White (of killing Moscone and Milk fame) and somehow she's still relevant in 2019. Politics is wild.
A colossal moral and political misjudgment by @SenFeinstein 🌎#GreenNewDeal
Considering the government should work for the people & not their corporate donors, we should be able to confront senators who refuse to do what’s best for the people & the environment we need to survive. Unfortunately too many adults can’t understand that.
In the UNEDITED video, Feinstein politely explained the kids' version of the GND will not pass the Repub-controlled senate. The version by the KNOWLEDGEABLE, mature Dems she is voting for has a chance of actually getting implemented.
We have seen the entire video. If you have a good cause, you don't need to spread lies or edit videos. The adults were beyond disrespectful interrupting, not listening, Lame role model
Epic comeback from one of the kids: "It doesn't matter, we're still being impacted!" It has now become abundantly clear that 7-year-olds understand more about the climate than Senator Feinstein.
You are misrepresenting the full conversation. She said she’s working on a responsible resolution. Why do Dems have to attack and eat their own?
Using kids as mouthpieces. I love the way the left always ends attacking itself for not going more to the left. The sanctimonious look of the kids handler saying that time's running out and being confronted in front of the kids is priceless.
Dear Sunrise movement, If you think the path to progress on climate change is bashing on Sen. Diane Feinstein, then your movement is not one I want to follow. #puritybots #BernedOnceIsEnough #ChooseYourBattles
How about remind Senator Feinstein that grown ups in Europe know how to properly respond to young people's worries about a Global Climate Crisis. As seen here. These kids are our Greta Thunbergs and she just chose her ego over action.…
Those children have no idea what they are saying. Someone has told them what to say. It should be a federal crime to use children like this!!!!
i was waiting for the 16 yr. old to say, "In two years I'll be sure and not vote for you or anyone who supports you."
A clear case to change the voting age to 18 maximum
It’s hilarious that you have to be dishonest about this...
The last Senate race in California just shows how much we need a RANK VOTING system. I voted 🗳 for @HartsonForCA and I don’t regret it. We need more people in leadership who believe in climate change and not married to an investment banker who has done shady deals with China.
We've been punked. The Feinstein video was heavily edited. Here is the real, entire video.
So many ignorant and uneducated comments by Senator Feinstein. Children in the 21st century are more woke than nearly all representatives in both parties. These kids also appear to know more than the average Twitter user according to these comments.
You used children as props, if you were truly informed you wouldn't have pulled this stunt.
Human shields.

Child abuse.

Political stunt.
If this authoritarian and utopian "green deal" which is really about stealth socialism goes through, it will leave these children with even more outrageous national debt not to mention not affect the climate as imagined in a world with Russia, China and India.
Feinstein should have retired 15 years ago, she could not be more irrelevant. So proud of our young people!
If the seven-year-olds say it, it must be so
Yeah, they also dont even have a HS fe degree. That's a hard pass for me. And that doesnt mean I don't believe in protecting the environment. It just means I have a law degree so I know a hell of a lot more than them about the policy that's being presented
Yeah cause she needs 7 year olds to tell her about the effects of climate change.
dianne said fuck them kids
Brainwashing kids by overzealous teachers is not diplomacy! LMAO 😂
Unfortunately this is not just a problem with Feinstein. Like the Republican party, the Dem party also takes fossil fuel money-->…
Politicians showing their true society treats children and it's most vulnerable says everything about what's valued most 🙁
This piece by Prof. Jeffrey Sachs, and the side bar item with Senator Markey and AOC are worth catching. The forces behind the #GreenNewDeal have the high ground, and AOC's positive, inclusive attitude will win this fight,…
Children are constituents too.
Children at 7 eat their own boogers, wear superhero underwear and think Spongebob is high art. But yeah, they are mobilizing in the street over climate change.
Why are you using kids to do this? They only know what you tell them. It's a really pathetic approach. Not to mention the Green New Deal is complete rubbish.
You can almost see the kids' cue cards in the background
A 7 year old isn't capable of understanding a piece of legislation, unless that legislation came from someone with the mind of a 7 year old. Oh, makes sense now.
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