Here’s Brody closing the last Comedy Bang Bang stand-up show back in 2012 with nothing but positive energy.

RIP Brody Stevens

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“HANGOVER 1- IN IT. HANGOVER 2- IN IT. DUE DATE- IN IT. HANGOVER 3- FUCK THEM!” #push #believe #enjoyit
This one broke me. So perfectly Brody. #PushAndBelieve
In reply to @KevinTPorter
He ended up breaking one of those drumsticks and I still have it. I will hold it a little closer going forward. RIP Brody Stevens.
brody was beautiful
In reply to @KevinTPorter
Thanks for this Kevin. Will always think of him now every time I listen to that @BlocParty song. 💜 ...maybe it’s just me but the lyrics are actually quite fitting & soothing in this moment...
In reply to @KevinTPorter
this is great! No matter what the energy level was of the room, he would ALWAYS be at 100% and DEMAND it back from the crowd-- and they/we ALWAYS responded in kind.
In reply to @KevinTPorter
I'm gonna rewatch this a whole lot of times
In reply to @KevinTPorter
I’m so glad this exists.
In reply to @KevinTPorter
I remember that night well. Heckuva show. Couldn’t have asked for a better host.
In reply to @KevinTPorter
Thanks for this vid. This is how I will always remember him. Playing the drums and talking about Reseda.
I was there that night, at the UCB. This is pretty much how I’ll always remember him. Nothing but positive energy.
Brody Stevens, what a beautiful man.
In reply to @KevinTPorter
Thanks for posting this vid. He was unique and wonderful. Just beautiful. I’m devastated.
This is beautiful. Please watch and share more Brody.
The unique thing about the outpouring of love for Brody today is that it’s all real.
When I was new to comedy he was kind to me. Never patronizing, nothing but respect and positive, sincere presence. He never changed and always made me feel welcome. He slayed the stage and made me cry laughing every time. Wild, brilliant, special. I'll miss you💜 #RipBrodyStevens
I saw Brody so many times in this theatre. Every time so funny. This sucks 💔
😢😢😢. Life is hard. Please see it through. We are all in it together.
In reply to @KevinTPorter
holy shit was totally at that show. RIP to the best.
I was such a fan of Brody and his unending love for my home, The Valley. He will be missed. #818ForLife
True legend. Met him a couple time while I was working in the comedy scene. Nothing but positive vibes and great baseball conversations. No one will ever be on his level. Even If i was a tiny ant in his creative ant farm I was glad to have met him. Rest easy, Brody.
What a fucking loss no one like him wish I could have seen him live #RIPBrodyStevens
In reply to @KevinTPorter
Thank you sharing this... My brain doesn't even want to comprehend.
#RipBrody Sad news about Brody Stevens.
In reply to @KevinTPorter
So sorry for your loss guys. I know this one is especially deep.
In reply to @KevinTPorter
I wonder if he knew how much the comedy community loved and appreciated him.
In reply to @KevinTPorter
seriously thank you for posting this. such great memories
In reply to @KevinTPorter
Thanks for posting. Vintage Brode
In reply to @KevinTPorter
His positive energy thing was so weird, it was like motivational speaking with a touch of psychosis. That said, he was never less than brutally honest about himself.
In reply to @KevinTPorter
Thank you so much for this. Was at that show too and this is such a great way to remember him
In reply to @KevinTPorter
Sounds kinda dark to me. Like he is trying to prove he is worth something. Shame he is gone for everyone but that example doesn’t seem so positive.
I was at this show and still think about it all the time. There was no one like Brody.
Don’t mind me crying on this plane reading how much joy Brody Stevens brought into the world. He was a unique force and irreplaceable.
I was at this show at he was fucking magic
That was an amazing night and Brody did an amazing job. This video gives me chills.
Classic Brody right here. Man... RIP Brody Stevens❤️
In reply to @KevinTPorter
I still think about this show all the time.
In reply to @KevinTPorter
So glad I can say I had the pleasure of seeing him do this live in CT. Unreal. 💔
In reply to @KevinTPorter
This hurts like a mother fucker.
In reply to @KevinTPorter
I was there. this was the funniest act I’ve ever seen period.
In reply to @KevinTPorter
what a goddamn weirdo❤️❤️this made me cry
In reply to @KevinTPorter
Mental illness is real. Listen, just don’t hear. Rest beautiful soul, rest.
In reply to @KevinTPorter
I’ve wanted to see this again for years now. You can even see me sitting on the stage. The most transcendent standup I’ve ever experienced. RIP Brody. #enjoyit #PositiveEnergy #818 Thank You.
He drops then somehow catches the stick and keeps going.
I vividly remember how seeing him publically deal with bipolar depression publicly and sometimes hilariously on Comedy Central got me through some pretty dark times. So so sad...
Was present for this -- on stage with a half-sleeve grey cardigan behind Brody in the vid.
Wow, watching that I just feel overwhelmed by his positive energy. May you find what you're looking for, RIP Brody Stevens.
Whatever makes you feel special or unique, let the world know! Keep at it and never stop. We lost a great one today.
Brody Stevens, ladies and gentlemen
I've used Brody's high kick in many situations. Always gets a laugh. Brody will be missed and thanks for the joy.
This is beautiful.
This energy is what we needed in this world. I hope you found your peace and your energy keeps being sent back to this earth through the many that knew you and undoubtedly loved you. #brodystevens @BrodyismeFriend
This is magical! If this doesn't make you shed a tear you're most likely the next Ted Bundy. RIP to a comedy legend.
In reply to @KevinTPorter
In reply to @KevinTPorter
Oh wow this is great
In reply to @KevinTPorter
It’s so weird when this stuff happens and famous comedians come out and make it about themselves 🙄where were all you fake mfs when he needed you? His mental illness has been made public by him for awhile . He was in the mental ward too at one point . FAKE PEOPLE!
In reply to @KevinTPorter
What is the same of that track? Would love to get it and think of Brody.
In reply to @KevinTPorter
Oh man; that song is magic. Who would ever have come up with comedy along with it.
In reply to @KevinTPorter
In reply to @KevinTPorter
In reply to @KevinTPorter
Imagine how much lower ppl with bipolar must feel when they are “low”, knowing that the high is this good. It must be unbearable and devastating.
In reply to @KevinTPorter
What a cool cat
Gone too soon. Thank you Steven Brody Stevens for all crazy wonderful energy you put out there. You will be missed.
In reply to @rwiggum
This is it, but it doesn’t come close to capturing the energy in the room.…
This makes me so sad. This guy was just energy man. Pure energy! 818!
my fucking heart 💔💔💔💔💔
One of my favorite comedians and one of my favorite songs. RIP
I’ve never seen timing like this before. And I’m not talking about the drumming. Special place in my heart for store comedians. Stuff like this makes me wish I followed Brody Stevens closer.
beautiful. the best cadence in comedy. loved how brody could say a regular sentence and make it funny. also had some of the silliest jokes. "I just got cast to be an extra in a stadium scene."
Such a pure fucking soul. This one hurts a lot
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