For years, the top of the Democratic Party has been wealthier, whiter, and more conservative than the base of the party. The Democratic Party looks a lot more like AOC than Feinstein, Schumer, Durbin, and their big corporate donors. We need change.
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Dianne Feinstein has found new friends by opposing @AOC and @SenMarkey's Green New Deal resolution: far-right Republicans.

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Feinstein fucking sucks. She wanted to prosecute black activists for burning a confederate flag. And now has the approval of Shapiro, Schilling and Erick Erickson. The true Devil鈥檚 Triangle.
I sincerely hope thirty years from now these kids tell Ben Shapiro鈥檚 kids to fuck off and get out of the line waiting for water.
Waleed Shahid demonstrates the horseshoe with fabricated controversy and an overdeamatic narrative and even uses the far right to prove his point.

Side note: Cernovich is a fan of AOC and Ben Shapiro et al don't actually suddenly like Feinstein now.
Ben would like to stand up to small children, but they tend to point and laugh at him, and that brings back bad memories.
Actually we are just enjoying watching @TheDemocrats destroy eachother over their own talking points. Half of those in office deserve to be in shackles for defrauding the public (you can thank @algore for the non science), the rest of you, how 'bout a one way ticket to Venezuela.
THE ONLY REASON YOURE ATTACKING SENATOR FEINSTEIN IS BECAUSE BERNIE SCREWED AN INTERVIEW AND IS FINALLY BEING VETTED. An attack on Sen. Feinstein is an attack on the LGBT community and I hope @aoc has the class and grace to tell you to stop this bigotry.
Expecting plenty of this from @TheIndGroup. No solutions, no vision, just protecting the status quo to watch the world burn and your kids starve at a marginally slower rate than the conservative denialists slightly to the right of them would let it happen.
>Ben Shapiro
>Curt Shilling
>Erik Erickson
>Far right


The word is "neocons", dumbass
Dianne Feinstein was elected by Republicans. The California Democratic Party endorsed her progressive opponent with 65 percent of their delegate votes.
This is exactly the response the Justice Dems wanted to provoke with their propaganda, calls from Sanders supporter for Dianne Feinstein to resign,calls from Democrats for her to apologize, & high fives from the right

AGAIN: THIS IS PROPAGANDA. Don't fall for it. She is our ally
Dude, parading children around for your political cause is exploitive. There is no way those kids have a reasonable understanding of what that policy is asking for. This was a cheap tactic. The old crone told it like it is: "don't like it? Run for office yourself."
馃憜馃従 This is the bipartisan consensus that gives beltway democrats a chubby.
I鈥檓 actually laughing imagining Curt Schilling berating a 6 year old 鈥淵EAH? Allegedly 97% of scientists agree with you but where鈥檚 the data, Kimberly!!!?鈥
Mocking the *5th graders'* lack of *data*???
TFW the likes of Ben Shapiro and Erick Erickson are cheering on your behavior
Those are the same far-right Republicans who routinely attack Democrats, just like you do on a regular basis. Are they your new friends?
So California apparently DOES have a Republican Senator after all.
Is it too late for Dianne Feinstein to join the Republican Party?
Its great how actually talking about policies has exposed how the right and neoliberals are basically the same
The Senator's words in this edited video are not commendable; the full video shows her to have also engaged with the students far more positively. Regardless, equating her with the Republicans is not helpful & inaccurate, especially not now.
That鈥檚 because far right republicans are brain dead and forgot they hated DiFi just a few short months ago when she suggested that we not put a rapist on the Supreme Court.
Umm, this seems a little disingenuous. They picked up and ran with the same manufactured hit piece you鈥檝e fallen for and you submit this as evidence of how she鈥檚 making friends of the far right. So, doubly disingenuous perhaps.
You've chosen the side of the monsters, .@SenFeinstein. SHAME ON YOU.
Yeesh, when Ben Shapiro's praising you that's not a good sign.
When you are loved by these people, its is clear that you a GOP lite.
Sen Feinstein is not opposed to the GND. She made an alternate, passable bill with the same goal: save our planet. She is a public servant who understands politics and realizes this is the only way to pass such a bill. Don鈥檛 mean to repeat. Hundreds of people have said the same.
Apparently she also considers oil industry PACs her friends too.鈥
Children, notorious CNN watchers.
If Ben Shapiro says he loves you, do you need to question your life choices?
Way to go, slugger. @SenFeinstein
Here鈥檚 the full video, not the edited one to make her look bad.鈥
Telling. @SenFeinstein's been opposed to the GND this whole time, but it took her telling a bunch of schoolchildren to piss off for the RW to actually like her. 馃
Damn those 10 year olds and their lack of data. It鈥檒l take more than your desire to not live in a carbon hell to stir action from Diane!
It makes sense that conservatives would like this - they're used to politicians who don't care about or listen to them as constituents
#RealDemocrats of the 1% are #OwnedTogether along with Republicans.
Feinstein's family is worth nearly $100 million dollars. The reason she can act this way toward these kids is because she knows that her own seven grandchildren that she mentions will be able to ride out climate catastrophe behind that most violent, racist security money can buy.
I would have thought her repeated insistence on flying the Confederate flag in CA would have already been enough to gain her popularity amongst the far right
When you're more popular with conservative republicans than your own democratic base
It's heavily edited. Look for the full 15 min video.
Mm. Sounds more like campaigning against Feinstein rather than working American values/principles, ie common good, compromise, One Nation & majority rule!
Waleed is an enemy of the LGBT community. He supports Bernie Sanders.

