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This isn't even a close call. Republicans should join Democrats in supporting this resolution. rollcall.com/news/democrats…

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You are the biggest badass on Twitter who never did anything in real life.
Jeff Flake: poster boy for always saying the right thing, but turning around and doing the Susan Collins thing.

Wait, aren't you gone?

We hardly noticed.
Remember when you put a serial rapist on the Supreme Court?
When it mattered what did you do?
Thanks for the tip Jeff, we’ll take it from here.
So weird that when you mattered as a senator, you didn’t even come close to doing this.
Would you actually support it if you were still there??
...he said, from the safety of not having to take a stand when it mattered...
Too bad you didn’t stand up more when you were in office.
Fade away Jeff, you had a chance to actually do good. You choose poorly.
Too bad you didn’t take a stand when it mattered
You had so many opportunities to do something
I’m sorry. But no. You railed against Trump while in the Senate, but did next to nothing when it mattered.
says the guy who never actually stood up for any of the things he bemoaned while in office...
Kavanaugh wasn’t a close call either.
If they don't, one day the tables will be turned, and a Democratic president will do something similar. Not good for America.
Of all the Jeff Flakes in the world, you’re the Jeff Flakiest.
BREAKING: man who did nothing about this stuff when he had political power will still do nothing now that he has no political power.
Gee, Jeff.

There were many times in your last two years of service you should have joined the Democrats.... I'm sure we dont need to tell you what they are, tho.

Its disingenuous, at best, for you to now be the voice of unity.
Republicans should also have joined Dems when they called for #Kavanaugh's record as a political hack, and the results of the FBI "investigation" you commissioned to be made public, so that the American people could know just what their next SC justice was like. But they didn't.
You seemed to hedge quite a bit during your time there.
Wait, I thought you went away?
Too bad you never matched your words with votes when it meant something.
You had many chances to stop this mad man, But you didn't have the b*lls
So glad your not representing us anymore!!
Says the guy who caved more often than not when he held office.
Senator, we’ve lost count of the times you could actually have done something besides talk. You could have stopped Trump dead in his tracks with the first judicial nomination that came before you.
Easy for you to say now that you don't actually have to act on your words. 🙄
Anyone who believes he would have done this if he was still in the senate, I have a bridge to sell you.
What a courageous stand now that you don’t have to take it.
If only there was a way for you to have shown leadership by voting for it yourself and making a speech from a chamber floor about the importance of it, rather than resorting to....tweeting about it.
Nowwwww you’re tough.
Why does Jeff continue to pretend to be a republican while pushing for an open border anti American agenda.
Brett Kavanaugh with all his baggage and refusal to disclose 93% of his legal documents shouldn't of been a close call either, yet thanks to you he's on the @Scotus
Would have been nice of you to have voted against Trump when you were actually a sitting US senator.
Dude... the way you retired guys just magically discover your courage, you know, AFTER it could actually have made a difference??? 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️
Former #SoundByteSenator Flake now plays armchair senator, telling others how to vote when he didnt have the guts to do it himself. You may have several seats sir.
You have no say and no credibility.
Sorry Jeff. It's too late for you now.
Oh, NOW you find the balls to speak up. You’re a day late 5.7 billion dollars short!!
You really never got the People who voted you into office. We want the wall finished.
If the Republican @GOP got behind this bill, it would be a career ending move. You’ve obviously underestimated the power of the people.
We don’t forget. We vote.

