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This is pretty incredible. Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein is basically telling a bunch of kids to shut the hell up because she won an election they couldn鈥檛 vote in and that means she knows everything.

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The reason that old politicians can be so blas茅 about climate change is they'll be long dead way before the shit truly hits the fan

This makes me so angry
Couldn鈥檛 be more for this. Why are people pretending these kids are just regurgitating what they were told to say a couple hours before, while those parents or teachers use them as pawns. It鈥檚 the adults she鈥檚 telling to fuck off. And they should.
Looks like a bit of a set up, if not the wrong conclusion is being taken from here. In this scenario, the kids are the idealists and the senator is the realist.
A politician鈥檚 guide to how to completely misread and alienate tomorrow鈥檚 voter.
Good to see a Democrat showing spine in standing up to (young) ferals.
Seriously, DiFi should run for President. Run DiFi run!
Listen to her ffs! She's got her body language cut off, arms crossed and lectures to a bunch of kids! Way to screw up a perfectly good photo op. What? You couldn't verbally outmaneuver a kid and please everyone and just get out gracefully?
I鈥檝e seen a different version of this video that makes it look a lot less cherrypicked.
H茅r er upptaka af einum merkasta 镁ingmanni dem贸krata a冒 lj煤ka ferli s铆num 铆 algj枚rri ni冒url忙gingu. Tv枚 tips: H忙tta 谩 toppnum og aldrei segja 鈥溍緄冒 eru冒 ekki 镁j贸冒in鈥 vi冒 neinn. Og ef ma冒ur getur alls ekki stillt sig, ekki segja 镁a冒 vi冒 12 谩ra b枚rn.
Wow, Dianne. You coulda just sat there and ate your salad. Lemme tell ya, not a great way to treat constituents, especially the future. Time to reflect.
Wow. No difference between what she said and Trump saying 鈥淚鈥檓 president and you鈥檙e not,鈥 I had no idea she had such a lack of tact and compassion and zero political savvy on how to deal with constituents, young or old.
The sense of urgency in the kids voices, and that response, wow
The Left will eat itself.
For those who want to see the full video instead of jumping to conclusions to a 2 min video here you go. twitter.com/tommyxtopher/s鈥
What a dreadful response to these kids 馃憥馃槨
I especially liked the part where the 7 year old explained how she intended to navigate the thicket of stakeholders, from local landowners to federal regulators in her plans to implement a smart grid nationally.
This makes me like Feinstein a lot more. She did listen to them but they wouldn't listen to her...why should she accept that sort of behaviour from anyone?
Seems pretty clear that she鈥檚 forgotten that she was elected *as a representative*. I鈥檓 a bit surprised that she can treat her own constituents with such open contempt.
An unfortunate master class on how to lose future voters.

What is very noticeable now, is the large numbers of concerned young people who are wanting to protect the environment.

What are the fears they have and hold about climate change?

