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I have a new respect for Feinstein. She refused to pander to these tiny puppets and it is great!

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And I have a renewed disrespect for parents who shamelessly exploit their children
I think I love this vid of Feinstein. Holy moley. I don't know what to do now. pic.twitter.com/Zk31Y3yesp
Exactly. Don鈥檛 use your kids as props.
LOL "We're the people who voted for you" "How old are you" "16" "Then you didn't vote for me" Savage 馃槀
People stressing that these kids are only 7 are not making the point they think they are
FOOD FOR THOUGHT... we have reached a point in time when Feinstein is not liberal enough for California voters. be afraid, be very afraid.
"We voted for you." "How old are you?" "I'm 16" "You didn't vote for me"
The only time I鈥檝e ever liked something Feinstein said.

Also if you brainwash your kids like this I feel sorry for them. Telling kids the world will end in 12 years and putting that kind of stress on them is child abuse.
Am I the only one who's pissed at the teacher/parent who is using these kids as props? They clearly are scripted and have no clue what they are saying, let alone understand. Really disgusting.
She did a great job addressing that group. Those kids were brainwashed and those are the words of whomever is controlling them. I believe that one of their handlers was not happy when it didn't go the way they thought it would.
What normal little kids actually care about things like this? Sad #brainwashed
I never in a million years thought I'd feel compelled to slow-clap for DiFi, but then this.
The kids are so brainwashed it鈥檚 sad, they think the world ends in 12 years, just when they鈥檙e old enough to vote. She should have told them what she knows; human/cow made climate change is as much a hoax as Trump is racist, homophobe, xenophobe. #maga2020 馃嚭馃嚫馃嚭馃嚫
Have to give her credit. Which asylum is brainwashing those children? The aspiring liberal in the group - 16 year saying she voted for her. Starting the lying early.
So ive heard Cult leaders say the world is gonna end in 12 years. And The same type of people that believe them are now voting for AOC. Just saying
This teacher and these kids could have come.from a documentary on something like Heaven's Gate. It's incredible
Tell these little indoctrinated serfs that if we implement the GND that about 5 billion people will die of disease, starvation, freeze to death and heat stroke. And they will have no cell phones.
Sign the New Green Deal before there are irreversible consequences pic.twitter.com/OoazzP5bzk
love how this nitwits keep acting/believing that the Green New deal is an actual piece of legislation "bill".
Was that their teacher. How dangerous is she. Those kids are literally programmed. Feinstein really did do a good job.
Brainwashed, indoctrinated children
come away without their candy.

