#SteveIrwin was killed while harassing a ray; he dangled his baby while feeding a crocodile & wrestled wild animals who were minding their own business. Today鈥檚 #GoogleDoodle sends a dangerous, fawning message. Wild animals are entitled to be left alone in their natural habitats.
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Replying to @peta
What's your policy on leaving chihuahuas alone?

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Last I checked Steve didn't euthanize over 90% of animals that came into contact with him, weird right?
If Peta took my dog away and put her down, I would turn into John Wick, they would have to run
The whole company is fucking stupid twitter.com/JustinWhang/st鈥
PETA: Steve Irwin captured and released crocodiles for education, what a monster! PETA: *shoots and kills dog*
People Executing Terrified Animals.
Hey PETA go fuck your selves you fucking animal murderers oieces of shit
Adding further info to the creeps they are... pic.twitter.com/xgP5HqDWZv
If they did that to any of my animals this would turn into a John Wick movie
you were right about these animal murderers... pic.twitter.com/r2EJ7sVXOw
PETA is nothing but a bunch of fucking holier-than-thou psychopaths. 鈥淥h my god look at us we鈥檙e so fucking wonderful look how much we love animals.鈥 -meanwhile they鈥檙e murdering domestic animals rather than find them loving, caring homes. They can go fuck themselves FOREVER.
PETA are an animal terorrist group.
read @RealPaigeWWE tweet to these PETA monsters no lie she got it right RIP #SteveIrwin
Or the thousands of other animals they kill or die under their watch..
This happened near my home. The PETA headquarters is about an hour away, across a 17 mile long tunnel. It's sick to think these people were stalking local pets to kill in their van.
PETA is literally Hitler
Peta are so fucking evil it's like they were set up by meat eaters who kill animals for sport to slander those who give a shit about animals.
Smdh. "Surveillance footage shows two PETA employees luring Maya away from the Zarates鈥 mobile home and into their van. She was dead by the next day, when the family reached shelter workers looking for their dog. In a statement, Peta said Maya had accidentally been taken as
I hope John Wick kills every single member of peta or at the very least kicks the shit out them
Then they sent a fruit basket as an apology. A FRUIT BASKET AS AN APOLOGY!
I wish they'd try to take a pet from me. Life, liberty and property get defended here via 12ga.
They did this to my dog, I鈥檇 murder them all one by one. Straight up hate murder.
It's ok when they do it, they're PETA. Buncha stupid fucks.
"Whoops sorry it was an accident"
PETA should practice what they preach. pic.twitter.com/hG4ezdfl8Q
鈥淎ye Soz LoL鈥 -PETA probably
is a garbage organization. I love animals and donate to several organizations that support them.....none are PETA.
It鈥檚 on sight if peta ever does this to my dog
won鈥檛 have any response, they are a forgettable group that low level trolls the rest of society.
How. Fucking. Dare. You. Peta. Steve Irwin has done more for conservation, teaching empathy towards wildlife, and bringing their world into otherwise ignorant lives than you ever will. The fact you would write it off, shows you are as ignorant about your cause as you are him. FU.
Any other dead people you care to disrespect this week Peta? Best you zip it before you more damage to your brand.
"Equality for all and animals!! Well, except for dogs..."
They've been known to kill animals themselves Hypocrites
Actual 9 year olds are getting hurt
What is this? Peta or team plasma?
are the Westboro Baptist Church of Animal Welfare...
Tbh this isn鈥檛 even the worst thing they鈥檙e done consumerfreedom.com/2004/01/2339-p鈥
I can see this turning into a new scam people will try pulling now that it has been reported peta paid $49,000. People will start abandoning their pets in hopes this happens to them!
They are not entitled to be left alone with their families.
Having a chihuahua myself, this breaks my heart
Oh wow I had no idea, that鈥檚 horrible! 馃挃 @peta 馃槼
PETA is like flies, things I want to squash.
Here鈥檚 the article if anyone wants to read it. Pretty messed up. theguardian.com/us-news/2017/a鈥
How did this happen and how do they have a right?
Shit if PETA knocked on my door and demanded my babies then I鈥檇 have to put in my code for unlimited ammo and god mode because shit is going down hard
Lol. He knew the dangers. He was a wildlife explorer n probably knew more than anyone about each animal he encountered. And he had a true love for all creatures. #Crikey
Gotta love how hypocritical Peta is
49k isn鈥檛 enough to replace my furbaby.
馃槯 a nine year old girl..... lost her best friend for what reason. I鈥檝e never liked peta but I鈥檝e alway supported animal rights. But this. This brings peta down as one of the worst 鈥渃onservation鈥 groups鈥 ever. What are they consevering if they are euthanizing littles girls dogs!
Yeah @peta how about you talk about how many animals you euthanize per year? Animals you abduct right off of people's property?

You're all degenerate scumbags
Isn't this what burgeoning serial killers do? Steal pets and kill them?
Just Remember Peta is shit, and their CEO believes killing animals is okay.
I would destroy the entire organization if they did this to one of my pets.
Same as @rspca they don鈥檛 actually help where it鈥檚 needed they just try to get as much money to line their pockets as possible
why everyone getting mad, like nigga just pick him up lmao
My Policy is: If it's not your dog and it's not visibly abused or neglected, mind your fucking business.
PETA, kills more animals than you can imagine
Their 鈥渂eloved Maya,鈥 the chihuahua that was found running around unleashed by itself? PETA was wrong, but that family was negligent as well, and hardly deserving of the cash.
I see Whang on YouTube comments and now on Twitter. He鈥檚 slowly becoming my Justin Y and I鈥檓 ok with this.
What the actual, genuine, literal fuck
I like how this comment has more likes that the post
This is exactly the kind of shit I expect from a company that doesn't practice what it preaches. Steve was a brilliant man in life and even in death his legacy lives on. More brilliant than those bunch of pseudo-humanitarian, social justice warriors ever could be.
If they did that to my dog there wouldn鈥檛 be peta after a day
So @peta thinks that somehow 'harassing' animals is bad but killing them isn't? Wow. Just wow.
They euthanize so many animals. They're all about the politics. They dont actually give a shit
link or it didn鈥檛 happen
They're holy speaking trash people
Anyone from Peta is not getting through my front door
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