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Holy shit! This “sunrise movement” is flagrantly brainwashing very young children into the extreme left and @SenFeinstein just shut them down hard! Wow.

I wish more Democrats were like this in public. She couldn’t have staged a better video if she tried.
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Honestly, this is a form of child abuse.These parents are scaring these kids with ignorant nonsense, and then using them to push a political agenda these kids can't possibly understand.

Actually really pisses me off to see stuff like this.
Poor brainwashed kids being shut down by Diane Feinstein

They're already sucked in by AOC LORD help these kids

These people literally make me sick. They’re no different than religious psychopaths that fill their children’s heads with terror of an apocalypse if we don’t do everything exactly as they say.
The great irony here is that AOC and friends may unintentionally save the Democratic Party by being rejected.
‘Children bossing around the adults’ pretty much summarizes America in 2019.
Your ideas probably suck if selling them requires exploiting children. Leave your kids out of these arguments.
instilling a sense of impending doom and existential dread in children to own the cons
I bet they drove cars to get to their meeting with Feinstein
It is so nice to see a politican act like an adult for a change.
Still not as good of a smackdown as this one... twitter.com/Fuctupmind/sta…
"Green New Deal has enormous popularity" As a joke maybe 🤣🤣🤣🤣 If anyone has seen my sides, please call 1-800-YR-SIDES. Thank you.
Oh the entitled lot! Just because they have an opinion, not only they must be listened to, but others must agree with them.
Rude teachers & kids.
It's cowardly to use children as debate human shields.
Holy shit fire all American teachers yesterday.
Those kids are destined for absolute failure.

Their parents are garbage.
These children are rude and have no manners which seems learned from the teacher!
Wenn man plötzlich mit den Populisten aus den eigenen Reihen konfrontiert ist lol
How scary that these kids have been taught (as a certainty) that it’s all over in 12 years.
This is the first time I've seen a Democrat have any kind of backbone when it comes to far left policies. Usually they just cave in and go with whatever is the most radical. Good stuff for @SenFeinstein
The scary thing is there are adults who believe the so called scientists who said we only have 12 years to turn it around. It’s insanity
They should not allow children to behave this way, also adults should not use children this way by creating the situation to try to embarrass adults into being kind to them when they are not listening. And I’m not a fan of Fienstine.
If wanna roll with the big dogs, you had best be better prepared than this lot were.
Stalin didn't brainwash his people better than these Green New Deal people are brainwashing the nation's children. At least people in the Soviet Union knew that they should be critical of utopian fantasies.
As stupid as the Green New Deal is, far more maddening is that that teacher is teaching children to talk to people that way. Shout demands, interrupt, ignore responses, and think in simple-minded slogans.
She was right. Kids shouldnt be used like this. Its just a photo op. And the kids should learn to respect their elders.
These kids are sure to be on Prozac soon. Way to create anxiety in them
Worth watching for a considered put-down of a teacher using children for emotional blackmail.
Imagine being so irresponsible that you bring a child into this world thinking that climate change will kill them. That is the highest level of scumbaggery imaginable. Of course, Leftists don't actually care about life. They care about how others live it.
Thank you Sen Feinstein for your calm, rational response. I typically vote GOP and Libertarian, but I am also concerned with the environment. That said, I am deeply impressed with how you handled this encounter. Probably one of the reasons you keep winning!
I just hope in 12 years, these kids will say, "wow, we're still here. They were wrong!!"..... Yeah, welcome to the democratic socialist lunatic party🤣
"Global warming is a threat to our children!" [National Debt hits 22 Trillion]
We must be the most narcissistic culture in human history. Our country is filled with clueless activists desperate to pretend that they're great Heroes saving the world from imminent disaster. And they are shameless enough to use children as props.
I kinda love @SenFeinstein right now. Dunking on those children being used as props is great!
I think she lost them all at “plurality.”
One of the rare times when I actually feel bad for @SenFeinstein. She is the one talking rationally and these kids are just being spoiled brats. They don't even want to listen to what she is saying, talking over her, and totally ignorant. I actually feel sad for their generation.
I’m a republican, and that was awesome! Great job @SenFeinstein !
Those kids need to go on a real field trip. pic.twitter.com/V6Ieyzdc6A
All wearing sweaters and jackets inside worried about being too warm in 12 years.
Holy fucking shit, everything about that Sunrise shit just screams cult.
Remember that time she employed a Chinese spy for 20 years and she never had to answer for it?
She's gonna fold and apologize. Don't you fear.
Are they all Vegans?
love it, when Demonrats can't agree to how they will screw us.....
I feel so bad for those kids.
Belief in man made climate change is not an extreme left position. But i agree that these children seem to have been taught what to think, not how to think. They seem completely unaware of alt perspectives. No wonder we have the shrill discourse on twitter that we do.
I am disgusted that these ignorant teachers are teaching children FAKE NEWS !!!!!
It was clearly an uphill battle but a real success would have been if she was able to communicate that she shared the concern but is working on more realistic ways to solve the problem. 🥺 It’s a sorry state of affairs.
Wow, good for @SenFeinstein for standing her ground here. #utpol
Believe what you will about this issue, but spouting generalities & teaching kids to speak in platitudes wont solve anything Even Sen. Feinstein is frustrated w/the inanity of it If U believe the 12 yrs hysteria,stop using any fossil fuel transport or products distributed by FF
creo que es adoctrinamiento, no? Un poco fascista
Wow. I'm a lifelong Republican- of the Jesse Helms variety- & I couldn't be happier to see Sen. Feinstein pushing back against what plainly appears to be leftist indoctrination of youth.😊👍👍 Let children develop their own ideology. It's clear this school doesn't do that.😠👎👎
History has a tragic way of repeating itself. pic.twitter.com/emMtrmk12x
Haha she basically said, "I won and you didn't." I liked when Trump said it and I like that she said it a little differently.
that teacher should be gone for this!
They went hard. Diane went harder.
I would have questioned their knowledge of science & where they got this information, then explained that those people are morons & decent American kids would mocking them mercilessly, not swallowing their BS. Also that they should stay off my lawn!
Those kids came in with rehearsed lines and not much substance. They wanted shots for their video, not dialogue.
We’re the ones that voted for you. How old are you? I’m 16. Then you didn’t vote for me. 😂
“It takes considerable knowledge just to realize the extent of your own ignorance.” — Thomas Sowell. jewishworldreview.com/cols/sowell081…
😂😂😂😂😂😂 That woman claiming to be an adult should never be allowed around children ever again as long as she lives! Lying b**ch!
The first thing I notice d was the disrespect in calling the Senator by her last name. My parents would have been horrified if I called any adult just by their last name.
Parents who exploit their children are lower than whale scat!
These people have reached a level of sickness that requires an intervention.. The world's not ending in 10 years kids,, no matter what a bartender from Queens thinks..
🤭🤭🤭🤭🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪 For once, go Di!
Man I can’t believe I’m saying this, but good for you @SenFeinstein . Now go tell @AOC to stop sending brainwashed kids over to your office. She only has 12 years to save the world and can’t waste a second of it!
This is vile!😡