@BernieSanders is responsible for this attack on my community.
#mightaswellberepublican is what i've been saying for quite a while now. and not just her.
Is it any surprise though? She and her ilk are Republican-lite.
You know you've screwed up when Shapiro, Schilling & Erickson think you've made a good point.
.@SenFeinstein tried to educate little kids but their teacher/chaperon wouldn't let her. Little kids need to be taught to learn. They shouldn't be used as props by the likes of you. Shame on you.
She has never been progressive
or maybe she鈥檚 giving the right common cause?鈥
Ask @SenFeinstein where all the money went for the High-speed rail to nowhere in CA.
Shame on you. What you are doing is absolutely disgusting.
That was the most unsophisticated & undiplomatic response I've ever seen from a public servant .... Including Trump
The Republican platform is basically to disregard the life of children.
Strange how the anti-immigrant, pro-wire tapping, patriot act supporting, pro business lifetime demo senator that crushes prog. opponents with tens of millions of corporate $$$ doesn't give a fuck about actually representing people or actually accomplishing anything worthwhile.
Old, wealthy, white lady says what?

Time to Call a certain miss senator and ask her: what the fuck
.....ben shapiro is not far far right hates
hey commie tell us more about,#BernieSanders rape fantasies? #Feinstein
Dianne Feinstein DESTROYS first grade class with RESPONSIBILITY and LOGIC
If your a centrist you are literally standing with Ben Shapiro and Erick Erickson
She鈥檚 just Susan Collins with a different coat of paint
Not the right kind of bipartisan appeal, Diane.
Hey Waleed how much did Russia pay you to do this?
This edited video leaves out when Sen. Feinstein engages with the children & adults, told them she might vote YES, & then offers one of the teens an internship. She listened & acknowledged climate change is serious & provided copies of a proposed "green new deal" that COULD PASS.
Keeping this white man out of the party will keep our diversity. White nationalist love started with him. #NeverBernie
Hello, the unroll you asked for: Thread by @tommyxtopher: "Here's the @SenFeinstein video threaded To recap: she engaged on substance, told them she might vote "y [鈥" #DianneFeinstein鈥 Have a good day. 馃
How about the unedited video...?
Why haven鈥檛 YOU cleared up your propaganda, when it鈥檚 a known fact that what you have posted was an EDITED video. Folks here is the full video. Dianne was great with these kids.鈥
I believe in climate change and we should do something about it. Is it possible that Sen Feinstein doesn鈥檛 believe that Green New Deal is a good/practical plan? Kids are great, but they are not policy experts here.
Watch Feinstein DESTROY 12 year old who wants to have clean water & air in 10 years:
Ben, Curt And Son of Erick are all sexually aroused by dooming children to climate catastrophe. Good to know.
It was so sad when Curt Schilling bled to death on the pitchers mound back in 2004
The girl he thinks is the 鈥渢eacher鈥 is actually a 13 yr old climate change activist馃拝But also BOO on Feinstein for this.
not surprising i guess. outside of guns they align pretty well ideologically
Wow kids these days can鈥檛 even back up their claims with statistics?
Way to go, California. So glad we still have e @SenFeinstein as a Senator so she can tell children to fuck off and be praised by members of the alt-right for doing so.
Dem here. Actualy, most people probably know Feinstein 4 decades of experience in climate, healthcare, gun legislation,job development & trade. It鈥檚 1 twitter video. Reality is, No 1 can be judged by 1 twitter video. Twitter mayhem isn鈥檛 all left. Twitter can be annoying. 馃槑
This is despicable. We are about to lose our democracy and these selfish assholes are trying to take over the democratic party.
you and ben shapiro lol = same
Good for her - and screw the parents and activists and people like Waleed Shahid who use (or encourage the usage of) children as props for their own agendas. And yes - I'm equally disgusted by gun rights activists who film their 8 year-olds talking about the 2nd Amendment. 馃あ馃ぎ
She never been up there with Nancy Pelosi or Barbara Boxer IMHO.
wow an all star lineup of absolute pieces of shit.
We are known by the company we keep.
馃幎Which side are you on馃幎
Nothing endears you to conservatives like total contempt for democracy
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