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Trump’s labor secretary is connected to a billionaire’s pedophile sex ring.

But Trump supporters said that Hillary ran a pedophile sex ring out of a pizza shop.

At this point would anyone be surprised if Trump got caught running a pedophile sex ring out of a pizza shop?

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Wouldn't surprise me a bit. They have a long standing habit of accusing others of whatever crimes they themselves are committing. pic.twitter.com/sBJzT62kKZ
I'd be surprised at Trump (successfully) running anything
Out of a hamberder place maybe
A pizza shop would surprise me. An over priced, tacky country club in Florida would not.
It is just bizarre! Every fever dream they had about Clintons and/or Obama is coming true about their leaders. Too bizarre!
It would be out of a McDonalds. “Do you want small fries with that?”
Correct God. Everything Trump says about others is a reflection of what he is or has done.
Oh totally, I would have figured he'd have ran it out if Burger shop.
goo.gl/8b7eSP Donald Trump sexual misconduct allegations - Wikipedia
Question is, would anybody do anything about it! All he’s done & nothing— nada—zilch— He’s still pres! #🖕🏻45. #out
That depends. Has it gone bankrupt?
I’m more inclined to believe it’s a McDonald’s.
No as vulger as Trump is nothing would surprise me
Surprised ? No ! In fact a woman has already accused individual #1 of having sex with her underage at Epstein’s place. Plus if he accuses someone of something, chances are he is doing it
Stop showing off, Mr. Know-it-all.
It appears that he WAS operating a sex trafficking ring out of his Mar A Lago spa. twitter.com/swimmerbr78/st…
Since he has that fetish about women being tied up with duct tape, no, I wouldn't be surprised. I believe @realDonaldTrump is capable of heinous crimes. I mean, who pays porn stars to silence them about his sex flings to impact the election? Wonder what he paid them initially.
A pizza shop? Yes, I’d be surprised. But a KFC or McD’s, that wouldn’t surprise me.
Hillary ran a pedophile sex ring out of the cellar of a pizza shop that didn't even have a cellar!
No, I expect it. That man is sick and he surrounds himself with sick friends.
Not at all. In fact, the FBI should probably look into that now.
has anyone run through all old trump tweets to just have a running list of things that he'll definitely contradict?
Feel free to add some of your famous ‘lightning bolt therapy’ as we close in on that hot mess, O Lord...
“I’ve known Jeff Epstein for 15 years. Terrific guy,” Trump told New York magazine in 2002. “He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it—Jeffrey enjoys his social life.”
No pedo! No pedo! You're the pedo!!!
Thank God that God has a sense of humor!!
Then the MAGATS would be rushing down there to buy pizza and telling us why being a pedophile is holy.
They would magically find a way to blame Hillary
Everything is projection
I'm thinking he ran it out of a modeling agency.
Right out of the Facist playbook. "Accuse the other side of that which you are guilty"
I swear everything trump n his minions accused Hillary of, it’s literally HIM!
The theory has always been that Pizzagate was concocted to counter the many almost certainly true sex crimes that are associated with trump.
Yeah, probably a Papa Johns.
Clearly this is a Deep State trap perpetuated by the HRC Crime syndicate. Kraft & company were there to pray for these girls as audio recordings indicate “Oh God” and “God help me” said repeatedly.
I'd bet it would be a Burger King.
At this point I'd believe Trump was running a pedophile ring out of the basement of the White House.
trump is the biggest projectionist in the Universe-If you want to know what trump and his family are up to they just need to look at the outrageous shit he says & realize he is telling on himself in a pathological, liar kinda way
I’ve said this from the beginning...he always accuses others of the things he’s guilty of doing. Trump Modeling Agency?
Not at all he loves to project.
Or out of a modeling agency?? 😳
Could Epstein, Kraft, Trump, and Putin all be connected?
I'd be willing to bet Robert Kraft is a customer.
No. Every time he accuses somebody else, it turns out to be pure projection.
My bet would be a pedophile sex ring out of a hamberder shop.
Eric has been very quiet.
The only thing that would surprise me about that is if the MAGAts turned on him like they did Hilary, rather than giving him a free pass.
tRump had a modeling agency for that.
Nope. I’m pretty sure it’s going on.
Well...considering the propensity for projection among this particularly putrid group, I'd say it's w/in the realm of possibility. 😠
It would be Hamberders & Covfefe, but yah.
Nope. He projects everything he is guilty of onto others. He oblivious to his tell.
I wouldn't be surprised if trump said well everyone knows I was first to come up pedophile pizza but they wanted to deal and I didn't like the deal So they lost and I won
EVERYTHING out of trumpery's mouth is a confession. But then you already knew that!
I’d be surprised but only because he hadn’t bankrupted the business yet.
Gahd, I have said since trump has been in office, that, IMO, he is involved in child/human sex trafficking and has been for years. What do you think?
This is a perfect FoxNews/Football analogy to FoxNews/Trump. It’s the same spin: *Trump/Kraft have some sort of accusation against them* Fox: “So what? Hillary/Goodell made them do it. Lock Hillary/Goodell up!” Fox viewers: “Yea! Trump/Kraft is good! Lock Hillary/Goodell up!”
They are constantly projecting... Is there a pizza shop at the #Trumperdink Spa in Jupiter?
Or out of his home in Florida.
It's always projection with these people.
Not in the least. And you can be sure the pizza would have fake cheese.
Everyone one of Trump's willfully ignorant supporters would be surprised.
Or a human trafficking and prostitution ring out of a Jupiter, FL spa?
Only if they serve fried chickens and hamberders.
Or Trump Tower... just sayin’
I'm sure pizza was their code for sex. Also pretty sure they falsified millions of absentee votes, since they accused the dems of that too.
#tRUmp projects & accuses others of what he's guilty of. Fun fact: Mar-a-Lago is just a half hour away from Jupiter, FL. I wonder how many members have made the 1/2 hour trip❓
So you mean he’s not running a sex ring out of the pizza parlor? Oh well, long as his base is cool with it! SMH
Please, he's absolutely involved. Has been for years!
I figured that's were he got the idea for the rumor about HRC
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