"Who do you know who's ok with using children?"

To undermine our sovereignty👉 US border
To undermine our #2ndAmendment 👉 School shootings
To undermine family values👉 Trans propaganda
To undermine the value of LIFE👉Abortion
Holy crap if my kid's teacher was doing this to my child I would pull my kid out if school
Holy shit I love Feinstein now😂
But if we don't fix climate change in the next fifteen minutes, California is going to sink into the Ocean and then we'll never have enough votes to get enough power to reverse climate change!
So now 10 year olds should decide what science to use for energy-production. Or rather their ignorant, hyper-emotional and irrational masters, like this young woman that stands in the background screaming. Truly scary development.
This is disgusting. This is no different than teaching your children that there are man eating monsters in the basement. Making them live in fear & intrude upon the world to ease their fears, but only with their demands, not reason.
आजकल के अनपढ़ पढ़ेलिखे ऐसे प्रोपेगेंडों के लिये बच्चों को बरगलाता हैं । सहमत हों या न हों पर सिनेटर फेनस्टीन @SenFeinstein का जबाब देने का तरीक़ा प्रशंसनीय है !
Religie. Over 12 jaar is de dag des oordeels. Religie is als porno, daar moet je kinderen niet aan blootstellen.
How can people not realize that even if the utopia of GND came true, the planet will still be fucked because US is not the biggest pollutor anyway. What then, a hostile takeover of China?
Absolute half wits.
This is what's become of teaching. Full bore political indoctrination. No thought as to scaring kids to death.
I know, right? Who tells children the world will end in 10 years & we're all gonna die? The perfect ad for private school though...
Poor kids are scared
You have to be a very particular kind of annoying for me to have the slightest sympathy for Dianne Freaking Feinstein, but by God, they made me feel the slightest flash of it for half a second!
wtf I love Dianne Feinstein now.
When you’re so delusional that Senator Feinstein has to school you. I have to say she handled this well, and I’m very distrusted by the people that are teaching these children.
Another group of brainwashed kids, hope they learn that they were wrong in 12 years time.
20 little brainwashed children 1 16 year old pretending to have voted 1 ignorant and abusive adult that should be investigated by CPS.... Feinstein handled herself well
Trump 2020🤷🏻‍♂️ deplorable 🤦🏻‍♂️
This is terrible, putting your woes on the shoulders of children, who shouldn’t have a care in the world. Let children be children. When did it become okay to use children for an agenda?
Scary time when the “level-headed” person is Feinstein...
These brainwashed kids will be turning in their parents in a couple years...
That was an epic level "shut the fuck up you dumb kids!" Moment.
These brainwashed kids spoke like cult activists. Rude, liberal, know-it- all, “savants”. With their handlers nearby.
Do we know the name of the school and teacher?
Brainwashing them and teaching them to be rude by interrupting, just like their dear leader lady who constantly interrupted.
Rude! There parents are very proud, I’m sure.
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