This video broke me. Feeling so much admiration for the moral courage shown by these youth & infuriated at the failed leadership of politicians in this country.

We鈥檝e started something that cannot be stopped. Our politicians should come to their senses & back the #GreenNewDeal.
This is how @SenFeinstein reacted to children asking her to support the #GreenNewDeal resolution -- with smugness + disrespect.

This is a fight for our generation's survival. Her reaction is why young people desperately want new leadership in Congress.

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I read another article regarding this. If you have the opportunity to watch ALL of the interaction between Sen. Feinstein & this young group, this short portion is a heavily and unfair edited portion taken from an otherwise pleasant & informative exchange.
That girl should primary Feinstein 馃槨
Perhaps you should see the unedited version. We are doing the Russians鈥 work for them
whether you agree with visitors to your office or not, especially when dealing with young people this is not what's expected of you. This sounds like the guy in the Oval Office quite frankly and is disappointing. Those kids will remember you for this forever.
office number is 202 224 3841 Call and demand she issued an apology to the children who were telling her the science of climate chaos.
THIS is what broke you? My god we are screwed if this is how you react to a nothing burger of a video. oh, and way to sow division...good job. keep helping the orange guy.
She's winning over the hearts and minds of the MAGAs... way to go.
This is despicable behaviour from @SenFeinstein. It's shameful. I think she's losing her internal sensor and saying things out loud that responsible adults shouldn't say, especially to children. So arrogant and tonedeaf. #GreenNewDeal #climate #energy
This is an edit video...pure disinformation here is the actual footage鈥
The video was edited to turn Democrats against each other. Don't fall for it. Watch the whole, unedited version.
I鈥檓 actually physically sickened.
Are millionaire octogenarians really the best representatives of the people.
Diane Feinstein has always been awful in the same way the entire Democratic Party has been awful - ultimately uncaring and complicit.
Pulled out the classic, "Why don't you run for senator line." Wow.... That was brutal.
Stop watching the edited #video, stop the #misinformation!
Jesus that's depressing
Watch the whole video. This has been edited to make her look bad..
This isnt the whole interaction. She is patient with these kids but if they really wanted time with her, why don鈥檛 they make an appt? Why don鈥檛 they listen to her saying she wants a cc deal, but she wants 1 that will get passed not just that looks nice on paper. Come on people
@SenFeinstein Wow, Feinstein is a dismissive, contemptuous bitch. Her "doing what she can" ain't good enough. For the sake of the world, maybe she'll keel over soon. God bless those kids! 馃檹馃憤
This is why Feinstein has a heart of stone. It鈥檚 all about money 馃挻鈥
Has anyone on this thread watched the unedited video?鈥
This video was edited and doesn鈥檛 tell the whole story.
Old Gen X here, give them HELL young people. Never let the greedy and the short sighted stand in your way. Your lives are being threatened by the lackeys of the petroleum lobby. Fight back by any means necessary. We go green, or we go extinct.
I can't tell rightfully worried kids how to get act, but there's not a feasible means to get the #GreenNewDeal passed this Congress that I can see. It should be focus for 2020, but the could get passed this year if all this political will pushed for it.
Well. This is the nail in the mail-in ballot. I will vote for almost anybody but @SenFeinstein for this. Out of touch. Out of her mind.
Here is the full video which shows the edited version purposely tried to make Feinstein look bad.鈥
Watch the unedited video. It鈥檚 not as bad.
This video is edited. I鈥檓 no Feinstein fan but please note that this does not paint a picture of the reality of what happened. Please see the whole video.
Watch the unedited version
This is not the whole video and is meant to divide us
Watch the UNEDITED video. Much different
Can you show the unedited one?
Disinformation campaign. That video has been edited to toy with our emotions. #Busted
I read elsewhere that the video has been edited to make Feinstein look bad. Said the full video showed her as engaging the students on substance, listening, and even offering one of them an internship. Probably best to reserve judgement on this one.
What a beatch that Feinstein hag is!!
Deceitful editing is not acceptable. It's propaganda. This is disappointing. You lost a follower.鈥
Watch the entire video. This one edited to make df look very bad.
Of course her grandchildren, with thier inherited wealth, will be thr least affected by climate change while the poor masses suffer.
Why didn鈥檛 CA primary voters support that nice school teacher that ran on a green progressive platform. And why did Kamala and Barrack endorse this corporate shill?
Here is the full, unedited video, for those interested in understanding Feinstein's reasoning. FYI, @senfeinstein, the CBO has not made any estimate of #GND costs yet. 1. Full unedited video:鈥 鈥 鈥 2. Full aspirational #GND:鈥 鈥 鈥
So sad and so rude and arrogant. Good thing she doesn't work for the public. Amazing!
The video was edited. Here you can see the unedited version:
Using children for politics purposes is as socialist an idea as you can get.
Some people say this is only a small, edited clip of a bigger conversation but she was arrogant and spoke down to these kids. She lost a chance to be a leader and do what she was elected to do. It's sickening & I hope it makes those kids push even harder for what they believe in.
Having seen the full video I actually don鈥檛 think this is an unfair representation of the encounter as a whole. Feinstein is hung up on pragmatics and wasn鈥檛 interested in encouraging the kids or being positive or supportive of a group of young children scared for their future.
Feinstein didn鈥檛 handle this well but it does bother me when adults use kids as political props and oh boy was this ever a set-up.
couldnt even be nice to a group of children. Her & her leftist friends have destroyed california. Be careful who you vote for. What seems the best side may become your worst nightmare! @davidhogg111
This is an edited version. Please watch the full encounter. @SenFeinstein may have been abrupt at times while being interrupted by the adults. She offered one the youth an internship. They walked away with the paperwork
How dare Dianne F talk to children this way.
Gross. Dressing down kids and their dreams. Her ilk must be replaced by younger visionaries who will live with their decisions.
This video is disgusting. It is exhibit A for why we need term limits. Feinstein, Pelosi, etc are the reason why we need term limits. She can give two shits about her constituents. We need to primary her and put her corporate ass into retirement. You work for the people
How about you watch the whole video before calling for her head. The original was edited by someone with an agenda. Be smart. Don't condemn the leaders who are actually trying to help you. Go after the ones who aren't.鈥
This video is not the full interaction, it was selectively cut to put Feinstein in a bad light. Stop putting out false information, we wont fall for it. We went though this in 2016. Enough with the lies.
Using kids as pawns, that鈥檚 always helpful.
This message is manipulative. You should show the whole video and use that to make your points.
Watch the unedited version
There are many ways of communicating and I feel these children where bring disrespectful towards the senator. Listening is a good option.
Is it just weird to me that a global emergency is treated as politics? Imagine if the allies would have had that kind of attitude towards fashism.
Whether she agrees with the Green New Deal or not, this is totally unacceptable behavior by someone who represents the people - whether they can vote yet or not.
Wow I鈥檓 glad I never voted for her
In which @SenFeinstein shows zero understanding of the climate crisis, or the politicsl moment we are living through.
I can literally see the devil in her eyes
Loving the diversity of the group too combined with their energy. The young people will win.
Me too, Varshini, me too... 馃槥
Feinstein needs to be brought out to pasture
So are you going to talk about how the video was deceptively edited by disingenuous shit-starters pretending to be Democrats? Ask yourself whose side are you helping.
How are we going to pay for it?
Please find the unedited version.
Wow! I always had a feeling about her..and now I know.. Definitely a clip that screams TERM LIMITS!!
This video is a reflection of children doing what their parents told them to. Children have no clue..
I love the kids, I love them for their sincerity. But was their proposal based on original thought or did they have guidance? This was a setup. The kids got used and so did DF. Somebodies disingenuous attempt at framing a member of congress.
JFC! Look at the ENTIRE video available. NOT the edited version!
This video broke me too. Sad to see these child victims of propaganda and indoctrination. 馃槩
Please check out the unedited version. This one is deceptive.
Somebody needs to teach these kids the basics of persuasion. Not letting the person who has the actual vote to cast finish a sentence isn鈥檛 effective; simply being 鈥減assionate鈥 kids might get you trending on Twitter but it probably won鈥檛 change that vote. Shame on the chaperones.
No way. These dastardly little street urchins craftily ambushed poor Dianne Feinstein with their "gotcha questions." Masterfully, the wily old fox outfoxed them with ironclad logic: "You're just kids. I won by a lot of votes. Why don't you run if you're so smart?" Thank goodness!
I think the children and the teacher/spokesperson showed remarkable courage in this moment, even if the senator did not.

