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Senator Feinstein was born in 1933, in the early days of the original New Deal. 85 years later, some elementary school-aged kids with the @sunrisemvmt went to her office to ask her to support the Green New Deal. She basically told them to stuff it. Watch:
Everyone needs to watch this video of @SenFeinstein disparaging literal children from @SunriseMvmt calling on her to support @AOC and @SenMarkey’s Green New Deal.


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When an octogenarian is lecturing schookids about why she won't vote for a bold plan to give them the same types of protections she grew up with in the ~1930s~ it means we are officially living in a gerontocracy
"Feinstein later confirmed that she doesn't even support the old New Deal."
You need to show the actual video- not the spliced together hit piece. It’s deceptive and it’s a lie. This is what really happened: twitter.com/tommyxtopher/s…
She’s the grandma no one wants to go visit
She certainly handled that meeting poorly. It’s something those kids will always remember, and they will not have good memories of their meeting with @SenFeinstein
Watch the entire 10 minute exchange. This is out of context and incomplete picture
Watched the full 14 minute video .. much different than this 2 minute hatchet job of a video obviously done for political theater.
Good for her. When we start following the ideas of 7 yr olds in legal policy, weve officially gone off the deep end
Yeah I watched the full video not this edited 2:19 garbage that imo is straight out of a hannity playbook attempted hachet jobs like this are a joke regardless of your take on the legislation
She’s 85, those kids are fed lines, they need to learn some manners.
and bragged about her election results lmao
Total political theater. I would have called security on them and taken away their milk and cookies!
There is a full version of this interaction. The edited version distorts and misleads
Watch the full unedited video. One clip is not in context.
Those kids were rude. Let's not sugar coat it. She was trying to explain but they kept interrupting. We can all disagree respectfully. I would've told them to kick rocks. This is why I wouldn't want to run for office. I can only take so much rudeness.
Edited video not accurate
Watch the full unedited video.
She very patiently dealt with a bunch of young props who have no idea what they're talking about, and this clip is garbage spin
She was born 33 seconds in, back when everything was still in a normal range. twitter.com/RARohde/status…
Her arrogance is frightening.
She also said she has been doing this for 30 years. (26 years) Feinstein won a 1992 special election to the U.S. Senate. Sea levels say the kids are right and she isn't doing enough fast enough! twitter.com/DocR0cket/stat…
Why are you promoting the grossly inaccurate video? Why aren’t you showing the complete video?
No. She tried to talk to them about her green deal. They did not listen. They had a script.
I did vote for @SenFeinstein and you can bet that I won’t be again . Whether she agrees with the kids or not, there is an appropriate way to respond without trying to make them all feel like fools. This was horribly executed and Feinstein should be ashamed. #BooOnYou pic.twitter.com/AssvXblzPV
Everyone needs to watch this video, which is the real one not the Russiabot version which was edited to make Feinstein look bad. twitter.com/tommyxtopher/s…
Maybe the teacher should have been better at her job. Teach kids real political action, not whimsical stunts.
Why is someone born in 1933 still in a position of power?
This is so unfair and makes us look bad @sunrisemvmt! Be true!
Disinformation. Look up the unedited video now circulating.
I watched the full video and thought it was a good discussion all around. Good job trying to smear someone who has dedicated her life to service tho!
Unedited video: Hello, the unroll you asked for: Thread by @tommyxtopher: "Here's the @SenFeinstein video threaded To recap: she engaged on substance, told them she might vote "y […]" #DianneFeinstein threadreaderapp.com/thread/1099137… Have a good day. 🤖
In training for their utopian further. Maybe they will sculpt horrendous effigies and hard pounding dissertations of why a ruling class should turn their backs in the lesser class and shun them in ways because to give this leases class any hope for their future would be,Immoral?
