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Who knew Dianne Feinstein could be so savage?

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What struck me is how propagandized these kids are. This helps you understand the Nazi kids movements of the 1930s. Fake panic is generated to meet a fake threat, and anyone who thinks differently is 鈥渙ut of step with the Fuhrer鈥
Those poor, brainwashed kids.

would make an awesome TV show.

Kudos to @SenFeinstein for not just lying to these kids and humoring them by playing along, which is what many people would have done.

So much wrong with this. Mostly that the kids are terrified. Thanks public schools.
The Democrats thought they could use the left as their own little SA. But it is now more powerful. The night of long knives won鈥檛 end the way it did in Germany. This time the brown shirts survive. The 鈥榟ip鈥 Democrats eat the hip replacement Democrats.
what a joke, the poor kids have been brainwashed by their idiotic Leftist public school teacher, common core, and "carbon emissions will kill us all" UN B.S.
Gotta give Feinstein a little credit for not immediately pandering to her future constituency.
This "teacher" should be ashamed of herself!!..imposing her false facts on these children, instilling pure fear in them! Just listen to the panic in their voices 馃憠 they truly believe their lives LITERALLY depend on the #GreenNewDeal 馃槨DISPICABLE馃敟
So sad for these kids. Maybe in 20 years, they'll wake up.
This teacher is scaring and using kids to push #AOC #GreenNewDeal because #Democrats are abusive to children and notorious for using them to advance their agendas... and perversions for that matter.
For some reason she reminds me of this scene from the Simpsons..... pic.twitter.com/UauxlwxZzS
Many liberal teachers are so offended over Donald Trump jr. warning students not to let some teachers indoctrinate them into thinking socialism is good. These young students are an example of teacher indoctrination. Yes -it happens.
That was awesome! I had no idea she had an actual logical side. I also had no idea she鈥檇 square off with the brainwashed tots, and their handler. I was just waiting for her to yell 鈥淐ome at me, bro!!!鈥
Its a shame and a sham that so called adults are using children in which really have no concept about what they are saying , they just repeat what the so called adults have taught them to say , and even worse some teachers in public schools are doing the same BRAINWASHING !!!
I鈥檓 actually feeling empathy for Dianne Feinstein after that. Who鈥檇 a thunk鈥
The horrible adults who have filled these children's heads with this BS are truly depraved.
I have never supported DF, but she is right on this one.
Can't wait for the town hall meetings.
Good for her this was the only smart thing ive ever seen her do
I think Hell just froze over. Never in a million years did I think I would agree with D.F. If they tried to push their crap on me like that I would have showed them the door and tell them not let it hit them in their tender little you know what
I feel so sorry for those children who have been taken advantage by even more gullible adults than they are.
Teachers should teach math, literacy, biology, history, etc and shouldn鈥檛 create activists out of little children! Don鈥檛 poison their brains! Teachers shouldn鈥檛 use kids to attempt to move their own agendas forward! Teachers in this video should be fired ASAP! #teachnotinfluence
The 鈥渢eacher鈥 interrupting the Senator, teaching those kids to do the same..does the 鈥渢eacher鈥 know the meaning of the word 鈥渞espect鈥? How about teaching the kids that? Oh, while you鈥檙e at it, 鈥渢eacher鈥, how about you teach kids to analyze data and form their OWN opinions? Smh
The chaperones / teachers use children as chum bait so they attract big fish. Shameful act(s) really. Green New Deal? Today's $23 trillion debt goes to $50 trillion. Don't let the shark scare yah! pic.twitter.com/x2jHZp3q2v
This teacher is poisoning these children.
First time these spoiled brats ... including that teacher ... have ever been told "no" in their lives.
The beauty in this is that this group - particularly the chaperones - expected a completely different response. Good on the senator.
This is sooo shameful & sad! This young lady surrounded by children (likely a teacher) that are clearly brainwashed into radical, left-wing ideology w/o knowing 360' truth. These kids are taught false propaganda & regurgitate that which is clearly a false narrative void of facts.
The best part is the left is eating their own.
Safe to say @SenFeinstein isn鈥檛 voting for the Green New Deal.
Wow, this is truly disgusting.