Us adults have failed them
That actually made me physically angry. Anyone who keeps saying "I know what I'm doing" while ignoring others clearly has no idea what they are doing
Future generations of Australians have more to loose by the decisions in parliament - we need more authentic Australian voices voting on their behalf #voteindependent
Just a note to say that this was highly edited. Not excusing Feinstein but we鈥檙e seeing just one side here.
Also...she's calmly and directly handling a bunch of insolent kids who don't respect their elders, and the so-called adults who coached them to be that way.
Fuck Feinstein. I鈥檓 exhausted with these privileged oligarch career politicians.
Perhaps Dianne needs to have a good look in the mirror, and think about the appalling state of global leadership and think about where she wandered off the trail ......
I鈥檝e always suspected that establishment Dems will side with their opponents before they allow themselves to be moved from the left. Stuff like this makes me more certain. Your career isn鈥檛 more importantly than the planet
"basically telling..." 馃檮 so not literally then
These people are pretty bloody annoying. Thanks for your opinion but I鈥檓 the elected representative who has to do what I think is ri... [BUT NO YOU HAVE TO DO THIS EXACTLY THE WAY I SAY RIGHT NOW]
Absolute rubbish, measured in her response and said she鈥檚 got her own opinion and to trust her. Whether right or wrong she鈥檚 as entitled to do that as the children who鈥檝e been 鈥渆ducated鈥 to say what they did by the other woman that spoke over the senator a few times.
I recommend watching the full 20 minute video not this heavily edited 2-minute version for a fuller picture of what actually took place.
I have been in this job for forty years and I know what I am doing. As I have watched climate change occur and been ineffective in doing much at all 鈥 for 40 years #GoldStandard
After 30 years maybe it's time to let someone else have a go.
The kids are rising, they speak so much more sense that our politicians #ClimateStrike @GretaThunberg this patronising response is disgraceful
What impressive young people 鈥 informed, respectful, urging 馃尡
Watch this video with your eyes and decide whether this person should be a senior member of our major PROGRESSIVE political party 馃槴馃槴馃槴. #greennewdeal #resist
No no no. Something is so off about this. What school district would allow its students to act like this? This is completely disorganized and very informal. I don鈥檛 think this is real y鈥檃ll! 馃槄
It doesn鈥檛 matter the party, no political member cares about you.
You can't praise the kids from Parkland for standing up for what the believe in, then shut down other kids when they petition you to do something. If I hear another boomer Senator say "you're just a bunch of stupid kids" I will lose it.
Politicians conflating winning an election with merit and ability, seems to be a common delusion.
Good for those kids for keeping it up @SenFeinstein should be ashamed.
Child abuse. One day these same children will look back and realize they were conned. #climatechange
Way to stand up to big child, Feinstein. They teach better way to handle these situations in Politics 101, don't they?
Are you sure she's not a Republican?
Seems to me like she's saying "I can lie to you, or I can tell you the truth, which is you are all too young to know what you're talking about, and those who brought you are using you as pawns to score cheap social media points."
If Feinstein has had a turn and this is where we find ourselves, she should step aside and let the younger generations get on with it. Feinstein will be dead before she has to face the consequences of her decisions.
She is the Dick Emery saucy old lady with the handbag.... "Aw you are awful..but I like you!..." pic.twitter.com/prfV6nSAkr
The senator seems to be the sole owner of the truth and the children, instead of being encouraged to learn more and share their thoughts and ideas for their future, are chastised. Live and learn, Senator, they are the future of the nation and you won't be around to see it.
In other words, I'm an old fucker & I don't care what You think.
How dare Dianne Feinstein treat children, our future voters and leaders, in such a crass manner. I'm 88 years old and asking that old bag to get out of the way and make way for a smarter bunch. Shame on her.
I would have told them the same thing. She went full school teacher mode.
I for one have had enough of old people's greed at the expense of everyone's future. Including the planet. Our planet.
C鈥檓on guys! Find better props!
This is so bad. California dems re-elected her because of her history and respect for her. Then she goes and does this. Maybe she should have been primaried or just retired
What kind of parents would put their kids out there to do their dirty work. They are so misled. Pushy, disrepectful and obnoxious little buggers for their age. Not to mention, @AOC exploiting children like that, so wrong on many levels. Dianne won't fall for that kid scam.
Good point Matty. Not sure how you're going to live down your Russiagate bs though.
Holy shit! Feinstein has 鈥渂een doing this for 30 years鈥 and it鈥檚 taking *children* to point out her 3 decades haven鈥檛 produced much hope for future 馃槺 鈥淢aybe people should listen a little bit,鈥 says she while, you know, telling the kids to stfu.
Time for term limits on members of Congress as well on the President?
What a piece of self trumpeting old crumpet she is.
Some of those kids were smirking
She says she knows what shes doing as shes arguing with 5 year olds. She should be tearing tha adult a new one for politicizing the kids.
This is what establishment politicians are - beholden to corporate interests. Feinstein hasnt a clue what to do apart from pleasing her donors. She鈥檚 rattled.
Not much maturity or leadership shown here from @SenFeinstein with "I just won an election!!!" woopty-doopty do - you'll not live to feel the consequences of your inaction. Absolutely pathetic!
Dems! What鈥檚 it going to be. You seem confused ! 2020 is coming.
It鈥檚 honestly fucked up that people are judging a politician for not blindly agreeing to what some kids manipulated by some older liberals said. If y鈥檃ll are okay with manipulating kids to your side so you can make them try to get your way with politicians, then consider therapy.
You didn鈥檛 vote for me so fuck you? I鈥檝e been doing this for 30 years so I know what I鈥檓 doing? Damn, what a fuckin condescending bitch.
Just because someone doesn鈥檛 support the Green New Deal does not mean they don鈥檛 support climate change. The Green New Deal delta with way more than just climate change. It is very disingenuous to suggest otherwise.
Ffs 馃う馃徎鈥嶁檧锔忦煠︷煆烩嶁檧锔忦煠︷煆烩嶁檧锔
Senator Dianne Feinstein doesn't negotiate with terrorists
Well yes. Being an adult and having been elected, comparably she does.
Dianne Feinstein is garbage
nah what鈥檚 this hag鈥檚 twitter? i need to holla at her.
I see no issue with this? Kids and teacher (?) were disrespectful AF and wouldn鈥檛 let her speak without whining (yes, #whining). Not how you affect change or inspire discussion. Some on left need to learn to *listen* as well as speak. 馃し鈥嶁檪锔忦煠︹嶁檪锔
I'm speechless, this is more appalling than I could have imagined.
Feinstein, climate traitor. Watch this and be inspired the youth. Watch this and be disgusted by an ancient Climate Establishment hack.
She basically said fuck them kids 馃槀
Yeah cause thats a childs place. You don't know anything. Keep your mouth shut and listen.
I could not believe what I was watching. To be that up yourself in front of children is some next level shit.
How despicable of these people for scaring these kids. Unbelievable! Doesn't take anything away from criticism of Feinstein, I couldn't care less. But these adults who are "handling" these children by indulging in fear-mongering ought to be ashamed of themselves. @THErealDVORAK
This is infuriating to watch, but I'm pleased the cracks are finally showing on path-of-least-resistance centrists.
This is why career politicians are dinosaurs - of all political persuasions. they are detached from reality & think that status quo is a cute rock band from their teens - not the thing that needs to be questioned and argued at every opportunity. 2 terms MAX then move on! @auspol
Wow, Feinstein is completely tone-deaf
On the contrary Senator Dianne Feinstein handled a childish stunt extremely well.
Stooping with folded arms while repeatedly talking about your victory is the best posture to convey humility, empathy, and other inspirational leadership qualities.
Maybe Trump isn't that unique after all. lol
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