We need more of this.
Diane Feinstein is rich so she gets to be in Congress. She is NOT a Democrat. She's exactly what is wrong in politics.
Please watch unedited version. We need to know what鈥檚 real.
california and its representation is a hilarious paradox on every level
Lol how about you don鈥檛 use children to ask government for free money we can start there
Lowest of the low using children as political pawns .feimstein uses your sick tactics she won鈥檛 fall for them
What lies are the teachers teaching our students? Opinions are ok. Twisting facts is not.. Teachers give both sides of an issue rather than brainwash our young students. GREEN DEAL will putfinancial future in great jeopardy.. besides being undoable in their goals #FoxNews
Every elected Democrat in California should be asked to condemn @SenFeinstein for her condescension to those kids and opposition to the Green New Deal. Every US Democratic Senator should be asked the same. #CondemnFeinstein
Call her up Office (415) 393-0707
This old bat is outta touch.
The video is edited. @SenFeinstein was fine and respectdul. She said she might vote yes and offered an internship. Watch the whole unedited video.
Wow, I have always voted for Feinstein and have never seen this side. I have to think the enormity of all that's going on in this crapola government has taken a toll.
Children have little understanding of economic policies and government in general. These kids are merely parroting their parents misunderstanding. Same goes for parents on the right. Stop using kids and o further agendas.
Look for the unedited video on @yashar feed. The edited version is deceptive.
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