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Here’s the video he deleted.
Grab your copy now.

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Two days ago it was Jack now it Jude... If you re dating James get set cause you re next. pic.twitter.com/nDwqr2KRcQ
I don't wantu lay ma hands on u 😂😂😂 pic.twitter.com/cML2N8mK8N
"I don't want to lay my hands on you".... Who says that?
So everything about our lives & relationships must be posted on social media.What an immature and attention seeking generation. Immature man
Though o don't know the genesis of this video but if am to judge this case I'll say the guy had already beaten the babe before he brought out is phone.
Now it will be easy to identify him.. Please he can go and tell his side at the police station and to his room mates in jail.
we need full gist of the video before I can make comment
*singing* Iimplication by Tuface🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️

See the lying ass fool here.
He hit her and LIED hoping to get away with it.
There was a caught.
This is all the evidence needed.

Talmbout 'it was an accident' 😂🤣.
See his tongue 😂
All I can think of is how the lady must be feeling. I mean, how can you hurt what you love??😢
If this two aint married! Yet living together! They have been getting it wrong. No one deserves to be hit! We all have blood flowing through our veins connected by humanity! Lets not loose it.
So, while recording, were you planning on showing it at silverbird?
Whats the aim of the video? Have you been planning for it all these while? pic.twitter.com/YwgPN5xrN5
This Jude and Onyi behave like kids... They need to grow up. Relationships/marriages are for matured minds. And even if there's an issue, it shouldn't get to social media. Both of them are a joke.
"I don't want to lay my hands on you"... Im be pastor? pic.twitter.com/8rtpN9Nypr
We always wake up to one drama or the other.
“I don’t want to lay my hands at you?”... is he normal?!.
How will you be having issues with your partner and the only sensible thing that comes to your mind is to make a video for social media 😩😩😩..see what this generation is turning into😩😩😩
Osheyy olascos flims and records😂
Great... Now we have the face of the abuser.
Women will push a man to the wall and expect him to keep his hands to himself ! If you don’t want to be beaten , you sef mind your business and settle whatever issues you have like sensible adults .You go shirt grabbing , name calling , object throwing and not expect a black eye
Lmaooooo okokomaiko Mike Tyson
I don’t want to lay my hands on you???? Laise goat? Somebody’s daughter, a full grown woman! What nonsense!
Relationship is not by force bikonu if you even have an agreement where voices are raised that's all the red light you need o, love comes with respect, you respect the person enough to have a conversation and not shout at the person. hian
Both of them are just really stupid in the end. Jude is just dumber in this case.
1) You "hit" her... Dumb move
2) she came back after you "hit" her... Dumber move.
3) you posted a video implicating yourself for hitting" her... Dumbest move @perfectskones
But serious talk enh, We all are concluding without knowing the actual truth of all these. Maybe his hands are really hard, 1 mistake touch, Simba's uncle's name happens everywhere. 😂 All I'm saying is that, we are quick to judge without knowing d actual truth since no 1 ws dre.
as in come and see. Someone said the lady cheats the guy beats... I thought loved lived here... It's crazy
From the video, it's obvious they've had several fights before and hopefully d dude have learnt not to hit her anymore. But there and then, can we say the lady have also learnt not to be provocative ??
A beast!! Lock the idiot up!!
“Now she’s trying to fight me for HER phone”???!!!! I can’t believe this.
Whatever they said this nigga did, he did that shii
And the Grammy award for the most dramatic UFC beater of 2019 goes the shirtless dude🧐😒😏
Abeg how una de save video on twitter?
lol wonder why he deleted the video.. He should know people will already have it, Mofo!
Please click on the link below. Like and leave a comment, you're so kind. 😍😍 instagram.com/p/Bt-2REVHwJr/…
When will you people stop this stage of a thing here on #twitterNG.
Record a video like this and post it online...Waoh!
Lmaooo this love that was sweet on Twitter ????!!!😳
When it was sweeting u , non of us here heard it ooo ... pls go settle ur case
While u are all here ,please kindly take a second to RT twitter.com/ibikunlay/stat…
This Jude is just a madman. You're confronting your gf and you're recording with your phone? So they they were having sex why didn't he record with his phone since you want all of us to be in his relationship?
His face looks so hardened like a criminal that he is...
It's sad what relationships have proven to be out here. Lovers have to garner and save evidences with which they would destroy each other in a real court or SM once the relationship fails. Where's the love really?
Hey gods, see the video somebody deleted, this is even clearer
"I dont want to lay my hands on you". How does he not see that making that statement is already bad enough? Then to post this video like it exonerated him?
Someone had better be charging that nigga to court for battery and assualt.
🙄 "I don't want to lay hands on you" like she's 2yo
This is a lot to take in
He sounds like an igbo homosexual wawu
Man really posted this video as a form of defense? 😂😂

Bloody moron
This is the kinda love yo momma warned you about
Abeg who knows this full gist? I came late.
Please I need the full gist ooo
Abeg somebody give this babe two smirn off and one plate of Nkwobi
You hit someone then bring out your phone to act like the victim. The fuckery.
Such a drama king🙄
How do beautiful girls end up with these kind of terrible women beaters keeps beating my imagination.
come and see the video he deleted
Lol, when "reverse thanos" is telling groot to let him be😂
My Alaba guys get ready biz yaff come
WTF! The girl just said he already did... Toxic
See her swollen and red face. After pummeling her to a pulp. Oh Lord, you will die by thunder @perfectskones
My question is why the fucking video, nd putting it on twitter, some ppl dont have private life or is it this social media life style mentality, becos this is so immature nd really crazy. Wats all dis.
I'm not understanding please.. I want full gist
Yes finally someone should see this nigga for wtf he is . Dumb ass
Na wa ooo! Kia! Why on social media of all places🤦
See how the hediot was bodly saying i don't want to lay my hands on you😒
Did I hear her say he'd already beaten her?
But really some people are supposed to be made animals, you record every damn thing like you have no iota of thoughts. Laying hands on a lady is uncalled for, and you unreasonably went to the extent of recording such. WHAT A PITY!
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