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Very disappointed in @elonmusk appearing on a known racist’s YouTube channel. Will not be buying a Tesla.

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Very disappointed to see @elonmusk mentioned in a tweet by @realbuntyking . Will not be buying a Tesla.
Elon musk is a racism
Yea, that interview with Marques Brownlee really made it obvious that hes worse than hitler
Are you being serious?
I bet Vice and WSJ will be quoting this tweet on their next hit piece.
You can’t even afford a Tesla lmao
Oh no, just think of all the intersectional Twitter communists who would've bought Teslas had it not been for that meme review... Musk is doomed!
MSM will run with this in 3,2,1..
I think you need to take the lesson from your pinned tweet...
I can't tell if this is serious or a joke, and that's the sad part
I'll buy you a Tesla instead.
I was going to say “like you could afford one” but I feel like some people might skew that?? so feel thankful for that, ya goof
Very disappointed in @realbuntyking making a false statement about a known good man's YouTube channel. Will not be following.
For every @Tesla you don't buy, I'm going to buy 3!
I don’t care if @elonmusk was on a WELL KNOWN MEME SHOW @pewdiepie I will still be buying a Tesla and a pewdiepie shirt.
Very disappointed seeing @realbuntyking siding with T-Series.
maybe this is a woke brand play
"known racist" my ass, bud. At least he doesn't base his whole opinion on a few biased articles he saw... 🙄
You're obviously not a true gamer if you can't handle a bit of mic chat lmfaoooo
Very disappointed in Racists appearing on a known tesla’s RaCist channel. Will not channel be buying a Elon.
So that also means JackSepticEye markipler mr beast and pretty much the rest of the internet is bad for supporting pewdiepie? Jeez everyone must be a racist now ah days. It’s crazy how pewdiepie managed to recruit more nazis than hitler himself. Link: en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nazi_Party pic.twitter.com/NkHnEUuGRJ
Thats it elon, im not going to mars anymore
I sense untruth in this statement. We both know you’re buying a Tesla first chance you get.
elon musk , a nazi confirmed.
Elon Musk is a literal Nazi now
Thats ok I'll just buy myself two!
Elon Musk overthrew the democratically elected government in my country becausehes an imperialist, racist swine.
What are you talking about that was Will Smith. Also please be joking
lol I thought people where just joking when they said he was a racist. Seems like there really are ding dongs out there
He laughed at a dead animal so that means he is a no good
Electric car is a terrible idea up north anyway, unsafe to charge the battery if it gets too cold
Racism, thy name is Musk
You play with fire, you get the horns.
Really disappointed in @realbuntyking for having racist comments in his yet channel....
Dude why the fuck do you have to say this? I know its sarcasm but fuck me you are a party pooper
Oh yeah THAT’S why you’re not buying a Tesla 🤪
Elongated Muskrat will get his comeuppance.
Not gonna lie this is a bruh moment right here. Also lol cringe. pic.twitter.com/4lYrYkegUN
Too late... Plus not even funny... Woulda been funny right after the fact...
Are you being serious?
*looks at pinned tweet* *curve your meme starts playing*
Very disappointed in @elonmusk appearing on a known racist’s YouTube channel. Will not be buying a Tesla.
I doubt @elonmusk knows who you are, so he'll probably see this as just one more of thousands of hate tweets he's going to get. Sarcasm doesn't translate to text well.
Bitch you couldn’t afford one anyway
Salvatore says for you to delet this crap. pic.twitter.com/DpW6PUdjAM
Tesla's overrated anyway. Their biggest hit was a COVER FFS
Very disappointed in @elonmusk appearing on a known racist’s YouTube channel. Will not be buying a Tesla.
Are being legit or nah? I can't tell.
Can’t tell if your serious? 🤔
What. Racist, don't think so
lmao ur a dum dum sjw wich car to buy is a big decision right the most important property of a car is if the ceo made a 5 min video with a “racist”
Loving the shade
I can't believe it's not butter. I won't be buying Tesla because of that fact.
Are you referring to pewdiepie? Lmao really 😂
I think this is satire but what about the comments. Is there a college for finding sarcasm through tweets
I've come to that point on Twitter where I can never be sure if people are sarcastically joking or deathly serious...
Bunty kings beard smells like human feces cause he like it that way. Sicko.
Almost thought this tweet was serious, then I saw who posted it. Phew
Don't worry, the competent ones get it :^)
Sure Jan.. As if you could afford one...
If this ain’t bait then I’m headin’ out
I love it when people actually take him seriously
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