The Flakester sends his thoughts and prayers...
Easy for you to say now. If you were still in the Senate, you’d be all consternation and concern.
Can you please just disappear? I was a never Trumper & didn't vote for him but he has been a pleasant surprise. He's probably the most Pro-Life President in my lifetime. He's also nominated Constitutionalists to the SCOTUS. And, he wants to secure our borders. Go away!
But they won’t. Your party is now the Trump Party and they’ve forgotten what they all stood for. Sad.
You would have bravely tweeted then voted with trump
Republicans should have joined Democrats in calling for due hearings on Merrick Garland's nomination to the Supreme Court, but they didn't. Some of them, instead, openly gloated, posting pics of themselves with Gorsuch, and later #Kavanaugh. Yr @GOP hasn't changed a bit.
I have zero belief that you would’ve supported this were you still in the Senate. Time after time you voted against what was right. And you knew it. You failed us and you failed your country.
WTF Jeff!!
Still trying to clean up that legacy, huh?
Too little - Too late. We know your voting record and that will be on you forever...
Jeff Flake = Party Over Country
I agree, but I note that @JeffFlake had plenty of opportunities to rein in Trump in the last congress, and did not.

His picture remains in the dictionary next to "All hat and no cattle."
If you were still in the senate you would say this, but when it came time to vote you’d sing a different tune. #flake
I have no doubt you would have said the same thing if you were still in the senate... Then you would have backed off the last minute.
LMAO the remaining Republicans in congress all consider party before nation. ALWAYS.
Republicans won't do the right thing. They never do
Jeff get an early tee time and never come back..
So much easier when you’re out, right? Remember Kavanaugh? U asked for investigation, accepted a sham one and voted “go”. And we now have a tainted @Scotus.
Why don't you see if you can convince @SenMcSallyAZ
Would you were you still in the Congress. I would hope so but I doubt it.
I’m really shocked by this comment from Closet Democrat @JeffFlake.....Not ! 🙄

Jeff Flake, please fade into the woodwork. You abdicated your responsibility when it mattered.
Are you going to contact your friends that are still there and help convince them.
Fun fact: these tweets have exactly as much impact now that he’s out of office as they did when he was a sitting senator
Nice to see ex-senator Flake continue his big talk. Alas, he couldn't actually do anything about it now even if he had miraculously sprouted a backbone.
I just love how all of these Republicans suddenly find their spines once they're out of office, what a joke!
I have absolute confidence in my Congressman, Justin Amash. This article is something for him to be proud of. Too bad he seems to be the only Congressman willing to stand true to the Constitution's seperation of powers.
Aren’t you unemployed and irrelevant? 🤔
Hey @JeffFlake grow some balls and run in the Republican primary againts Donald Trump.
We know you support it before the vote, but you would vote against it in the end. Glad you're enjoying your retirement.
.@jeffflake it would have been nice when we had a Republican Congress to have the courage and political will to protect our border by passing a bill. Instead our President @realDonaldTrump has to protect our Nation himself.Thx DJT! #sosad #maga #yourpresident #courage #leadership
It’s pretty bad when Kyrsten Sinema is more conservative and has more balls than this guy does.
how I've missed tweets from Jeff Flake. Still making a difference.
Make some phone calls and convince your former colleagues.
Seriously, you’re lecturing anyone on integrity? You who NEVER voted for the decent or honorable thing?
@JeffFlake, you have NO shame.
You wouldn't either, if you were still in the Senate.
I’m very concerned, yada, yada, yada....then I do absolutely nothing about it. Sound familiar brother flake?
Fentanyl is smuggled over our border on a daily basis. It is destroying families. Starts with back pain, you get an RX. You get addicted. Doctors wont refill your pain pills, because your addicted. You buy it from smugglers. You die with your child in the backseat watching. pic.twitter.com/LK5xrG9Iby
Anyone know who this guy is???
It is rather easy to recognize the moral law. But as you showed over the last two years, it may be rather hard to actually do the right thing—you should go away and be quiet for a few decades. Your cowardice made all this possible....
Every President from the 1980's til now has stated on record to the American people that what is happening at the border is a national emergency! Let Trump fix it once and for all...stop the politics and do what needs to be done according to the boarder patrol and other experts
I'm sure you would've voted with them if you were still there. You've always been TALK AND NO ACTION. You're comments don't mean anything.
FLAKE SAYS WHAT? How manly of you to tell others how to vote! I couldn't agree more with you on HOW they should vote but following your example on how it's done is the funniest thing I have heard all month....
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