What brainwashed, psychotic, low IQ people these are is baffling.

That woman is a TEACHER?!

Pure EVIL!

And the poor kids they've indoctrinated 馃槗

So even the old left thinks the new left is a little crazy? pic.twitter.com/bVYTNw1CV9
New respect for her after that one
Green New Deal is not popular around the country. It is only popular in socialist circles.
馃毃 NO SHE DIDN鈥橳 SAY THAT鈥硷笍 What a B8tch Diane #Feinstein is Actually DEFENSIVE when these school children plead their case on legislation; Feinstein responds 鈥淚 just won an election for Senator so maybe you should listen to me!鈥
OMG! The Global Warming hysteria is a self inflicted mental disease. Might as well call it The Soylent Green New Deal. We are eating our young. DiFi should know there have been ~45,000 ice ages followed by ~45,000 global warmings. None were manmade. Nor is this one.
LOL teachers who have brainwashed kids to push their belief systems... This is why they want voter age to be 16 in some states... kids are easy to control through fear.
Shame on teachers who would do this to our kids
What parents are allowing their children to be used as pawns like this? These children have no idea what they鈥檙e being told to talk about and are a perfect example of why teachers should be forbidden from having biases.
鈥淲e are the ones who voted you in.鈥 DiFi: 鈥淗ow old are you?鈥 鈥16 I can鈥檛 vote.鈥
has worn out her welcome I predict a lot of this "Please go sit at the children's table and let the adults talk" type of response in the near future Not a big fan of @SenFeinstein but am a fan of pushing fringe politicians to the fringes
Every time I watch this video with the sweet kids pleading with her I锔 think of her cornering Murkowski. She鈥檚 nothing but a nasty bully. Guess no one escapes her wrath. Not even children. pic.twitter.com/Lt4DNiuIeU
This is why so many kids have anxiety. Let kids be kids. Don鈥檛 drag them ito your political antics!
This is what educators are teaching our youth?
Damn talk about indoctrination馃槦
Those kids are just that - kids. They are only regurgitating what these intellectually lazy ladies have told them to say. These kids are in more danger from these ladies than they are from the environment. The educational system has almost completely failed in America.
If the kids are interested in saving the planet how about a 100% tax on their parent's SUVs?
Next time try selling thin mint cookies.
Wow! Those kids are really good at repeating what the radical Progressive teacher told them to say.
Dianne Feinstein INCINERATES brown children with FACTS and LOGIC
I don't like Feinstein, but those kids were disrespectful to the point that I was ok with Feinstein
So the left is eating its own.
I love this. For all her and her husband's corruption at least she's not giving in to the emotional blackmail of the alt-left on this point.

Secondly, this is borderline child abuse.

I thought she did ok and I don鈥檛 even like her.
I'm more disgusted with the Teachers who are using fear and terror to "Educate" children, quite frankly 馃し鈥嶁檧锔
By the way, these young people would also support an ammendment to the Green New Deal that required every new home to have a chimney. This way Santa has an easier time getting into everyone's home Christmas Eve.
Fienstien became famous because of a murder and old dumb hires spy's what did they take her word #MAGA #QAnon #WWG1WGA #Trump #TWGRP
She's been doing this for 30 years she says...that's 25 years too long. It's time for her to retire
Truth hurt! She is right & these people can't push a wild agenda like that trying to get any elected person to agree based on a guilty trip by using lovely kids. Good their attempt failed! These parents did wrong by trying to manipulate the feeling of politicians using their kids
When did children become political about anything?
When did Feinstein become conservative
馃ぃ 馃ぃ 馃ぃ 馃ぃ 馃ぃ 馃ぃ 馃ぃ 馃ぃ 馃ぃ 馃ぃ 馃ぃ OMG More of this - PLEASE
How do climate activists that manipulate children in this way, distinguish themselves from thugs and terrorists that recruit children to fight their "cause"? pic.twitter.com/USHKdEqr5X
That teacher should be so proud .. brainwashing children into thinking the world only has 12 years left. If your kid goes to public school in California, pull them now. Private school or home school.
These poor kids have been told the world is going to end in 12 years, unless we adopt the 鈥淕reen New Deal鈥......C鈥檓on parents, do better! 馃槫馃檮馃し馃徎鈥嶁檧锔
I feel sorry for those kids because they've been scared to death that the world is about to end and are being manipulated by cynical adults to push a far-left agenda. It's really a form of pedophilia, child abuse. Hopefully Diane Feinstein woke them up.
Like they are respectfully challenging the Senator. But, these are who #Republicans need to recruit, add in targeted colleges/universities.

