BREAKING: Following this morning's rally of over 100 people, 15 youth met with @SenFeinstein urging her to support @AOC's resolution for a #GreenNewDeal. Her response was deeply disappointing. Read our full statement here:

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鈥淪enator Feinstein seems to be stuck in the past. But we鈥檙e going forward, one way or another.

Fiery statement from the young people in @sunrisebayarea.
Impeccable statement from Sunrise Bay Area re. Feinstein. Truth to power.

Reminds me of @GretaThunberg: "You are not mature enough to tell it like it is. Even that burden you leave to the children."
"Our young people deserve better. Our state deserves better. Our planet deserves better."鈥
Thank you for your courage 鈾
Her coffers are fill of corporate donations from companies that would lose should #GreenNewDeal ever happen. Plus, she's worth $100 million. She's rich and comfortable, the last thing she wants is change no matter how badly her constituents do.
.@SenFeinstein This is unacceptable. The IPCC says we have 11 years to cut carbon emissions in half. The #GreenNewDeal calls for a 10-year mobilization to do just that. If you don't like the GND, then what is your plan?? These kids depend on YOU.
You should post the whole video, though. It makes a different impression.
How about posting the unedited version that shows a completely different story. #FactsMatter
Its interesting to me that the far left Bernie crowd always seems to be out to tarnish successful women.
Here is the full, unedited video, for those interested in understanding Feinstein's reasoning. By the way, @senfeinstein, the CBO has not made any estimate of #GND costs. 1. Full video:鈥 鈥 2. Full aspirational #GND:鈥
We've been punked. The Feinstein video was heavily edited. Here is the real, entire video.
To the surprise of no one @SenFeinstein fails her constituents as she has for entire political career.
.@SenFeinstein, there ARE ways to pay for the #GreenNewDeal, and one of them is a network of public banks - a movement of your own constituents (including those old enough to vote for you).
I watched the whole video鈥攖he entire thing and your edited version isn鈥檛 accurate. You ambushed her, gaslighting and disrespecting this women and then claiming to be victims because she rightfully defends herself. Her reaction was fine, patient even, and experienced.
Please let the kids know, the majority of the planet, have their backs. We have a Planet to save people.
Your used of video as propaganda is deeply disappointing. Watch this鈥
Pathetic, defensive and arrogant response by @SenFeinstein to CHILDREN who came with a see her with an urgent request: Support the #GreenNewDeal
Hack job. What do you get by attacking Feinstein? The full video tells a different story.
Yes! I love the strong response. I鈥檓 a CA voted & very ready to vote her out if she does not come around.
This is pure garbage. Let鈥檚 ply a bunch of kids to be pawns for some stupid proposal that has no basis in reality. There鈥檚 a reason we have a minimum voting age. Perhaps we should raise it.
You edited the video. You are dishonest.
You could have added into this letter, but congress has no hesitation to continue to approve unlimited $$$ for endless war.
Good for her, the "Green new deal" is garbage! I don't think free education, free health care, and free employment for those unwilling to work will help fix climate change! Also I believe they're bigger issues to deal with first...
For once I agree with Senator Feinstein. She was right on the money.
You are going to have to bite the bullet and replace her in her next primary....oh, right, "superdelgates". Maybe the Democratic party is just baggage now. Or maybe the attack needs to be taken to the DNC.
Oh god. OAC will DERAIL environmental progress with this manipulative propaganda. I am pissed.
Just because she is a fossil, she doesn't have to support fossil fuels. She took fossil fuel PAC money. That is her true motion.
You edited the video to make Feinstein's response seem worse than it was. In any case, she is correct. The GND cannot pass because the Rs in the Senate won't vote for it. I think it's important for politicians to tell the truth, even if it's not what people want to hear.
why is she criticizing like 10 year olds? like be a good senator and be nice??? to??? young children???????
@realDonaldTrump @DHSgov
馃挜Pls investigate anarchist youth group鉂楋笍dangerous
#SunriseMovement brainwashed-
insulting angry attack on @SenFeinstein鈥檚 for her kind direction鉂楋笍

#Kids & leaders had #tantrum when Sen gave info on her alt bill!
See vid & Sunrise letter below
Now to primary @SenFeinstein and replace her with someone who cares about the issue.
Now rally for her resignation
Maybe @SenFeinstein needs an AOC type challenger. She seems a bit too comfortable with the status quo, right? Keep fighting @sunrisebayarea 鈥攜ou鈥檒l be living on this hot planet when your Senator鈥檚 long gone.
The kids didn't come with a super PAC
Hello, I'm a producer at @KPIXtv -- we're interested in speaking with you for a news story for our 11pm show. Are you available?
You got any factual evidence to support your report? I need to see it so I can make an informed decision please. Thank you.
Thank you for fighting for the future for all of us! Thank you for your smart, wise, caring words and requests! Your message is so vitally important. May it ring out all around the world. Heroes!!
The liberal dems need to understand that the social dems have the base behind them, can replace them in 2020
Time for Senator Feinstein to retire.
Maybe. But no one should be surprised by this.
#GreenNewDeal requires"..honoring all treaties & agreements with indigenous people, & protecting& enforcing the sovereignty& #landrights of #indigenous people;"a most cost-effective& #ethical way to reduce #Deforestation, which emits >10%of #GHG.@sunrisemvmt #REDD .@ExtinctionR
Feinstein can fuck right the hell off.
鈥淪en Feinstein repeated multiple times the lie that 鈥淭here鈥檚 no way to pay for it鈥 and retreated to the totally misguided argument that she can鈥檛 support the Green New Deal because Republicans won鈥檛 support it.鈥