We had a group in our city that when a particularly unpopular/oppressive piece of legislation come up they would bus handicapped people in and pay them to speak for it. It worked every time. Now our city has a slew of ignorant ordinances.
Kids, don鈥檛 be rolling up on Feinstein with your demands. She ain鈥檛 having it.
Wow, using children for a political agenda. A new low. Not a fan of @SenFeinstein but great reaction.
Love the way the senator handled herself! The way that the kids interrupted her, was learned by the way that teacher was interrupting her. That is what we have to look forward to, no respect
people who use kids as political props are the absolute worst
I鈥檓 crying 馃槀 she said #no
Good for Feinstein and shame on the teachers that put these kids up to this.
I can't stand this woman but this is pure gold
Wow, that was unexpectedly awesome of Feinstein. Sad that those parents are abusing (terrifying and then using as props) their own children.
Amazing how sincerely these kids think they are going die in 12 years if she doesn't go with that Green Plan.
Those kids are so brain washed. They don't even know what's in the bill or how poltics work. Why are teachers allowed to use children as a mouth peice?
Feinstein has been in government since the dinosaurs went extinct. The idea that someone in government that long gives a crap about child human shields is laughable. She鈥檚 sent countless kids off to die in pointless wars. She鈥檒l send them off to war to die in 10 years too.
I concur. However, this is how the left has brainwashed these generations and now it is coming back to bite them in the ass. Good luck trying to reign these types in鈥攖hey are completely ignorant and will not listen to rational reasoning.
I don't like when kids are used as props/puppets, because that disgusts me and its so wrong, kids are not propaganda puppets/props. Let kids be kids.
whatever she stands for politically, she's a mature educated lady. she will take no shit from 7yrs olds and their handlers
Omg she brutalized them good lord
Seems like all the ones not trained with speaking parts behind them are now questioning everything they've heard.
But the younger ones are the ones that have politics as their religion. When they don鈥檛 get their way, they pout. They can鈥檛 discuss. This is bad.
That's the depth radical leftists sink too. I would never use my child as a political puppet to push my views. Those kids were what 10-16? They've got no idea what they're even talking about. And unfortunately with parents like that that never will.
Perhaps a wee bit o respect...it's very sad the leaders of those children had manipulated them so. Sickening.
wow what a childish circus! they were so rude to that old witch!
16-year-old: We voted for you. F: No, you didn't.
damn. that was really good.
Teaching her young students to be disrespectful little bullies...that teacher should be fired!
Ugh, these poor kids :(
I'd have respected this much more if she told the little shits to quit interrupting her or leave.
The indoctrination is strong with this little urchins. #maythefarcebewithyou
There鈥檚 a reason people called her 鈥渄ragon lady feinstein鈥 and that was in the 80鈥檚 before we found out about the Chinese spy
Only the socialist Dems could make Republicans agree with a single word that comes out of Feinsteins mouth. Well done.
Yeah, I can't stand people who want to save the earth and like survive and stuff.
She was like kids shut it I know what I'm doing we gonna get paid on this new green deal just follow my lead l've been crooking for 40 years..
If the Green New Deal is so great and so popular you shouldn't have to go to give kids lines to recite in order to manipulate people into supporting your proposal.

And it also won't do shit without a foreign policy initiative.

This is gross. These adults should be ashamed.
Good for Feinstein, but she lied through her teeth when she told the kids that she knows what she's doing.

WTF, I love Feinstein now!
They tried to brainwash us in the 70s telling us we were gonna freeze to death. We only had 10 years left.

Sick people scaring kids.
They just got their diapers removed, what is this?
I love AOC. She has to be a mole inserted into the Democratic Party. Thanks Joe Crowley!!
Lol. Love it馃憤
Sheeple! I can't stop watching this!!! It's amazing how unevolved these people {Dems} are becoming!!!! Those kids are the next wave of entitled brats that will punch scream and destroy things if they don't get their way!!!!
That is absolutely disgusting. The person or people who are brainwashing these kids need to be taken out and flogged. Literally.
This was actually a golden moment. They have brainwashed these kids
Puppets really is the perfect word
you know what to do. Tell some kids AOCs plan is dumb and conservative talking heads will respect you.
I鈥檓 impressed by her on this.
Holy crap I鈥檓 in love with Diane Feinstein
Do you think they put the ones with speech impediments up front and center on purpose?
These children have no idea what they are even saying. They and their teachers have implanted this ridiculous 12 year thing that the 鈥 dumb one鈥 put out there. Sad.
In other words, "I have been pandering this lie for 30 years and I know what I am doing"
Brainwashing kids with your beliefs 馃う馃徑鈥嶁檧锔
Holy shit Diane is a beast!
Here is the unedited video of what took place
The only thing missing was Difi calling them little shits. Love it.
Stop using the kids. Their parents should be ashamed.
The grownups responsible for polluting the minds of these children should be locked up.
I love how she basically just said. You are children and don't know anything haha.
I would say to them. China is polluting at 3 times the USA. Hand over you iPhone as a start
She tried to ruin a man's life with false rape allegations. Even a broken clock is right twice a day. She will never have my respect.
Stupid mom spewing talking points and brainwashing the kids. What a disgusting display. No lady most people DO NOT support this enormous government overreach.
Unfortunately she blamed Republicans who she said would never pass the Green New Deal, instead of just saying it was stupid idea concocted by an idiot.
I appreciate the children鈥檚 passion for a cause they believe in. I can only imagine what I was thinking of at their age. That said, It doesn鈥檛 change that they鈥檙e wrong about this deal.
When two cults argue over doctrine.
This is amazing. Those losers walked into her office with what they thought was a human shield and she buried them
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