Deprogram school input with analytical & critical thinking skills, then they leverage ability to question and analyze to #WalkAway
Using children as puppets for political gain is disgusting.

And talk about Dianne鈥檚 patience in this situation! I would鈥檝e flipped!

#SaturdayMorning #SaturdayThoughts
Dianne is brutal here but, who teaches their children this crap?
Well Isn鈥檛 she a voice of reason.
This is totally psycho in all the ways. This teacher should be FIRED immediately. These kids are as brainwashed as it gets. 馃槼 God forbid...
Shame on the teachers who are frightening these children unnecessarily. I thought DF could have used a lighter tone - maybe she forgot that she wasn't cornering one of her fellow Congresswomen in a hallway.
Home School your child before it's to late. Look up k12 in your town. Many school options. We need to put the public schools out of business. This interaction is Sickening. For the 1st time I'm with @SenFeinstein. Parents you better wake up.
This is fucking awesome, I am not going to lie. I have more of an issue with the adults who are BRAINwasher little children who are now thinking that the world is coming to an end in 12 years. It鈥檚 creepy TBH
It鈥檚 so sad that instead of dreams these kids should have, they lie awake at night in fear of the world coming to an end in 12 years. Absolutely disgusting!
This teacher is an absolute moron! No wonder kids believe that crap!
#Democrats made their insane Marxist bed not they can wallow in it. They've created an entire generation of brainwashed Marxists through weaponizing the education system - You reap what you sew .
And people want to lower the voting age! 馃う鈥嶁檧锔
What happens in 12 years when these kids look back & realize their teacher was full of shit & pimped them for a fanatical cause in front of a sitting U.S. senator? Crazy as Feinstein is, she actually taught the kids a civics lesson. Their teacher? Not so much, she鈥檚 too far gone.
Climate Change is A Hoax just like Jussie.. DIANNE is a Witch.. But even she knows the 鈥淕reen New Deal鈥 is No DEAL..
Omg. Their teacher & parents should be charged with child abuse. So sad for these kids to be traumatized by Leftists this way. They will need therapy someday, and the whole thing is a hoax.
What a bitch. Not to mention 鈥淚鈥檝e been doing this for 30 years鈥 and f*cking it up royally, ChiSpyDi. Maybe it鈥檚 time to give it up, Swamp Creature.
Oh. My. Gosh. Oh. My. Gosh. I can鈥檛 believe this - savageAF - 馃槼馃槼馃槼馃槼
Nice Indoctrination of the young. That鈥檚 how u end up s @AOC pic.twitter.com/0ZpXMq3kkB
Those kids were being used. How CHEAP is that? Feinstein handled this well. 馃挌
I鈥檓 no Feinstein fan....but these students were rude and I blame the adults in charge.
Forget how Feinstein handled this, listen to how the children have been totally indoctrinated and their "belief" re-inforced by the ignorance of their own mothers. #Wow #JustWow
no compassion in good OLD DI FI. When looking at those kids it could she just sees's a HAPPY MEAL SATANIC WORSHIP has it's hazards. 馃槨馃槨
Who are the f**king dolt brain parents teaching their kids this nonsense.
Fire that teacher immediately.
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