Democratic-Centrism is killing us.
鈥淪en Feinstein repeated multiple times the lie that 鈥淭here鈥檚 no way to pay for it鈥 and retreated to the totally misguided argument that she can鈥檛 support the Green New Deal because Republicans won鈥檛 support it.鈥

Democratic-Centrists are some of America鈥檚 most loyal Republicans
You people are a bunch of idiots. I wish you could see how silly you sound. 馃檮馃檮馃檮馃檮
Corrupt Leftists "Green New Deal" is Just CA$H for Family & DONORS PURE CORRUPTION the MEDIA DOES NOT REPORT The Media MUST HOLD ALL Politicians ACCOUNTABLE Nancy Pelosi's brother-in-law is given $737m of taxpayers' money to build giant solar power
Kids believe in Santa and @AOC
Somebody is trying to go viral at the expense of the children. You are as bad as Jussie. Please stop abusing your children.
GND is a JOKE, stop indoctrinating our youth to support HORRIBLE SOCIALIST policies
GET REAL TEACHERS Dont brainwash our kids!!! Look at the facts and present both sides to the students ! Not just your side!!!!!!
Why don't you release an unedited version of the video?
A huge number of older folks are squarely on your side - I'm 45 years old + have had enough of ghouls like @SenFeinstein profiting off of environmental ruin.
You should delete this tweet and show the full video.
Enjoy the block for this counter productive stunt.
Deplorable stunt. This does nothing to educate our youth or help them to promote the GND agenda. All it does is tear down the left giving more power to CC deniers. 馃檮
An EDITED short clip. Waleed is a James O'Keefe stan... foul.
How about you post the whole video and stop lying? The children barely even knew the foundation of the argument. Simply parroting their parents.
You all must clean up your ethics and reporting standards. Then come back and try again. All you did was create a fake insulting video to disrupt dems. Let Trump do that. Do honest work, not trolling.
Disappointing but not surprising. @SenFeinstein is a terrible representative of the people.
She did listen. And she spoke - given they were asking questions. What was she supposed to to?
If you continue to post edited videos to misinform the public you won鈥檛 be taken seriously. You鈥檒l make things worse.Is that your objective
You are blocked from my Twitter feed. You鈥檝e lost a supporter. You鈥檙e decisive, a suspect troll account. Sunrise shame using children
This is the evidence of why the Democrats lost the power to the republicans,that I call ARROGANCE馃憥馃憥馃憥馃憥馃憥馃憥馃憥The kids gave her a lesson of Dignity and what shall be the USA future.RESILIENCE.KIDS,DO NEVER GIVE UP OF FREEDOM馃憦馃憦馃憦馃憦馃憦馃憦馃憦
Socialist quacks using children as political weapons. You are nothing more than the modern day hitler youth
In summary: We can not rely on a #GND. The whole society mobilization will not be led by government. What we can hope government manages to do, is to mostly stay of the way and try to help where possible.
@SenFeinstein you need to pay attention to these people instead of arrogantly dismissing them. Otherwise you are part of the problem in that part of the solution. #FridaysForFuture #GreenNewDeal #climatestrike
Ridiculous for @SenFeinstein to claim "no way to pay for" #GreenNewDeal. A rising #CarbonTax not only could fund public investment, but also would encourage private investment and innovation.
@SenFeinstein shame on you. We need BOLD and BRAVE leadership. #GreenNewDeal
If I was one of those kids I'd a thought she was a mean old bitch.
Sunrise movement's detailed response to @SenFeinstein:
Not cool, @SenFeinstein - just because you won doesn鈥檛 mean you can do no wrong. You represent CA and have the ability to help the country, the planet but you chose to disregard the people who will live with the consequences of our actions. Rethink, please!
Edit: "100 leftist activists hiding behind 15 youth"
Watched the whole video. First, I call bs on Feinstein for "we can't pay for it". Even these young people see and understand how the Pentagon has priority over GND, even though they're a huge emitter, something she'd know with her "30 years" ass. 1/
"This is the kind of stale, establishment thinking that has been keeping us from real climate solutions for over a decade."
This is why I can't with liberals. Exploiting kids? Seriously?
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