How about everyone takes a minute to research before attacking our own!! Here's part of the UNEDITED video. We all owe @SenFeinstein An apology! 1)twitter.com/tommyxtopher/s… 2)twitter.com/tommyxtopher/s…
No. She told the blond parent who felt entitled to ”speak for” the children to “run for office.” The parents wouldn’t let the kids speak and used children as human shields to avoid arrest. The police asked them to leave bc of an increasingly aggressive parent. Watch the raw vid.
The display of arrogance & lack of respect for the women & children in this video shocks & saddens me. It’s infuriating, actually. These young minds are the leaders of today & they came prepared to have a meaningful conversation. Feinstein is out of touch & needs to be replaced.
In twelve years most of those dinosaurs won't be in office or alive for the matter, that is why they don't give a shit about climate change.
You're promoting edited propaganda - it's clear Sen Feinstein explained the climate legislation that she supports but Shahid/someone edited that out. Even edited, it's the teacher, who belligerently talks over Sen Feinstein & demands she support a slogan, who comes off badly.
2-@SenFeinstein. These kids understand more than you obviously can. Sure, The Green New Deal will most likely take more than 10 years, but it’s a start. We HAVE to begin the process. Talk won’t get it done. So get off your arrogant backside and actually start doing something.
Watch the entire interaction, not the edited video posted here. facebook.com/BayAreaSunrise…
Just curious as to why you think she should’ve lied to them. She stated her position & gave them copy of her plan. Kids can’t expect to get what they want just because they want it. I think she handled it ok.They have another Senator & a representative. Maybe they’ll lie to them?
Once again we have the Justice Dems and their sycophants - this time using children - attacking Democrats, not Republicans. Senator Feinstein is not the problem. If someone actually wrote good climate legislation called the Green New Deal she'd champion it. This is bs.
She epitomizes many of our seniors , stuck in their ways & slowwwww to change. #DianneFeinstein #GreenNewDeal
Sorry, but that is not normal childhood behavior. These children were prompted.
As she should. These children are being coached. They don’t understand reality, and Green Deal is unrealistic and impossible to enact.
Age shaming...... and you a correspondent for @TIME LOL you make me laugh. Thanks
It sounds like she's addressing #AOC ...takeing out her frustrations on children is a sign of the disconnect her generation has with the growing Dem party demographic...
Here we have it, a Senator who says it like is but unable to to the truth. The New Green Deal was designed specific. It’s been known by other name like Climate Change and early was called Population Reduction. Maybe these youngsters should learn to draw straws, maybe they should
Write up amazing declarations of how self sacrifice works for the good of the few. May the should watch some movies on other New Green Deals Of our past such as “Logan’s Run” “Soylent Green” etc. or maybe these sassy little ones are the children of the Preselected and are
Look at the face features of many of these children and their teacher. Notice any similarities other than their personalities?
I'm honestly wondering if this video was made by GOP operatives. Were we watching the same video? A lady politician doesn't have to be everyone's mom. Are you people aware of her incredible environmental record? I guess I should brace for 4 more years of Trump.
Good. The problem with these kids is they have never been told “no” their whole life so their spoiled little brats. They have no idea what the real world is like. Respect your elders
1. The teacher should have prepared her class with questions, instead of going to tell the senator how to do her job. 2. Children can be better behaved than these children. They were disrespectful. 3. Their teacher was worse. She also attacked the senator.
Why does this group, @sunrisemvmt only go after democratic women? Why Pelosi and Feinstein? Maybe they should take a look at the republican party's environmental voting record.
Finally she spoke wisdom and passed down much needed advice to the younger generations. Its by far the #1 reason this country is failing as we have people who cant even listen to their own parents none the less @SenFeinstein. More worried about their battle pass tier up #fortnite
Moment I saw this, knew something was off. Sensationally negative video of a dem? Sure enough, then the unedited video came out. We've got to be critical thinkers before sharing. Otherwise, we're just doing the work of the bots.
This is basically every letter I got from KY Senator Mitch McConnell ever. "I'm right because people voted for me because I convinced them to, so I have too much experience winning elections to ever be wrong."
A walking talking fossil that votes for fossil fuel
Somebody should’ve taught them basic manners and how to STFU instead of bum rushing her. #Feinstein #GreenNewDisaster #AOC has idiot adults and ill-mannered kids believing 12 yrs is the end of everything. #Liberals = disasters they create. 🙄
The original New Deal was bad too. Not that Feinstein is aware of that.
Shame on you @SenFeinstein! You owed these children the courtesy of listening to them. Bragging about your election results was rude and very like the current president. They deserved better! These kids are doing more in their young lives than you and the senate has ever done.
What is actually in the green new deal. I am an adult and I do not know. I vote ,not in Ca,but in NY and I'm a Democrat,and have no actual idea what this deal is about. Can you spell it out for me and I'm sure others. Easy to say vote for it,but wjay do we her to vote for?
No. No. No. When we get the GOP out of control and the Great Orange Beast out of office I'll go back to harshing my party. For now I'm not going to crucify anyone who has a D by their name because of an internet probably doctored snippet of a video. These are not normal times.
Maybe she took that position bekause she knows that she won't run for re-elektion. If she does, then she should be primaried
I usually don’t do this..ah ok I’m lying, f**k this b***h Good for those babies that didn’t back down to her snarky condescending a$$
Fuck those kids. Diane is a legislator not an elementary school teacher.
The kids were extremely rude to the US Senator- The Adults need to teach kids respect!!!! @SenFeinstein
The New Deal didn't work and the Green New Deal won't either. youtube.com/watch?v=EvRZD6…
What? You want her to lie to them? Her response was perfect to kids that have been brainwashed by their liberal teachers.
I like her BETTER now. About time someone talked sense to these poor kids!💵💵💵💵
Talk about her experience before you take about her age. She's far more important and done far more to heal us than anyone in the last 40 yrs. Shame on you!!!!
C'mon she responded as a elder would what's seem to be lost is part of the golden rule respect your elders! She totally aware of the planet & climate & pollution she from Cali! They should be at the doors of the unbelievers!
False. Show all 14 minutes of the video. Then delete your nonsense. twitter.com/badpacifist/st…
Dem here. Actualy, most people probably know Feinstein 4 decades of experience in climate, healthcare, gun legislation,job development & trade. It’s 1 twitter video. Reality is, No 1 can be judged by 1 twitter video. Twitter mayhem isn’t all left. Twitter can be annoying. 😎
Don't judge her until you watch the entire video. Do you honestly believe the Green Deal bill would pass in the Senate? Plus where would the money come from? The Wall? It's good these kids are involved but they need to understand it's more than just a vote. She did nothing wrong.
Everyone needs to watch the UNEDITED video ... ... SMH
This was a hit job and poorly directed. I’m a staunch liberal but the kids should have been in a Republicans office
No offense but, you discredit yourself by tweeting this nonsense before doing basic research. ⬇️ twitter.com/tommyxtopher/s…. She’s NOT rude, she explains her issues w/GND, she gives them HER plan & offers to talk later & SAYS SHE MAY STILL VOTE FOR IT!
Watch the whole video. I had to delete my old tweet because the edited one paints a different story.
There is a full video readily available. She said clearly she may vote yes or present. The mothers interrupt their own children more than she does, they dont even glance at the legislation she hands them, and through all that she still offers one of the ladies an internship.
God forbid you all restart another version of FDR's New Deal, instead of this Green New Deal crud.
Future voters getting shut down Shame on @SenFeinstein. She could've truly engaged w/ the youth & instead of dismissing their concerns. We need more lawmakers like @AOC, @AyannaPressley & @RashidaTlaib. Folks that listen. #YouthStrike4Climate @TheDemocrats
Watch this. The youth are rising up and speaking truth to power.
Utterly god smacked. The faces on those children. They will never forget this. I guarantee you in 10 years, they will be a positive force to reckon with.
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